How do I write a good product description on Amazon?


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Best Practices for Writing Amazon Product Descriptions

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How do I write a good product description on Amazon?

To help you write Amazon product descriptions that sell, we asked eCommerce marketing professionals and business leaders this question for their best tips. From bullet-listing the specifics of the product to crafting the perfect title, there are several tips that should guide you in writing effective product descriptions that stand out to customers on Amazon.

Here are 13 best practices these leaders follow in writing their Amazon product descriptions:

  • Bullet-List the Specifics of the Product
  • Use the Description to Educate and Not to Sell
  • Make Use of Amazon’s A+ Content Feature for Your Product Descriptions
  • Add Images to Enhance the Description
  • Use Keyword Research and SEO Strategies
  • Give Brief and Clear Descriptions of the Features and Benefits
  • Follow Amazon Guidelines
  • Use Easy-to-Understand Language
  • Focus on the Customer
  • Highlight the Product’s Benefits
  • Analyze Competitors’ Keywords
  • Put the Best Feature Near the Middle of the Description
  • Craft the Perfect Title

Bullet-List the Specifics of the Product

Whether you’re selling a book, t-shirt, or screwdriver, it’s essential to briefly describe the specifics of the product in the description.

Include information about size, measurements, number of pages, or color – anything that can be helpful when considering the purchase and allow assessing the product you are selling is what the customer needs. Simply, highlight the product’s basic features and key benefits.

The best way to do this is by bullets. They separate essential information, break the block of text, draw attention and make it easier for the buyer to find the crucial information without reading the full description. Moreover, bullets make your description easy to scan and visually attractive. Just remember to keep them simple and concise and bold keywords.

Nina Paczka, Resume Now

Use the Description to Educate and Not to Sell

When creating an Amazon product description, it is important that you approach it from the standpoint of adding value beyond what can be seen in the images so as to avoid being redundant. When people click on the product description, you have already captured their interest; therefore, the promotional aspect is not what they are looking for.

Instead, make sure you use this space strategically by educating them on the use of the product, emphasizing features that set it apart from competitors’ offerings, and displaying key value props.

By creating information-rich product descriptions with value-add, you will be eliminating surprises and easing any reluctance that a customer may have so as to not only increase the likelihood of a conversion, but decrease the chances of a return.

Greg Gillman, MuteSix

Make Use of Amazon’s A+ Content Feature for Your Product Descriptions

Amazon recognizes that there is a difference between the occasional and professional seller, and if you fall into the latter category it is a good idea to take advantage of Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content feature for your product descriptions. For many businesses, it is just as important to sell their brand as it is their products, and in recognizing this, Amazon added a place in which businesses could showcase who they are and their stories. Called “A+ Content, it is available to approved professional sellers that provides them the features and benefits of including additional brand content, enhanced imagery, infographic, videos, and even an FAQ section. In addition, Amazon allows these sellers to be unrestrained by character limits. If you are a serious seller, gaining access to the A+ Content feature for your product descriptions is a must, and will allow you not only to talk about your products, but the stories behind them and your business.

Anthony Puopolo, Rex MD

Add Images to Enhance the Description

Amazon runs a relevancy check over its products and descriptions. The system also looks at relevant pictures. High-quality photographs will be more likely to be spotted if you include them in your description. Additionally, they increase engagement. Even if words have some power to attract and keep users, visuals can increase that power. With high-quality photographs, you’ll find more to write about your product. This will improve the quality of your descriptions. Descriptions well-written with images are what Amazon users prefer. Just make sure to use high-quality and relevant photos for your products!

Alexander Reid, TriviaWhizz

Use Keyword Research and SEO Strategies

Utilize keywords when you write your Amazon product descriptions. You want to ensure you are SEO optimized in any content you post online. That includes performing thorough keyword research and strategically writing descriptive content containing those keywords. If you follow those principles, you are much more likely to rank high and up in search engine results, which can lead to your Amazon product page. Approach Amazon product descriptions like you would when creating website content using a  good SEO strategy.

Ann McFerran, Glamnetic

Give Brief and Clear Descriptions of the Features and Benefits

Use short and to-the-point content when writing Amazon Product descriptions. People have short attention spans today, so you want to make sure you are describing the features and benefits of your product effectively. Otherwise, you risk people’s eyes glazing over before they learn why they want to buy your product and lose a customer. Succinct, effectively written content is an art form, but if you master it, you are much more likely to leave an impact on a potential customer and make a sale.

Sumeer Kaur, Lashkaraa

Follow Amazon Guidelines

Be sure you know the Amazon rules. For example, no testimonials or promotional language. Don’t, under any circumstances, promote your own website or business. Don’t be sales pitchy. In short, stick to actually describing the product, rather than your company or yourself. Play by the rules or you run the risk of being suspended from the site!

Jeff Goodwin, Orgain

Use Easy-to-Understand Language

Write Amazon product descriptions with words that are easy to read and understand. Do this by describing the features and benefits of your product in its most basic form rather than adding long, complicated ‘fluff’ words. When someone visits your Amazon product listing, they shouldn’t need industry-specific knowledge to understand the benefits of your product and how it works.

Breanne Millette, BISOULOVELY

Focus on the Customer

When it comes to writing Amazon product descriptions, one best practice is to focus on the customer. What needs does the customer have that your product can address? What are their desires and fears? By understanding the customer’s perspective, you can better position your product as the solution to their problem. In addition, it’s important to be clear and concise in your writing. Don’t try to stuff too much information into the description – just include the key points that will persuade the reader to make a purchase. Finally, don’t forget to proofread your work before you hit publish. A few simple spelling and grammar mistakes can make your whole description seem amateurish. By following these best practices, you can produce high-quality Amazon product descriptions that will help boost your sales.

Jim Campbell, Wizve – Digital & Affiliate Marketing Agency

Highlight the Product’s Benefits

One best practice for writing Amazon product descriptions is to highlight its benefits rather than its features. It’s all about the benefits of your goods, not so much its specifics, when it comes to selling it on Amazon. Make one primary benefit the focus of your Amazon product title.

Despite Amazon’s 200-character maximum for product titles, you should aim for 80 characters or less to get more done. The importance of keywords in your title cannot be overstated. The major benefit for the buyer should be highlighted in the title, which should be brief.

You can explain the benefits your product will have for the customer in your product description. This is where you can go into greater detail about your main product characteristics and add other, more desirable features and benefits. The top two worries of buyers should be quickly addressed in a product description. The product’s benefits are then described, including how it will help them with their work and protect their loved ones.

Raviraj Hegde, Donorbox

Analyze Competitors’ Keywords

When writing a product description on Amazon, researching keywords is essential. Consider slang and/or nicknames people call your product and study the phrases used by your competitors. Incorporating these keywords, and similar ones, can make all the difference to getting found in search results in Amazon. This practice may also lead to your product being seen in other search engines that link to Amazon listings.

Jen Miller, RHEIA, LLC

Put the Best Feature Near the Middle of the Description

One great tip to incorporate and something that has always worked like a charm for me is not to advertise the product’s best feature in the beginning. This passive start is extremely intelligent because most people have their undivided attention in the middle of their screens. So, when scrolling through a description, the features that appear in the middle have the best chance of being noticed by the customer. It’s like how teachers usually see the students sitting in the middle rather than those sitting in the back or upfront.

Kaitie Weaver, Helcim

Craft the Perfect Title

Amazon hosts a plethora of products. Therefore if you don’t pitch your product right, there is a high chance that it may go unnoticed. There are thousands of results in every search. You have to use just the right keywords. The A9 search algorithm focuses more on your title than the description. Be as concise and precise with it. Mention the product name, quantity, and variant. Use words after SEO research here. An effective way to do this is to first analyze what rival companies have written on their products. Once the title is all set, you move on to the description. Don’t make it too long. Don’t use fancy words. Instead, highlight the USP of your product in simple and inviting language.

Agnes Zabawa, Insurancenavy

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