10 Ways To Keep Your Blog Up To Date With Limited Resources


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What is one way to keep your blog up to date with limited time and resources?

To help you keep your blog up to date, we asked experienced bloggers and business leaders this question for their best insights. From using Terkel’s publisher tool for free content to jotting down ideas on the go, there are several ways to keep your blog up to date when you have limited time and resources.

Here are 10 ways to keep your blog up to date with limited resources:

  • Use Terkel’s Publisher Tool
  • Keep Blogs Short and Sweet
  • Make Blogs from Lengthy Posts
  • Write Evergreen Content
  • Update Cornerstone Articles to Keep Blog Fresh
  • Update Or Expand Upon Existing Blog Posts
  • Blogs Keep People Engaged and Coming Back for More
  • ‘Chunk’ It Down
  • Audio/Video Transcription of Existing Meetings
  • Jot Down Ideas On the Go
10 Ways To Keep Your Blog Up To Date With Limited Resources

Use Terkel’s Publisher Tool

Writing blogs is something most of us dread, but they’re important for branding and marketing in general. In my experience, there’s no type of blog post that gets more traction than numbered blogs. For example, “The 10 Best HR Systems of 2021” or “5 Steps for Attracting Better Employees.” I suggest using tools like Terkel which allows you to get full-length articles featuring industry experts quickly. The best part is that you don’t have to scratch your head for hours wondering what to write and it comes off as more authoritative and informative than something you came up with on your own.

Dave Rietsema, Matchr

Keep Your Blog Short and Sweet

the best way to keep your blog up to date is short and sweet posts. These can be just new trends and less than 500 words that are relevant to your audience. It’s also important to keep on a regular schedule some something on the blog every two weeks is a great way to keep your blog relevant, even if the content isn’t long – it will still be useful to your audience.

Loren Howard, Prime Plus Mortgages: Real Estate Note Investing

Make Blogs from Lengthy Posts

If you are spending time on social media posts, and you are writing content that’s getting to paragraph length, switch over to a blog template. Add a Level One heading, throw in some photos, add appropriate links, use your company’s boilerplate at the end–and bam! You have a new blog, which can then be posted on social media. It will only take a few minutes more and then you’ll have multi-platform content.

Lisha Dunlap, University of Advancing Technology

Write Evergreen Content

I am a blogger and I can tell you that as a one-man band, the only way I manage to keep my blog up to date is to write deep, insightful content that never needs to be revisited once completed. This evergreen content will remain relevant throughout the months and years.

There are primarily two ways in which I ensure this:
(1) Avoid putting dates in the body of my blog posts; and
(2) Avoid referring to specific events that are time-sensitive.

By following the steps above, I make sure that with my limited time and resources I am focused mostly on growing my blog rather than spending precious time on keeping it up to date

Mogale Modisane, ToolsGaloreHQ.com

Update Cornerstone Articles to Keep Blog Fresh

Keep cornerstone articles up to date to make your blog fresh and well-optimized. Focus on updating your cornerstone articles more than anything else because these are the content that is the most relevant to you. Focus on these because these are what generate relevant traffic for your site.

Jason White, All About Gardening

Update Or Expand Upon Existing Blog Posts

If you are struggling to come up with new content, look through your older posts to see what was successful and consider updating the post or using that old idea to expand upon and write an entirely new and improved article. Utilizing the ideas you used in that post is an efficient way of garnering engagement since it was successful in the past. This is particularly attractive for SEO purposes, as updating older posts actually improves site viewership. Most of the work has been done already, so take advantage of that!

Adrian Pereira, Eco Pea Co.

Hire a Blog Content Team

Update the blog regularly by hiring professionals who know the subject matter. It helps if those professionals know how to write, but if an editor or content manager is needed, that person needs hours out of the day devoted to keeping the blog clean and updated.
The blog should be treated like a main attraction to your website, otherwise, it’s not worth having. If it’s a health and fitness website, have a nutritionist, physician, or health expert provide content about everything from weight loss to improving sleep. If it’s a real estate blog, invite Realtors from different areas to post listings and/or provide advice on home buying. Two or more bloggers are always better. Multiple voices offer different perspectives and that attracts more users.

Patrick Samy, Span

‘Chunk’ It Down

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received is to ‘chunk’ tasks down to the minutiae, in order to utilize your time wisely. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by having too much to do on a blog (whereby you end up getting nothing done, as you’re too intimidated to start). Once things are cleanly broken out, you can then assign a priority flag to tasks in terms of what will really help move the needle for you – whether your objectives are income, to be seen as a thought leader, to generate sales leads etc. Focus only on the tasks that receive a flag and you’ll save a ton of time, while also adding content to your blog that will truly add value and get you results quicker.

Isabelle Hoyne, Issy’s Escapades

Audio/Video Transcription of Existing Meetings

One way to create a new blog is by utilizing an already existing meeting, conversation or podcast and turning that into a transcription. Whether it be training employees, explaining new tactics to a client you can record the call then use a transcription service (yes there are free ones including built-in Google Docs). So now any conversation you have can be a blog submission. Knowing all your upcoming meetings you can even prepare your calendar based on this and the best part of this is if you state this is a transcription then no one expects picture-perfect grammar in the submission.

Daniel Kamen, Serial Scaling

Jot Down Ideas On the Go

Writing out a blog does not take as much time as it does to come up with new and exciting ideas that you wish to share with readers. This is why preparing the initial content structure takes a considerable amount of time. Add to this the constant back and forth usually involved and you know that writing out a blog post isn’t a quick and easy job after all. One way to get half the work done beforehand is to jot down ideas related to your blog even when you’re on the go. Put down ideas on a notepad if you prefer writing them out, or type them out on your mobile device or laptop. You can even record a quick voice note and save it. With almost all the homework already done, writing the final version is sure to be a speedier affair.

Azmaira Maker, Ph.D., Aspiring Families

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