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What is one question you asked yourself when first learning about Featured?

To help you understand Featured better, we asked other founders and CEOs for their initial perceptions and questions when learning about Featured.

Here are 14 tips on how best to use Featured and make your adoption of Featured smoother:

  1. What Does it Mean to Democratize Leadership?
  2. How Can I Use Featured to Scale My Business?
  3. How Will Featured Strengthen My Brand Identity?
  4. Can Featured Help Me Reach New Customers?
  5. How Often Are Questions Actually Published?
  6. Why Haven’t Others Thought About This Format?
  7. How Does Featured Compare to Haro?
  8. How Should I Write to Increase My Chances?
  9. Does Featured Really Work?
  10. How Do I Maximize My Content?
  11. Are Users Notified When They’re Successful?
  12. History in the Making.
  13. Does Featured Offer a Learning Experience?
  14. Can I keep track of my publications?

What Does it Mean to Democratize Leadership?

I had little experience with fielding questions from journalists, other than an occasional blurb in smaller publications. This had me questioning whether my input would be valued enough to be utilized by the more prominent websites featured on Featured. When introduced to the site, I recognized some of the prominent names. However, what I found was a very objective, simple, and straightforward website, in which the publications requesting submissions placed equal weight on those that answered them, providing a great opportunity to get my opinions and ideas out into the public sphere. Featured is a wonderfully democratic portal that opens up forums for all businesses and owners.

Yuvi Alpert, Noémie

How Can I Use Featured to Scale My Business?

After scouring the web for resources that could help me to scale my business, I found an article that mentioned Featured as a resource. As a new business owner, my funds are limited, so in my search to build my brand credibility and funnel traffic to my website, I wanted to know how Featured could help me with that. After registering, I found numerous questions available to lend my expertise, and I was hooked! Two weeks after submitting my first answer, I realized the benefits of Featured.

Annette Harris, Harris Financial Coaching

How Will Featured Strengthen My Brand Identity?

Featured is a fantastic platform that offers golden opportunities to share expert information on high-quality, niche sites. So, how can I use this to strengthen my brand identity?

Through Featured, it’s possible to showcase your brand as never before. Quotes that are accepted go on to be included in informative articles that help create awareness for your company, as well showcase you as an expert in your industry.

Plus, the opinions and tips that you provide can actually help consumers who are attempting to make decisions when choosing products or services. It can’t get better than that!

Lauren Kleinman, The Quality Edit

Can Featured Help Me Reach New Customers?

When I first began using Featured, I saw it as an opportunity to reach new customers, and perhaps even an entirely new audience. By establishing myself as an expert through informative content and responses to varied queries, I realized that I could attract visitors to my site to read more, who may potentially also decide to learn more about my products and services. It’s a win-win in every way!

Lindsay McCormick, Bite

How Often Are Questions Actually Published?

When I first started using Featured, the question publishing schedule seemed like a little bit of a mystery. After taking a look at the Featured FAQs, I came to realize that an array of interesting new questions are published every day. I also made sure to add keywords that are relevant to my expertise on my Featured profile; that way, I receive the most relevant opportunities straight to my Featured inbox.

Mike Grossman, GoodHire

Why Haven’t Others Thought About This Format?

Everyone who has ever written for Featured will probably tell you they love its format.

It’s true; Featured makes everything easier since one doesn’t need to spend time copying links and Linkedin profiles all the time. It’s almost strange that the competition hadn’t thought about such a format since it’s probably the best possible one for its purposes.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best!

Natalia Brzezinska, PhotoAiD

How Does Featured Compare to HARO?

As a regular contributor of HARO, the first thing I asked myself was how Featured would stack up against the incumbent. Crafting responses and quotes takes time and while we’re always looking for ways to increase our exposure, we also want to see an ROI for our time. I’m happy to say that our success rate is much higher with Featured than with HARO and we enjoy the links, traffic, and PR that it brings us!

Sylvia Kang, Mira

How Should I Write to Increase My Chances?

I believe that to do various things well, you first need to know how to do it. So the first question I asked myself when learning about Featured was, “how should I write to increase my chances of being quoted?”. Trying to find the answer, I spent a couple of hours reading examples of well-written Featured responses. Only when I understood that the answers should be short, concise, engaging, and to the point, I started to write them myself.

Michal Jonca, Passport Photo Online

Does Featured Really Work?

Does it really work? If my life were a history book, it would say that I’ve always had a certain level of skepticism when it comes to trying out a new platform. I wondered if Featured would really empower me to gain more visibility for my brand. Let me tell you, the answer is a profound, “YES!” My insights have been published on a variety of online blogs and publications thanks to this cutting-edge platform. I’ve recommended it to many of my friends and colleagues.

Rachel Blank, Allara

How Do I Maximize My Content?

Featured offers a laundry list of insightful queries to answer and keeps the list going week to week. When our team first started using Featured, we used a free account that limits the amount of queries you can answer to 3 per month. Because there was a multitude of great queries, we decided to use a paid Featured plan to take advantage of every writing opportunity there is. Not only does this allow us to write in on an unlimited number of queries, but Featured also suggests keywords and phrases that each reporter is looking for, allowing us to write even better and more insightful answers for each query.

Joe Spector, Dutch

Are Users Notified When They’re Successful?

One of the first questions I asked myself when learning about Featured is whether users are notified when their content is featured on a website. After doing some research, I learned that the Featured team notifies you via email when your insights are published on one of their partner websites. There’s also a personalized dashboard on Featured which helps users track where they’ve been published, as well as their success rate and pitching history.

Patrick Casey, Felix

History in the Making

When I learned about Featured, I thought, “how do I get involved?” Over the centuries, there’s been a very clear correlation between circulating knowledge and revolutionary eras. Whether that’s ancient hieroglyphics, or 400-year-old history books, humanity has been consistently striving to preserve and disseminate knowledge with each improvement in methods sparking brand new innovations.

In a lot of ways, Featured is a modern development of the universal human duty to share knowledge. Every individual has a story to tell, insights to expound upon, and meaningful wisdom to impart. Featured gives us a voice to express our perspectives on the difficult lessons we’ve mastered. Most of the people who’ve ever lived never got a chance to preserve and share their knowledge, but the generations of the future won’t have to look back and wonder what we knew.

Jaymee Messler, The Gaming Society

Does Featured Offer a Learning Experience?

Everyone who knows about Featured knows the most obvious perks of joining the platform. However, the first question that popped up for me was whether the platform will offer an experience where I will learn more. After all, when one sees the best minds from a wide range of industries coming onto a single platform to share their knowledge, we expect a learning experience to be an associated upshot. Featured surely did not disappoint.

Eva Taylor, WP Buffs

Can I keep track of my publications?

One question I asked myself when I first started learning about Featured was about organization. How will I keep track of queries, answers and published responses without having to create my own spreadsheet and organizational techniques? One of the best parts about Featured is that all of that valuable information is organized and made accessible for you. When trying to obtain backlinks and provide contributions, I want to be able to put my entire focus into the information I’m sharing without having to worry about organizing it later. The Featured dashboard allows me to reference what I’ve already written, and remember what publications and websites I’ve contributed to.

Brett Larkin, Uplifted Yoga

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