What are the different types of press releases?


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Types of Press Releases That Are Effective

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What is one type of press release that is effective?

To help you best identify press release types that are most effective, we asked PR managers, journalists and reporters this question for their best insights. From a launch press release to an award press release to a press release of a case study, there are several types of press releases that are deemed effective based on the purpose, occasion and audience.

Here are 11 types of press releases these professionals find effective:

  • A Launch Press Release
  • Event Press Release
  • An Embargoed Press Releases
  • Business Launch Press Release
  • A Rebranding Press Release
  • A Press Release About a New Technology Product or Update
  • An Award Press Release
  • Expert Position Press Release
  • A Press Release to Resolve a Crisis
  • Partnership Press Releases Reassure Stakeholders
  • A Press Release of a Case Study

A Launch Press Release

Launch press releases are an essential part of any product launch. They help to generate excitement and interest in the product, and they can also be used to provide information about the product’s features and benefits. Launch press releases should be written in a clear, concise style that is easy for media outlets to understand and report on. In addition, launch press releases should be timed carefully so that they coincide with the product’s launch date. Businesses find launch press releases to be very effective in generating interest and excitement for their products.

Lorien Strydom, Financer.com

Event Press Release

The effectiveness of a press release depends on timing, placement, and content. But generally, press releases about upcoming events are very effective for your business. This type of promotion gets people excited about your upcoming event and increases attendance and sales. Your release should include all relevant information, including time, location, cost, and any contact information the reader may need.

Jennifer Ayling, Words With Jennifer

An Embargoed Press Release

Embargoed press releases are often used to generate media interest in an upcoming event or product launch. By embargoing a press release, you are essentially guaranteeing that the media will have exclusive access to the story. This can often be a powerful motivator for reporters who are always looking for exclusive content. 

Furthermore, an embargoed press release allows you to control the timing of the story, ensuring that it runs when you want it to. This can be crucial for stories that are time-sensitive or dependent on timing for maximum impact.

By working with media outlets to coordinate their coverage, businesses can ensure that their announcements receive the maximum amount of attention.

Loran Marmes, Medical Solutions Team

Business Launch Press Release

Draft a business launch press release announcing the opening of your new business venture. Explain in detail the newsworthiness of the opening, such as filling in the gaps for products or services or why it stands out from the competition. Provide the location, opening date, and company name. Give an overview of your business and why it would benefit the reader. The release should include quotes showcasing your company’s vision, giving it a human voice. Keep the message focused, giving your audience the necessary information to stir their curiosity to find out more.

Lilian Chen, Bar None Games

A Rebranding Press Release

Rebranding Press Release is the most effective way to engage your audience. That’s because you show your target audience how you’re revamping. This allows you to make new connections and strengthen old ones. That’s because your presence can become mundane over time. People like fresh and innovative ideas that clearly depict a positive image. It creates a brand that aligns with the upcoming market trends. As a result, the company’s direction is out in the open.

Howard Birnbaum, MagikFlame

A Press Release About a New Technology Product or Update

For technology, the most effective press releases are always about a new feature, update, product or service. From tech behemoths like Apple, Google, and Microsoft all the way down to small SaaS brands, the biggest audience draws are novelty and utility for the consumer. An effective press release reveals enough about a product or service so that journalists feel informed and confident when crafting articles for their viewers. But on top of informing the public, we also want to focus on the most exciting aspects of innovation, so that people feel like they have to try it out themselves to really get the full experience.

Adam Bem, Victoria VR

An Award Press Release

An award press release is especially effective at building trust in your brand. It should highlight an award which your company, or an individual member of staff, has received in relation to a business achievement. Winning a respected accolade benefits your brand, identifying your business as an industry leader.

Issuing a press release to share this success will help to establish your business as a strong, successful, and accomplished company. It’s important to use an objective tone when describing the accolade received, and the reasons behind it.

It can help to quote the words of those conferring the honor to avoid sounding boastful. A matter of fact, a humble attitude is helpful here. Be honest but dignified. Written correctly, an award press release emphasizes your business accomplishments. It enhances your credibility, and helps to cement your reputation as a trustworthy, reliable, and respectable business.

Mario Cacciottolo, SBO

Expert Position Press Release

The purpose of this type of press release is to establish the credibility of an individual in their industry and announce their availability for interviews, speaking engagements, etc. Expert position press releases are official statements designed to position the individual or company as a go-to source of information so that the media can contact them for future queries. These press releases highlight these expert sources as crucial points of contact for their respective entities and key representatives of their brands.

Natalia Morozova, Cohen, Tucker & Ades P.C.

A Press Release to Resolve a Crisis

During a PR crisis, press releases can be a useful tool for managing reputation. They offer a chance to break the story early and issue a formal company statement on the circumstance. Make sure you describe what occurred, accept responsibility for your part in it, and describe how your organization intends to offer compensation to people affected. Depending on the severity of the problem and the level of accountability the organization intends to take, your statement’s tone and plan of action will change. Transparency through an official business position puts an end to rumors and guarantees that consumers can rely on your firm as a reliable source of information. Ultimately, rebuilding stakeholder confidence in your brand will depend on defining the crisis and developing a plan for its mitigation.

Kathryn Snapka, The Snapka Law Firm

Partnership Press Releases Reassure Stakeholders

Joining forces often means positive changes for a company and its products. And a partnership press release shows people the synergy between companies to improve an offering to provide customers with a better experience. These press releases also allow you to address any questions stakeholders may have concerning the change.

Doing so offers an opportunity to focus on the positive changes they can anticipate. And quotes explaining the partnership’s value from top executives at both companies can help put their fear of the unknown to rest.

However, as authenticity is essential, ensure these quotes are more than simple platitudes such as “We’re thrilled to be working with…” Tell customers how combining forces will do more for them than having continued on alone.

Jayme Muller, RTA Outdoor Living

A Press Release of a Case Study

One type of press release that is effective is the case study. A case study is a narrative that describes a particular experience or event, as opposed to a traditional report or news article. It can be used to highlight an important or innovative idea, or to demonstrate how your product or service works. A good example of a case study might be reporting on a new product launch and how it was received by customers in the market. This can be done through interviews with the people who used the new product, or through analysis of data from surveys conducted after launch.

Elizabeth Hogan, Integrated Digital Strategies

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