Which WordPress free theme is best for blogging?


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Free WordPress Themes That Are Best For Blogging

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What is one free WordPress theme that is best for blogging?

To help you identify the best free WordPress theme for blogging, we asked WordPress developers and professional bloggers this question for their best recommendations. From Hemingway to Responsive Mobile to Astra, there are several free WordPress themes that are recommended as best for creating blogs.

Here are 12 free WordPress themes these professionals use for their blogging:

  • Hemingway
  • Auteur
  • Hestia
  • Zakra
  • Wisteria
  • Responsive Mobile
  • TwentyTwelve
  • Writee
  • Olsen Light
  • Neve
  • PixaNews
  • Astra


Many bloggers want to have a calming effect on their readers as if they are visiting an old friend, and if that is your goal, then the Hemingway WordPress theme is an excellent choice. Although we often don’t think of the visual impact on the written word, blogs that are cluttered or offer distracting visuals can detract from their point, deadening its impact.

The Hemingway theme offers calming visuals that put your words at the forefront, and in doing so, sets the mood to enhance your points rather than detract from them.

In addition, it provides beautiful framing in its page builder capabilities to draw attention to your content and added photos. If you are a regular blogger, who wants to set the mood for people to take in your words, then the Hemingway theme is a great choice.

Adelle Archer, Eterneva

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shai-lee spiegleman fiverrShai-Lee Spigelman
General Manager, Fiverr Pro


The best minimalist design is Auteur, an excellent platform for authors and bloggers. Bursting with modern templates and powerful page builders to develop, showcase your blogs, or even write your book. The coding is simple, with over 30 short codes, color customization, and visual styles. You will continue learning and growing with this multi-functional tool with many features. The platform has the best themes for any blogger who wants to do some serious writing for the best impact.

Anamika Goyal, Cottage


If you use WordPress for blogging, you need to check out this awesome template: Hestia. It features a one-page design that will have visitors quickly drawn into your blog or website’s story. Performance optimization for this template is unparalleled, and any issues in site speed or user experience are non-existent. With Hestia, you get straightforward customization options you can access through the Customizer. Plus, use this theme to set up an online store, a corporate portfolio, and more. Set up Hestia today and propel your business to a whole new level!

Lilian Chen, Bar None Games


I’ve personally used Zakra, a quick and lightweight multipurpose theme, and I think it’s appropriate for any kind of website, including those for businesses, charities, spas, yoga studios, etc. It can also be considered as one of the most adaptable WordPress blog themes because it comes with a dedicated blog demo that will assist you in building a successful blog. This best free WordPress theme for blogs is also Gutenberg-compatible. As a result, the Gutenberg editor allows you to effortlessly design your website with the aid of block elements. This truly makes it easier for you to completely personalize your blogs.

James Crawford, DealDrop


Picking website templates always comes down to personal choice, but I like the classic look of the Wisteria WordPress theme. It’s simple with clean lines making it easy to know what you’re looking at and how to navigate around the page. What makes it an excellent blogger template is that it’s content-focused, designed with the same intuitive scrolling as a Twitter Feed. If you install and activate the WP dark mode plugin, you can also enjoy a night reading version of Wisteria.

Adam Bem, Victoria VR

Responsive Mobile

Responsive mobile is a sleek and professional looking theme that is designed to work well on phones, tablets, and computers. It’s minimalist approach is slightly more barebones than other themes, which suits our 3D printing company well. If you’re writing a blog in the tech space and care about it showing up well regardless of what device your viewers are using, you can’t really go wrong with responsive mobile.

Michael Burghoffer, PicoSolutions


The TwentyTwelve theme is a highly recommended theme choice for bloggers. It displays well on all devices and sizes of screens, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It is highly rated on the official WordPress site.

A very unique feature is that this theme comes with its own widgets. It is highly customizable which also adds to its versatility and wide acceptance among young writers.

You can add a custom menu, background, header image, etc. There is an optional no side-bar page template too. All in all, TwentyTwelve is a fully responsive theme that can be customized to your taste and preferences, and looks very strong on any device.

Chris Heerdegen, OnDemand Painters Midwest


WordPress offers a lot of free themes that are suitable for blogging and it also depends on some factors, including the type of blog and audience. But if seen from an overall point of view, Writee is one of my favorites. I think its presentability is the feature that attracts the most. It is designed in a format that looks amazing on small screens as well. The content can be displayed on a full-width slider and contains widgets that can be customized accordingly. Although the best part about it lies in its simplicity and easy-to-use property. It’s simply classic and functional.

Brigid Davey, Nimble

Olsen Light

Olsen Light is a fantastic option if you want to start a lifestyle blog, whether it’s focused on fashion, travel, food, or something else. In addition to a wide variety of settings to tweak, it also works with a set of pre-built widgets to provide you with nearly everything you’ll need to get started on your website. The theme works with a wide variety of popular page builders and can be easily customized to meet your needs. Using Olsen Light, you can easily make a professional-looking website. It is an excellent option for personal blogs, such as those detailing one’s day-to-day life, but it’s also suitable for more serious endeavors, like reviewing products.

Becca Klein, BeccaKlein


One of the best free WordPress themes for blogging is Neve. It has a modern, clean look with a fully responsive design that can be customized to fit your needs and tastes. The design of this theme is considered one of the many SEO-friendly designs available in WordPress. It has a built-in blog section and features a variety of color schemes. This theme is perfect for bloggers who want to build up their brand by using professional-looking designs that will help them stand out in the crowd.

Carlos Rosado, Integrated Digital Strategies


Having put together a number of blog websites, we look for a straightforward, customisable, yet user friendly blogging theme. We have found the PixaNews theme invaluable to get an easily navigable blog site up and running in no time at all.

Although the free theme is marketed at news or magazine style websites, it serves as an excellent theme for blogging, allowing a number of customisations from within WordPress.

These include, homepage display settings, single blog page layouts and 404 page display features. The PixaNews theme benefits from a search bar, featured posts, latest posts and a handy scrolling bar below the header to display latest blog posts.

Andrew Witts, Studio 36 Digital


Astra is an excellent free WordPress theme for bloggers, e-commerce stores, and businesses. It’s lightweight and produces sub-two-second loading times even with a decent amount of media and animations. One thing that makes Astra stand out amongst other free themes is its customization options. You can easily change the main and secondary colors, edit menus, and adjust the size/color/fonts of your website’s typography. Another advantage of using Astra is that you get an intuitive menu/footer drop-and-drag builder. This feature is often missing from other free themes and gives your website a unique look.

Ali Sapra, The Elite Post

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