12 Reasons You Need a Website as a Freelancer


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12 Reasons You Need a Website as a Freelancer

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12 Reasons You Need a Website as a Freelancer

To understand the importance of a website for freelance writers, we gathered insights from professionals across various industries. From marketing coordinators to managing directors, these experts shared 12 interesting reasons having a website is crucial, ranging from creating an online portfolio for credibility to showcasing work and personality.

  • Online Portfolio for Credibility
  • Blogging Showcases Expertise
  • Boost Search Engine Visibility
  • Leverage Digital Marketing Tools
  • Establish Trust With Clients
  • Centralize Your Digital Assets
  • Polish Your Personal Brand
  • Advertise Your Writing Skills
  • Make a Strong First Impression
  • Save Time with Work Samples
  • Create a Central Client Hub
  • Showcase Work and Personality

Online Portfolio for Credibility

Having a website is important for a freelance writer as it serves as an online portfolio to establish credibility and showcase their writing samples, services, and expertise to potential clients.

One can include their best writing samples, testimonials from previous clients, and information about writing services. This allows potential clients to get a sense of the writer’s writing style and capabilities and helps them determine if they are a good fit for the project.

Riya ShahRiya Shah
Marketing Coordinator, Achievable

Balance passion-driven work and flexibility

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Freelancing is the best way to balance passion-driven work and flexibility – giving people the opportunity to have full autonomy over their career and how they want to work on a day-to-day basis. Whether you’re working at home or on-the-go, freelancers can choose the projects they want to pursue, then craft their work experience around it. As a freelancer, you have the freedom to travel the world, spend time with your family, and manage your own schedule.

As we continue to navigate a volatile economy plagued by layoffs and firings, independent work is a great vehicle for financial security. By not being tied down by a singular employer, you can take on more projects, be your own boss, and further develop your own service offerings with new skills – such as AI. With businesses relying on freelancers more than ever before, freelancers today can expand their horizons and work on projects of all shapes and sizes.

shai-lee spiegleman fiverrShai-Lee Spigelman
General Manager, Fiverr Pro

Blogging Showcases Expertise

Having a website is important for freelance writers because it allows them to have a blog. Blogging is a powerful tool for a writer to showcase their expertise, whether it be their knowledge of the latest SEO techniques or topics they’re passionate about.

By having a blog, freelance writers can guest post on blogs with larger audiences and higher domain authorities. Doing so can help them land new clients without going through the time-consuming process of cold outreach.

A blog opens the opportunity for freelance writers to send their work to syndication networks, spreading the word about their name and services. Freelance writers should link their social media pages, including their Muck Rack profile, in every article to make it easy for potential clients to contact them.

Laura OldsLaura Olds
Travel Writer, A Piece of Travel

Boost Search Engine Visibility

As a freelance writer, having a website is not only a great way to showcase your writing portfolio and services, but it also makes it easier for potential clients to find you online.

When a potential client is looking for a freelance writer, they’ll likely start their search online. By optimizing your website with relevant keywords and phrases and helpful content, your website can rank higher in search engine results (SERPs), making you more visible to potential clients.

As a bonus, if you’re promoting yourself as an SEO writer, you gain some automatic credibility and authority if your own website ranks high in the search engine results.

Jennifer AylingJennifer Ayling
Content Marketer and Copywriter, The Mulberry Pen

Leverage Digital Marketing Tools

Websites are quite impactful marketing tools and enable freelance writers to undertake several digital marketing tactics to make their brand visible to more potential clients. The entire range of marketing tools that are part of a website marketing kit is now at your disposal.

From Google Ads and social media marketing to email campaigns and SEO, you can line up as many solutions as you can. Yes, setting up and maintaining a website requires resources and continuous effort, but the growth in clientele and orders will justify these investments.

Ariav CohenAriav Cohen
VP of Marketing and Sales, Proprep

Establish Trust With Clients

Clients can learn more about a freelancer through their freelancing website. People can put a face on the content they provide, for instance, when they view their profile photo. They recognize the freelancer as a human being. This is a good way to establish mutual trust from the get-go.

Having a website also shows customers that a freelancer is committed to their business and takes it seriously. It may seem inane at first, but if a freelancer puts themselves in the client’s shoes for just a moment, they’ll see what I am getting at by suggesting having a website.

Jason BerkowitzJason Berkowitz
CEO, BreakTheWeb

Centralize Your Digital Assets

A website is important for a freelance writer in order to have a professional centralized digital asset that provides both potential and existing clients an easy and convenient portal to see their work, review their resumes, check their pricing, communicate with them, make payments, and even see client testimonials.

Curating a website can help freelance writers develop their brand by networking and increasing traffic in order to attract more clients. Freelance writers can pick the best from the variety of what they write in order to showcase it to their advantage.

For example, our digital media company in the insurance sector features content writers who not only write for our websites but also do guest posts for us on many other sites. If they want to increase their business, they can use their website to feature the guest posts they feel are their best, instead of potential clients haphazardly finding their work via web search results.

Michelle RobbinsMichelle Robbins
Licensed Insurance Agent, Clearsurance.com

Polish Your Personal Brand

Having a website is an important asset for any freelance writer, as it allows them to create a professional and polished personal brand that stands out among other writers. A website is a perfect platform to showcase a portfolio of writings and show their expertise in particular subjects or writing styles. This can help potential clients gain confidence in the writer’s ability and quickly determine whether they are the right fit for a project.

Irina PoddubnaiaIrina Poddubnaia
CEO and Founder, TrackMage

Advertise Your Writing Skills

Having a website is crucial for freelance writers because it serves as an online portfolio and as an advertisement platform. By having a website, freelance writers can showcase their writing skills and experience, provide potential clients with a comprehensive overview of their services, and attract more business.

A website also allows freelance writers to have more control over their branding and image, which can be essential in a highly competitive industry. With a well-designed website, a freelance writer can make a powerful impression on visitors and show that they are professional and reliable. Therefore, it’s an effective way for freelance writers to establish their online presence and expand their client base.

simon briskSimon Brisk
Director, Click Intelligence Ltd

Make a Strong First Impression

If you were looking for a freelance writer and you had the choice between two – one with a website and one without—which would you go with?

Obviously, the one with the site, simply because that makes you look more legitimate and makes it extremely easy for the employer to see who you are, how you work, and to check your information—much easier than if they had to track you across your various publications and content repositories.

Never underestimate the value of a good first impression, and having a well-built site is just as important as a good suit and a firm handshake, to use the well-worn cliché.

Onno HalsemaOnno Halsema
CEO, Contentoo

Save Time With Work Samples

Eventually, freelancers get sick of providing work samples to prospective clients. It takes too long and time is important when trying to be competitive as a freelance writer. A website serves as a single place where you can provide all clients with samples of your work.

Mike WoodMike Wood
Digital Marketer, Legalmorning

Create a Central Client Hub

One reason having a website is important for a freelance writer is that it serves as a central hub for potential clients to learn more about the writer’s services, experience, and portfolio.

A website can help freelance writers establish their online presence and credibility, showcase their writing skills, and make it easy for clients to contact them to discuss potential projects.

It can also help them stand out in a competitive marketplace and attract new clients who are searching for writers online.

Michał PożogaMichał Pożoga
VP of Marketing, ConQuest Consulting

Showcase Work and Personality

One of the many reasons a website is essential for freelance writers is that it gives you a professional platform to showcase your work, skills, and personality. This is a significant advantage when you’re trying to attract new clients.

In today’s digital age, potential clients do their research online, and without a website, you risk missing out on opportunities to make a great first impression, which is crucial when trying to land new business.

Having a website also allows you to build trust with potential clients. By presenting a professional image online, you show you are a serious and reliable writer who takes your business seriously.

If you’re a freelance writer looking to boost your business, I strongly suggest investing in a website. It’s one of the most effective ways to showcase your work and create a strong online presence.

Richard KennedyRichard Kennedy
Managing Director, Arken Digital

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