12 Steps to Expand Your Business Network Through Podcasting


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12 Steps to Expand Your Business Network Through Podcasting

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12 Steps to Expand Your Business Network Through Podcasting

Podcasts have become a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and business leaders to widen their professional networks. From leveraging top podcasts for networking to guesting on podcasts for business growth, we’ve compiled twelve valuable insights from CEOs, Founders, and other creators. Discover how these experts use podcasting to forge new connections and what steps you can take to replicate their success.

  • Leverage Top Podcasts for Networking
  • Start Podcasting for Exposure
  • Repurpose Podcast Content
  • Engage in Podcast Communities
  • Invite Experts to Your Podcast
  • Showcase Expertise on Industry Podcasts
  • Share Real-Life Stories on Niche Podcasts
  • Innovate with Interactive Podcasting
  • Highlight Global Perspectives
  • Tailor Podcast Content to Audience
  • Spotlight Unique Success Stories
  • Guest on Podcasts for Business Growth

Leverage Top Podcasts for Networking

Going on the BiggerPockets podcast had a big impact on growing my professional network. Since it’s very popular among real estate investors, it put me in front of potential partners and collaborators in my field. After my episode aired, people contacted me wanting to invest in our hotel syndications or have me share more about the industry on their own podcasts.

My advice for others is to figure out the top podcast that your ideal customers or partners are tuned into and figure out a unique angle or fresh take to bring to the table. Think about what would make those listeners excited to hear your thoughts and include this in your ‘pitch’ to that podcast. In my case, it was my story of failure and turning it around into success.

I take the same approach when we book guests on our investment podcast – I see a lot of the same content, and it gets old. I really want unique perspectives that can grab my audience’s attention. If you nail that, major podcasts will want to have you on their show.

Nic StohlerNic Stohler
Creator, Nic’s Guide

Start Podcasting for Exposure

Being on a podcast significantly contributed to expanding my business network, as it was helpful to indirectly be surrounded by like-minded individuals. The podcast I was on was the Deals Estate Wholesaling Podcast. By being on there, I also had other individuals reach out to me who were looking for some kind of guidance in real estate, and I was able to monetize that as well. Furthermore, by having a connection point besides a real estate interest, I was able to reach out to other people who were on the podcast and immediately establish rapport and equal business stature. This podcast opportunity allowed me to also have an additional credibility piece, as I was now able to share with others that I networked with that I had been on this podcast. Lastly, looking into the future, I know that as the podcast continues to grow, my opportunities will continue to compound, as there will be more guests and also more viewers.

One step to emulate this would be to reach out to various podcast hosts and simply get started. When I was on this podcast, it was still fairly small, but I was just looking for an opportunity to get my name out there. By focusing on just getting some kind of exposure and truly providing as much value as possible on the podcast, I have no doubts that someone else will be able to replicate the same results.

Sebastian JaniaSebastian Jania
CEO, Alberta Property Buyers

Repurpose Podcast Content

I repurpose podcast content for enhanced engagement within my network. I religiously listen to the ‘Marketing Over Coffee’ podcast. I turn key insights from an episode into content I can publish on LinkedIn to spark interesting discussions that attract like-minded professionals. Occasionally, I use X to host engaging threads on contradicting topics I draw from these podcast episodes. It results in discussions with individuals and new contacts, which helps me expand my business network. I would urge others to actively listen to relevant podcasts in their industry, get the key points from the discussions, and share this information with their audience. It is a simple, adaptable, and effective method that brings new connections and presents business opportunities.

Dmytro SokhachDmytro Sokhach
Digital Marketer, SEO Entrepreneur, CEO, Editorial.Link

Engage in Podcast Communities

Real estate podcasts like ‘Real Estate the Ramsey Way‘ have become a networking tool for agents not only by offering insights, industry updates, and interviews with experts but also by providing a place for networking in the comments. Anyone in real estate knows that the more you network, the more you grow your sphere of influence, which is the best way to grow your business.

You don’t have to have a podcast of your own, either. Engaging in the comments on this and other platforms has not only been a good way for us to position ourselves as industry leaders, but it has also helped us to reach a larger audience that includes not only other agents but also investors, and residential home buyers and sellers. It is an impactful step to consistently get your name in front of your audience, and commenting and answering questions in the comments of podcasts, blogs, or on social media is a great way to do it.

Whether you can offer very niche information or more broad, diverse perspectives, you will be, in effect, creating a platform where potential real estate clients come to value you as an authoritative resource.

Marty ZankichMarty Zankich
Owner, Chamberlin Real Estate

Invite Experts to Your Podcast

Starting my podcast, ‘AdmissionSight Insights,’ significantly expanded my business network. By inviting guests who are experts in college admissions and higher education, I connected with individuals and organizations I might not have reached otherwise. This broadened my professional network and enhanced the services I offer to my students. For anyone looking to emulate this, I advise identifying a topic that aligns with your business and starting a podcast around it. Guest invitations can serve as a great networking opportunity.

Eric EngEric Eng
Founder and CEO, Private College Admissions Consultant. Business Owner, AdmissionSight

Showcase Expertise on Industry Podcasts

Appearing on the ‘State of the Markets‘ podcast was a pivotal moment for expanding my business network. This podcast, known for its insightful discussions on finance and market trends, provided an excellent platform to connect with like-minded professionals in the finance world. The experience was informative and enjoyable, offering a blend of serious financial discourse and engaging conversation. I reached a wider audience by sharing my perspectives and insights on this respected platform, enhancing my visibility and credibility in the industry.

For others looking to replicate this success, the key is to seek out podcasts that align with your industry and expertise. Participating in these podcasts allows you to showcase your knowledge and connect with a broader audience. It’s an effective way to build your network, establish authority, and engage with potential clients or collaborators who share your interests and values. Choose a podcast that resonates with your business ethos and be prepared to offer unique, valuable insights that can captivate the listeners.

Shane McevoyShane Mcevoy
MD, Flycast Media

Share Real-Life Stories on Niche Podcasts

Podcasts have been great for companies like ours, which are slowly but surely ditching the taboo label as people realize we are as safe, if not safer, and more beneficial than other products that have been accepted by society for years. Podcasts aren’t subject to the regulations and bureaucratic red tape that radio stations typically are, so they can afford to boldly share their views (however legitimate), bringing focus to previously under-discussed topics.

Cannabis Health Radio Podcast is one of the podcasts that has significantly helped our company grow its network. As a director in a family-owned CBD company, I have been following Cannabis Health Radio podcasts to get inspiring stories about medical experts using cannabis to treat and manage health conditions. Every seven days, except this New Year, Cannabis Health Radio has been releasing an episode available on Apple and Audible. In each episode, I listen to how doctors have used cannabis oil and other CBD products to help patients recover from severe health conditions.

For instance, Episode 403, which aired in December 2023, was quite inspiring; it detailed how Barbara, a patient struggling with organ failure, used cannabis oil to halt her deteriorating health. These stories help our company to get in touch with patients and doctors to improve the development of our products. The input from these external voices has been remarkable in the discovery of new uses for cannabis and in growing our brand and recognition in the medical world.

Other companies should try to get real-life stories from patients who have recovered from health conditions due to CBD products. Direct feedback from patients is akin to an evidence-based approach to developing effective cannabis products.

Alexander BrandupAlexander Brandup
Plant Ambassador, Founder, Neurogan

Innovate with Interactive Podcasting

My podcast ignited networking magic. The game-changer is ‘Reverse Q&A.’ Instead of just asking questions, I invite listeners to share insights. This turns episodes into interactive dialogues, sparking engagement and turning listeners into contributors. By flipping the script, you make your podcast a platform where your audience actively shapes the conversation. It’s not just about talking to them; it’s about co-creating content that resonates, turning your podcast into a dynamic networking catalyst for business growth.

Gil Clark Jr.Gil Clark Jr.
CEO, GH Clark

Highlight Global Perspectives

My podcast’s distinctive aspect was a “Global Voices” segment, featuring international guests and their perspectives on industry challenges. Emulating this, others can create episodes highlighting global insights and inviting guests from diverse cultural backgrounds. This strategy not only broadens the audience but also fosters a global network. By showcasing international voices, the podcast creates an inclusive space, connecting professionals worldwide, fostering cross-cultural collaborations, and sharing diverse expertise. This approach cultivates a global community of professionals, enriching discussions and contributing to a more globally connected and diverse business network.

Simranjeet SinghSimranjeet Singh
CEO, Search My Expert

Tailor Podcast Content to Audience

A podcast worked wonders in boosting my networking opportunities as a small-business owner of Low Cost Glasses. Implementing this digital platform into my business strategy enabled me to interact with a diverse group of professionals, including industry experts, budding entrepreneurs, and potential clients that I may not have reached otherwise.

My podcast serves as a platform to discuss topics revolving around our industry, and these engaging conversations often lead to an uptick in listener outreach post-episode, laying the groundwork for prospective collaborations and partnerships.

For those wishing to replicate this approach, identifying your target audience and tailoring your content to match their interests is paramount. By inviting guests who provide valuable insights and perspectives and fostering a conversational environment where their experiences can be shared, you can create engaging content that resonates with listeners.

Asadullah SaleemAsadullah Saleem
Founder, Low Cost Glasses

Spotlight Unique Success Stories

My podcast introduced ‘Success Journeys Unveiled,’ narrating unconventional paths to success. Emulating this, others can feature episodes spotlighting unique success stories, showcasing diverse trajectories. This method not only inspires but also fosters connections among listeners resonating with non-traditional paths. By celebrating unconventional successes, the podcast cultivates a community valuing diverse routes to achievement, forging connections based on shared journeys, and empowering individuals to embrace their distinctive paths toward success.

Gillian PerkinsGillian Perkins
CEO, Startup Society

Guest on Podcasts for Business Growth

I had a podcast for about a year and a half, and through it, I earned business relationships that directly led to business and revenue for our company. We interviewed a spectrum of business leaders, and some of them became clients. Now, I’m going on podcasts as a guest with the goal of expanding my network. I’ve met really interesting business people and have developed deeper connections with companies I already work with. The best way to emulate this process is to go to PodMatch and Matchmaker.fm and apply to be on podcasts as a guest. Or, start a podcast for a particular niche that’s relevant to your business.

Robert BrillRobert Brill
CEO, Brill Media

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