15 Online Tools and Software Marketers Value Most for Productivity Optimization


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15 Online Tools and Software Marketers Value Most for Productivity Optimization

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15 Online Tools and Software Marketers Value Most for Productivity Optimization

From Notion as an organizational powerhouse to Hootsuite as a unified social media command center, fifteen marketing mavens, including CEOs and SEO specialists, share their indispensable tools for boosting productivity online. Discover the diverse arsenal of software that these industry leaders can’t live without. This compilation offers a treasure trove of insights for any marketer looking to enhance their digital toolkit.

  • Notion: My Organizational Powerhouse
  • Ahrefs: Data-Driven SEO Mastery
  • Google Calendar: Scheduling Simplified
  • Mailchimp: Automate Your Email Strategy
  • OtterAI: Transcribe and Focus
  • Airtable: Customized Data Dashboards
  • Google Docs: Collaborating in Real-Time  
  • ChatGPT: Enhance Content Creativity
  • Google Analytics: Optimize Digital Spend
  • Canva: Personalized Bulk Image Creation
  • Surfer SEO: Gamify Content Optimization
  • Buffer: Streamlined Social Media Management
  • GitHub: Collaborative Development Hub
  • Trello: Kanban-Style Campaign Coordination
  • Hootsuite: Unified Social Media Command Center

Notion: My Organizational Powerhouse

Notion is genuinely a tool I can’t live without at this point as a marketer. From organizing my to-do lists to storing any new digital marketing knowledge or workflows, it’s a second brain for me. I use it especially to store key client information as an SEO, and I can adjust the views to my liking, keeping me on track to get my tasks done for new and old onboards alike. It’s just super clean and frees up a lot of space in my mind.

David BegazoDavid Begazo
SEO Specialist, Agency Elevation

Ahrefs: Data-Driven SEO Mastery

Ahrefs is one online application that I use frequently to maximize efficiency. Because it offers thorough insights into our website’s SEO performance, competitor analysis, and content strategy, Ahrefs is a vital tool for our marketing team. Its extensive features, such as backlink analysis, keyword research, and site auditing skills, enable us to make data-driven decisions that raise our online presence, increase organic traffic, and boost the efficiency of our content.

By using Ahrefs to find high-potential keywords, track our rankings, and find worthwhile link-building opportunities, we are able to stay ahead of the competition in the online space and produce outcomes that support InVideo’s growth goals.

Sanket ShahSanket Shah
CEO, Invideo AI

Google Calendar: Scheduling Simplified

One of the online tools I value the most for optimizing productivity is Google Calendar. It is also known as an online calendar that helps team leaders send rapid invitations to team members regarding meetings, events, etc. It facilitates business owners in developing various calendars at a time with just one click.


In addition to this, it is very easy to access; users are free to access it from any place. Google Calendar is also my favorite tool because it has incredible navigational features and has helped me a lot in optimizing my productivity level as a team leader.

Darren GrahamDarren Graham
Company Director, 408 Media Group

Mailchimp: Automate Your Email Strategy

As a Product Manager, part of my role is to grow the interest in and use of my product through marketing. The product I manage, Attendance Radar, is an app for student attendance tracking, placing me in the EdTech industry.

A common marketing method in this industry is email marketing. I frequently use Mailchimp, an online marketing automation and email marketing platform. Mailchimp is particularly useful because it enables the creation of automated email funnels that collect user information and highlight the benefits of the app’s paid version.

This tool has been instrumental in providing data that informs my marketing decisions and customer approach strategies. Moreover, Mailchimp significantly saves time by automating the process after the initial email funnel setup, reducing the need for manual email outreach.

Nicolas MontaubanNicolas Montauban
Product Manager, Codific

OtterAI: Transcribe and Focus

I’ve recently started using OtterAI, which helps transcribe notes from meetings, and it has helped me tremendously in staying more focused, particularly when interacting with clients.

I receive automated summaries of meetings with relevant screenshots and quotes, which come in handy when setting goals, making changes, and incorporating client feedback. The tool is pretty seamless to use, and I think it will be very hard for me to take physical notes during meetings anytime soon.

Sam RobertsSam Roberts
Digital Marketing Manager, Connect Vending

Airtable: Customized Data Dashboards

I’m such an Airtable fangirl. I can manage, track, and report all in one place. It’s powerful and customizable in ways other database tools and task trackers aren’t. Pulling data into a dashboard is easy and a great way to share wins and results.

Melody WhiteMelody White
Senior Content Marketer, N/A

Google Docs: Collaborating in Real-Time  

As a marketer, the online tool I value most for optimizing productivity is Google Docs because it allows for real-time collaboration. Team members can view and edit the same document at the same time from any location. This makes sharing and gathering feedback fast and efficient, saving time and energy.

When working on written content like blog posts, email campaigns, or social media copy, simultaneous editing in Google Docs streamlines the process. Team members can see changes as they happen, leaving no room for confusion over the latest version. The ability to leave comments and suggestions directly in the document cuts down on back-and-forth emails.

Vinika GargVinika Garg
Chief Operating Officer, Webomaze

ChatGPT: Enhance Content Creativity

Content marketers need to embrace ChatGPT as a very helpful tool, not as a threat to their job security.

First, remember that generative AI technologies can only regurgitate what has already been published. It will never replace your unique brand promises, customer stories, or product differentiators.

Second, it is an excellent idea generator. Ask it to expound on a topic and it may just return a perspective, benefit, or story angle you hadn’t considered. ChatGPT is also helpful to generate outlines for blogs or ebooks, especially when you feed it background content from disparate sources.

Are there unsophisticated marketers out there who simply “rip-and-run” AI-generated content? Of course there are. But we content experts are confident that we can still help those that understand the value of integrating AI tools to produce more highly personalized content. It’s a blessing, not a curse!

Mike TeelingMike Teeling
Content Marketing Strategist

Google Analytics: Optimize Digital Spend

For my own productivity, no piece of software has outdone my planner and a stopwatch yet. Every productivity app I’ve tried makes the process of scheduling and focusing on a task more complicated versus using these real-life tools.

However, in marketing, Google Analytics is hard to beat in terms of optimizing our digital marketing budget. Each week, we go over where we are most effective, least effective, and make adjustments. Digital marketing must maintain flexibility in a market that constantly changes.

Kam TalebiKam Talebi
CEO of Gigli, Gigli

Canva: Personalized Bulk Image Creation

We wouldn’t be where we are today without Canva for marketing purposes. Their new bulk-creation features, powered by AI, allow us to personalize virtually every image we send out, creating a closer sense of connection between us and our audience.


Plus, we’ve been able to supercharge our idea planning for 2024 by creating faster, better images through bulk upload. It takes a little bit of time to learn how to do it right, but once you have the template and Excel files ready to go, the possibilities for creation are virtually limitless.

Mark VarnasMark Varnas
Principal SQL Server DBA and Consultant, Red9

Surfer SEO: Gamify Content Optimization

One tool that has been a fun way to get marketing content ready is Surfer SEO. This tool helps me understand how content that I’m posting out there can be optimized by giving me targets such as keywords I need to use, the number of words, and pictures I need to include. By gamifying the work, it helps me focus and work faster and better to hit the targets.

Manasvini KrishnaManasvini Krishna
Founder, Boss as a Service

Buffer: Streamlined Social Media Management

Professional social media management can be a challenge, especially when timing posts. With Buffer, your social media marketing becomes a breeze. Personally, it’s boosted my marketing productivity. Using Buffer, you can post on most social media channels from one user-friendly interface. It lets me plan and schedule my content in advance for seamless posting and better engagement.

It also provides detailed analytics on your reach and engagement. Using this data, you can optimize your social media strategy over time to create a streamlined channel. Its simplicity has transformed my marketing ever since I started using it. Plus, it updates with changing social media algorithms. Time and energy saved? Check. Buffer is my go-to for all social media needs, consolidating everything and making my outreach efficient.

Faizan KhanFaizan Khan
Public Relations and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy UK

GitHub: Collaborative Development Hub

In our modern marketing team, which encompasses developers and web designers, GitHub has proven to be an invaluable tool. It’s commonly used by developers to share updates as they work on building a website or refining an app. GitHub serves as both a social network and a communication platform, especially beneficial for our team that includes web designers and UX/UI specialists.

Developers rarely work alone. They possess varied skill sets, often collaborate with freelancers, and experience changes in team composition. GitHub enables them to track the development of projects in a step-by-step manner, making this process transparent to all team members, including those who join at a later stage and need a quick understanding of the project’s progress.

This visibility is crucial for enhancing our productivity. GitHub streamlines collaboration, ensuring that all team members, regardless of when they join a project, have access to the complete development history. This transparency helps in quicker onboarding of new team members and facilitates efficient collaboration among varied skill sets within the team. As a result, GitHub not only boosts our team’s efficiency but also ensures continuity and consistency in our projects.

Alan RedondoAlan Redondo
Founder, Ardoz Digital

Trello: Kanban-Style Campaign Coordination

As a marketing professional, I find that Trello is an indispensable tool for optimizing productivity. Its versatile Kanban-style boards allow me to seamlessly organize and manage my tasks, projects, and deadlines.

With Trello, I can create dedicated boards for each aspect of my marketing campaigns, from content creation and social media scheduling to email marketing and analytics tracking. Each board can be further divided into columns representing different stages of the workflow, ensuring that every task is assigned a clear status and priority. Trello’s drag-and-drop functionality makes it incredibly easy to move tasks between columns, keeping everything organized and on track.

Additionally, their collaboration features enable me to effortlessly work with team members, assigning tasks, sharing files, and providing feedback within the platform. Trello has become my go-to tool for streamlining my workflow and enhancing my overall productivity as a marketing coordinator.

Belen Garcia-SaldañaBelen Garcia-Saldaña
Marketing Coordinator, Achievable

Hootsuite: Unified Social Media Command Center

In our organization, as the head of marketing, I highly value Hootsuite for its ability to boost our productivity. Hootsuite is an invaluable asset for marketing teams, offering a unified platform to manage multiple social media accounts. This feature simplifies the process of monitoring and interacting with audiences across different channels.

A key benefit of Hootsuite is its post-scheduling capability. It allows our team to plan and prepare content well in advance, which then frees up time for other important tasks. Moreover, the platform’s analytics tools are instrumental in tracking key metrics like audience engagement and growth. This data helps us better gauge the effectiveness of our social media strategies.

Additionally, Hootsuite enhances team collaboration. It includes features for task assignment and progress monitoring, which streamline our workflows and ensure cohesive teamwork. The ability to coordinate and track the team’s efforts via Hootsuite significantly contributes to our overall efficiency and success in marketing campaigns.

Danilo MirandaDanilo Miranda
Managing Director, Presenteverso

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