11 Underused LinkedIn Features to Boost Your Professional Networking


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11 Underused LinkedIn Features to Boost Your Professional Networking

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11 Underused LinkedIn Features to Boost Your Professional Networking

In the vast sea of LinkedIn’s features, some gems remain underutilized that could significantly enhance your professional networking. From Founders to CEOs, we’ve compiled the top eleven tips, starting with exploring Company Pages and ending with discovering and messaging in LinkedIn groups, to help you leverage LinkedIn’s full potential.

  • Explore Company Pages and Connections
  • Utilize the “Open to Work” Badge
  • Publish Articles to Establish Authority
  • Connect with Alumni Using LinkedIn Tools
  • Make Impressions with Video Messages
  • Craft Compelling Notes for Connections
  • Engage with LinkedIn Events
  • Share Expertise on the LinkedIn Publishing Platform
  • Create and Promote LinkedIn Events
  • Personalize Networking with Voice DMs
  • Discover and Message in LinkedIn Groups

Explore Company Pages and Connections

Next time you are on LinkedIn, consider checking out the Company Pages in your industry or local area.

The easiest way to find people to connect with is by checking out the People tab on a Company Page. Make a list of the companies that interest you, visit their pages, and see who is listed as working at that organization.

Click on the People tab on the page. Then, scroll across the Associated Members list until you reach the “How you are connected” tab. People are filtered by where they live, where they studied, and job title.

If someone went to the same university/school as you, this is an easy way to introduce yourself. If you are a recent graduate or are simply looking for a new position, ask the person if they would be able to share some information about the company or role. Most people will be happy to help.

Choose the pages you are most interested in. Click the Follow button. Then click the “bell” to get notified when the page shares content. If they publish a LinkedIn newsletter, subscribe to it. Now you have a conversation starter with people who work at that company.

If you comment or engage with the content in a thoughtful way, you can get noticed by the team running the page. If someone in your professional network comments, you could message them and tell them what you liked about their comment.

The good news is that LinkedIn is set up to help you in your professional life, and most organizations and people are open to your contact!

Louise BroganLouise Brogan
Founder, Linkedin with Louise

Utilize the “Open to Work” Badge

One underused LinkedIn feature is the “Open to Work” badge. This small green ring on your profile photo signals to your network and recruiters that you’re open to opportunities.

When I added it, the increase in connection requests and relevant job offers was noticeable. It’s a simple yet powerful way to enhance visibility and attract potential collaborators or employers.

Khurram SuhrwardyKhurram Suhrwardy
CEO, Caption Easy

Publish Articles to Establish Authority

One underused feature on LinkedIn that can significantly boost your professional networking is the ability to create and publish articles.

Crafting insightful and well-researched articles helps in establishing authority within your industry, driving traffic to your profile, while at the same time enhancing SEO.

Truth be told, when you regularly publish high-quality content, you not only showcase your expertise but also engage a broader audience. This practice attracts like-minded professionals and potential clients.

Michael LazarMichael Lazar
CEO, Content Author

Connect with Alumni Using LinkedIn Tools

One feature on LinkedIn that is sometimes overlooked yet has the potential to greatly improve professional networking is the “Alumni Tool.” With the help of this function, users can establish natural and reliable contacts with other alumni from their educational institutions. You can filter alumni by where they reside, where they work, what they do, and what they studied by going through the LinkedIn page for your institution and selecting the “Alumni” option.

Due to their similar educational backgrounds, alumni in your company or intended sector are frequently more willing to engage, which can lead to new opportunities and insights. By using this strategy, you can create a community and interact with more individuals, which will make introductions and recommendations seem more genuine and personal.

Amelia MundayAmelia Munday
Marketing Specialist, Custom Neon

Make Impressions with Video Messages

Video messages! Sending video messages directly inside LinkedIn is the best way to get a response from someone. It’s so underutilized, as are voice notes. Video is such a great way to connect with someone, as it’s very personal.

Most people appreciate that you took time out of your day to send them a video. Even if they aren’t interested, they will be more inclined to respond.

Use this when applying for jobs, connecting with thought leaders, connecting with prospects, and any time you want to make a great first impression.

Mandy McEwenMandy McEwen
Founder/CEO, Mod Girl Marketing

Craft Compelling Notes for Connections

It might sound simple, but I don’t think enough people take advantage of leaving a note when connecting with someone on LinkedIn. You only get 200 characters, so you have to make your note truly compelling when you’re essentially cold-calling someone.

If you’re really looking to network with someone, grab their attention with a note that makes it abundantly clear why you two should talk further. The note function goes a long way in making this happen.

Laura AntenucciLaura Antenucci
Marketing Manager, Demag Cranes & Components Corp.

Engage with LinkedIn Events

An underappreciated feature is the ability to arrange or attend webinars and virtual gatherings using LinkedIn Events. By taking part in these events, you can network with colleagues and industry leaders, exchange expertise, and stay up to date on the latest trends.

You can establish yourself as an authority in your industry and attract a specific audience by hosting your own events.

Tim ParkerTim Parker
Director, Syntax Integration

Share Expertise on the LinkedIn Publishing Platform

I have leveraged LinkedIn extensively to expand our professional network and build lasting relationships within the industry. LinkedIn offers several powerful features that, while underused, can significantly enhance your networking efforts. Here is one distinct LinkedIn feature that I believe is particularly underutilized but offers great potential for boosting professional networking.

The LinkedIn Publishing Platform is an excellent yet underutilized tool for enhancing your visibility and establishing your professional brand. By publishing articles directly on LinkedIn, you can share your expertise and insights with a broad audience.

This not only helps to establish credibility but also encourages engagement from viewers who can become valuable connections. Regularly sharing high-quality, relevant content can attract the attention of industry leaders and potential clients, thus expanding your professional network.

Marc BishopMarc Bishop
Director, Wytlabs

Create and Promote LinkedIn Events

An extremely underused feature on LinkedIn that can help boost your professional networking is the “LinkedIn Events” feature. This feature enables individuals to create and promote events directly on LinkedIn and provides an opportunity to engage with a professional network more directly. These events can range from a webinar to a virtual coffee meetup, with the main purpose of helping users reach a targeted audience of experts interested in your industry or field.

Creating and promoting events on LinkedIn can boost your professional networking by providing visibility and an engaging platform for your connections and expanding your reach beyond your immediate network.

Andrea CuevasAndrea Cuevas
Marketing Coordinator, Achievable

Personalize Networking with Voice DMs

The DMs on LinkedIn are a very underutilized feature when it comes to networking. Too many people think that the DMs are just for cold sales pitches, which is a huge mistake.

The DMs are a way to make a more personal connection with people in your network that you want to know better. What many people don’t know is that you don’t have to just send a traditional text-based DM. LinkedIn’s DMs allow you to send voice memos and/or video messages.

The majority of users don’t leverage these options, making them a fantastic way to leave a memorable and very personalized impression. Many times, when I send one, I receive a delighted response that I had taught the recipient something new, and they were going to start sending voice and video messages as well.

I highly recommend adding video and audio DMs to your LinkedIn toolkit. They are fun and a real conversation starter.

Melissa Cohen
Founder, MBC Consulting Solutions, LLC

Discover and Message in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are an underused way of discovering like-minded individuals and even potential clients. When well-managed, they provide a safe space to conduct discussions that you might not wish to have in public. And they even allow you to message up to 10 non-connections per month who are also in one of the groups you belong to—a great way to start a conversation without sending an invitation or using an InMail credit.

John EspirianJohn Espirian
Relentlessly Helpful LinkedIn Nerd, Espresso+

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