16 Unexpected Digital Tools Essential for Entrepreneurs


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16 Unexpected Digital Tools Essential for Entrepreneurs

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16 Unexpected Digital Tools Essential for Entrepreneurs

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, the right digital tools can be game-changers for efficiency and growth. We’ve gathered insights from founders and CEOs who reveal their secret weapons, from leveraging Facebook Groups for unexpected growth to managing time with Jiffy. Dive into these sixteen unique digital tool recommendations that might just be the edge your business needs.

  • Leverage Facebook Groups for Growth
  • Reflect with Digital Journaling
  • Combine Zapier with ChatGPT
  • Streamline with Shopify Flow
  • Engage in Niche Reddit Communities
  • Organize with Google Business Suite
  • Optimize SEO with Ahrefs
  • Refine Marketing with Sentiment Analysis
  • Streamline Operations with Trello
  • Boost Productivity with Focus Keeper
  • Stay on Track with Phone Alarms
  • Design Visually with Canva
  • Streamline Signatures with HelloSign
  • Centralize Workflows with Notion
  • Share Seamlessly with Google Cloud Storage
  • Manage Time with Jiffy

Leverage Facebook Groups for Growth

One digital platform that has been a secret weapon, yet goes under the radar, is Facebook groups. While most entrepreneurs focus on conventional tools, overlooked Facebook communities have driven transformative growth for my businesses.

I’ve leveraged groups to validate and launch products, amplify messaging, generate millions in revenue, and build fiercely loyal audiences—all organically.

For example, I used groups to rapidly prototype and refine my recent SaaS venture, Chadix, before launch. By sharing my vision, gathering feedback, and collaborating with potential users, I organically built hype and aligned perfectly with target customer needs right out of the gates.

Once launched, the established group amplified our messaging and credibility through real user reviews and discussions. This member community continues guiding our roadmap and attracting ideal customers through word-of-mouth referrals better than any ads.

Similar groups have enabled new e-commerce ventures to instantly tap into audiences for rapid product testing and improvement. Our member communities organically market products they co-created while we focus more on delighting them.

Facebook groups won’t work miracles for every business. But the organic authority, visibility, and feedback possible make them an invaluable asset for community-driven brands. I’ve generated millions leveraging groups while forming genuine connections with customers. That combo is marketing gold most overlook.

Danny VeigaDanny Veiga
Founder, Chadix

Reflect with Digital Journaling

Two digital tools that have been real game-changers, but usually go unnoticed, are a very popular digital journaling app. It sounds basic, right? But here’s the twist: making it a tool to record my wins and defeats, and for self-reflection has been essential. I habitually write down what happened, what didn’t work out well, and how I felt about that.

Over time, I have realized a lot regarding my business operations and have learned to identify patterns that could only be identified after looking at the data, and have refined my decision-making process. ‘It’s like having a personal guru who becomes wiser and wiser as you fill in more entries.’

Furthermore, it is a good way of relaxing at the end of the day and dealing with the day’s events. It helps to keep away the stress. Therefore, even though it might not be the first thing that comes to mind concerning the management of a business, I have been much more focused and in a better mood after its use.

Anup KayasthaAnup Kayastha
Founder, Serpnest

Combine Zapier with ChatGPT

One game-changer for us has been the combination of Zapier with ChatGPT. It’s like a secret weapon that might not be immediately obvious. This powerful duo has enabled us to achieve an astonishing tenfold labor leverage by unlocking a myriad of integration possibilities. It’s not just about automation; it’s about smart automation that adapts and responds in a way that genuinely amplifies our operational efficiency.

Justin SilvermanJustin Silverman
Founder & CEO, Merchynt

Streamline with Shopify Flow

As the founder of First Pier, an E-commerce Growth Agency, I’ve navigated through the dense forest of digital tools aimed at scaling online businesses. An often overlooked yet invaluable asset in our toolbox has been Shopify Flow. While many focus on front-end tools for immediate conversion impacts, Shopify Flow operates behind the scenes to automate workflows, streamlining operations to save time and reduce human error. This tool has transformed how we approach operational efficiency, allowing us to allocate more resources toward innovative growth strategies.

Shopify Flow allows us to automate key tasks, such as inventory management, order processing, and customer segmentation. For instance, by setting up a simple workflow that automatically tags orders based on their value, we can segment high-value customers for special treatment. This not only personalizes the customer experience but also significantly enhances customer loyalty and retention rates, which are crucial metrics for any e-commerce business. The ability to customize these workflows without extensive coding means that we can quickly adapt to changing business needs or customer behaviors, keeping our clients’ operations agile and efficient.

One concrete example of Shopify Flow’s impact involves a client struggling with inventory management and excess stock issues. By implementing Flow, we set up an automated system that tagged products based on sales velocity and automatically adjusted discount levels to clear slow-moving stock. This not only optimized the inventory levels but also increased overall store profitability. The beauty here lies in Shopify Flow’s capability to seamlessly integrate with other tools and platforms, providing a holistic ecosystem that supports and propels e-commerce growth. Hence, for fellow entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space, investing time to understand and implement Shopify Flow could very well be a game-changer in operational efficiency and scalability.

Steve PogsonSteve Pogson
Founder, First Pier

Engage in Niche Reddit Communities

An unexpectedly vital yet hidden asset that amplifies niche visibility and customer trust has been carefully nurtured: Reddit communities related to our specializations. While most associate Reddit with informal entertainment, we’ve strategically built brand awareness and equity through knowledgeable contributions, benefiting aligned groups over the years.

You see, various web tools and Subreddits brim with passionate yet perplexed followers seeking recommendations among constantly evolving options, struggling to avoid biased marketing or misinformation. By consistently sharing impartial perspectives and answering common member questions, we’ve organically established niche authority and rapport.

Robert BrandlRobert Brandl
Founder & CEO, Email Tool Tester

Organize with Google Business Suite

As simple as it may sound, the Google Business Suite is a game-changer. Many times, as an entrepreneur, it’s easy to have lists and folders in all sorts of different places, which ultimately leads to disorganization and directly affects the efficiency of your work.

For example, your notes app on your phone can be flooded with to-do lists that never get looked at again. The desktop on your computer can become so overcrowded that you have no clue where to find what you’re looking for. And don’t even get me started on the countless amounts of screenshots that quickly start to overload your camera roll. That’s why I make it a point to house and organize everything I need for my business in Google Drive, use Google Calendar, and Gmail so that everything is in one place where it’s easy to find and searchable!

While it might not seem like organizing something like this is a good use of your time on the front end, it does impact your time and efficiency in the long run.

Natalie DavisNatalie Davis
Founder of Natty Writes, Natty Writes

Optimize SEO with Ahrefs

I feel like Ahrefs doesn’t get enough recognition from many entrepreneurs for what it does—it helps you set your entire SEO strategy with powerful, free tools. It is an amazing resource for those just getting off the ground because even their free toolkit has enough of what you need to really sink your teeth into formatting your site for maximum organic search and figuring out what you need to be doing in your SEO strategy in the short and long terms.

It then has a paid version where those tools become even more powerful, once you really know what you’re doing, and is priced reasonably well when compared to their competitors. I highly recommend them to new businesses dipping their toes into setting up their web presence.

Kate KandeferKate Kandefer
CEO, SEOwind

Refine Marketing with Sentiment Analysis

As an entrepreneur deeply immersed in digital marketing, a surprisingly invaluable tool for me has been a sentiment-analysis tool. Beyond its typical use for gauging consumer sentiment, I’ve leveraged it to refine our marketing messages, tailor our content strategy, and even adjust our customer service responses.

This tool, often overlooked, provides deep insights into the emotional tone behind customer feedback and market trends, allowing us to make data-driven decisions that significantly enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. It’s a testament to the power of AI in adding a human touch to digital interactions.

Ryan DoserRyan Doser
Co-Founder, AI Insider Tips

Streamline Operations with Trello

One digital tool that has been unexpectedly invaluable in running my business is Trello. While many entrepreneurs lean towards more complex project management tools or comprehensive CRM systems, Trello’s simplicity and flexibility have made it a game-changer for organizing and streamlining our operations. Initially, it might seem like just another task management tool, but its true value lies in its versatility.

Trello uses boards, lists, and cards to help manage projects and tasks, which can be customized to fit virtually any workflow, from content planning and product development to customer feedback loops and sales pipelines. What makes Trello stand out for me is its visual interface, which provides a clear overview of what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process. This clarity is crucial during fast-paced periods or when managing remote teams, ensuring everyone is aligned and can track progress in real time.

Moreover, Trello’s integration capabilities allow it to become a central hub for various aspects of the business. By linking it with other tools like Google Drive, Slack, and even CRM platforms, we’ve been able to create a seamless ecosystem where information flows freely, reducing the need for constant updates and meetings. This efficiency has not only saved us time but also enhanced our agility, enabling us to respond to changes or opportunities more quickly. For any entrepreneur looking for a digital tool that’s both powerful and intuitive, Trello is definitely worth exploring.

Abhay ThakkarAbhay Thakkar
Founder, CEO, and Nlp Trainer, NLP Training International

Boost Productivity with Focus Keeper

When we think of digital tools for entrepreneurs, most people think of analytics tools, CRM tools, and the like. Those tools are great and necessary for running a business. But, as a CEO, I think productivity tools are especially great for running a business.

For example, our app, Focus Keeper, helps employees (and myself) manage time more effectively. Humans can only focus for so long. If you force yourself to work for hours on end without rest, you risk burnout and produce low-quality work.

By using productivity tools, entrepreneurs can learn how to optimize workflows for higher-quality work. A business is only as good as its people. And effective, brain-friendly productivity is a great way to improve yourself and the people under you.

Sangwon KimSangwon Kim
CEO, Focus Keeper

Stay on Track with Phone Alarms

As an entrepreneur, one tool that’s been invaluable in running my business is having alarms on my phone. For many entrepreneurs, it’s very easy to get carried away with our days and spend all our time working, which often results in burnout. In order to keep myself in check by doing things like taking vitamins, going to sleep on time, shutting off, and tracking my macronutrients, I make sure to leverage alarms throughout my day on my phone.

My alarm on my phone is like my mini-assistant who understands when I need the most help and when I need to do things to take care of myself. For many people, alarms are boring and may be overlooked as a tool to make one a successful entrepreneur; however, I’ve found in my entrepreneurial journey that it’s usually the simplest of tools that give us the best results.

Sebastian JaniaSebastian Jania
CEO, Ontario Property Buyers

Design Visually with Canva

While Canva is widely recognized for creating social media graphics, its value in my business extends far beyond. From designing business cards and brochures to creating engaging social media posts and presentation decks, Canva’s vast template library and intuitive design tools have empowered us to produce high-quality visuals in-house.

This autonomy in design has not only saved costs but also allowed us to quickly adapt and update materials in response to our evolving brand strategy, ensuring our visual identity remains consistent and impactful across all touchpoints.

Phil StrazzullaPhil Strazzulla
Founder, SelectSoftware Reviews

Streamline Signatures with HelloSign

The tool that has been invaluable in running my business is HelloSign. It has revolutionized our document-signing process, making it faster and more secure to execute contracts and agreements digitally. Its user-friendly interface and robust security features ensure that our document workflows are efficient and compliant.

The seamless integration with cloud storage platforms like Google Drive enhances our document management system, making it easier to store, access, and manage signed documents. HelloSign’s implementation has significantly improved our operational workflows, reducing turnaround times for agreements and enhancing our business agility.

Chad SultanaChad Sultana
Founder, Chad Sultana

Centralize Workflows with Notion

Notion emerges as a surprisingly powerful ally in managing my business’s complexities. Initially drawn to it as a note-taking app, I quickly discovered that Notion’s real strength lies in its unmatched versatility.

It serves as a central hub for all our marketing strategies, campaign documentation, content calendars, and even HR policies. Its ability to house databases, wikis, and project management tools in one interface has simplified our operations remarkably.

Notion’s collaborative features enable real-time planning and feedback, making it indispensable for maintaining the organized chaos that often comes with marketing. This digital tool has, without a doubt, elevated our ability to stay on top of multiple projects while ensuring that our team operates in unison towards our marketing goals.

Ivan BrozincevicIvan Brozincevic
Owner, freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

Share Seamlessly with Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage, with its flexibility, security, and affordability, has been important for a small business like mine over the years. With crews scattered across Southeast Queensland handling onsite panel installations, seamlessly sharing site surveys, schematics, permits, and invoices can become cumbersome.

Yet, Google Cloud Storage’s file-sharing syncs updates across the field in real-time and automates document workflows, saving hours of manual cross-checking for our crews who can access information straight through their mobiles.

Daniel JarrettDaniel Jarrett
CEO, Queensland Solar and Lighting

Manage Time with Jiffy

One of the biggest challenges you face as an entrepreneur is time management. It’s easy to think that you’re productive all the time or that you work more hours a day than you actually do. In reality, people spend a lot of time on things that don’t really matter, and if you don’t watch the clock, your 15-minute break could easily become a 45-minute break without you even noticing.

One app that has helped me manage my time better is Jiffy. It’s a simple time-tracking app, but it’s perfect for tracking the time you spend on different projects and tasks. And it’s brutally honest—you might think that you spend 8 hours a day working, but the app shows that you’ve only been productive for 4 hours! It really teaches you to focus on work and stop wasting your time.

Nina JoannaNina Joanna
Content Creator, Goals Calling

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