10 Effective Ways to Improve Customer Engagement in Online Businesses and their Applicability to Other Business Types


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10 Effective Ways to Improve Customer Engagement in Online Businesses and their Applicability to Other Business Types

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10 Effective Ways to Improve Customer Engagement in Online Businesses and their Applicability to Other Business Types

Seeking to ramp up customer engagement for your online venture? We’ve gathered insights from Marketing Specialists to CEOs, revealing their single most effective strategies. From implementing a customer loyalty program to celebrating customer milestones, discover the top ten transformative tactics that could revolutionize engagement across various business models.

  • Implement a Customer Loyalty Program
  • Use Personalized Email Marketing
  • Incorporate Gamification Elements
  • Apply the 80/20 Content Rule
  • Create an Online Community Group
  • Prioritize Personalized Communication
  • Reverse-Engineer Customer Problems
  • Foster a Brand-Centric Online Community
  • Showcase Video Customer Testimonials
  • Celebrate Customer Milestones

Implement a Customer Loyalty Program

One highly effective strategy for improving customer engagement that I’ve seen work across all types of businesses is a customer loyalty program. Structuring incentives that reward customers for behaviors like purchases, reviews, referrals, or even just continued activity cultivates brand allegiance over time.

For e-commerce merchants, a tiered loyalty program that offers free shipping, early access to sales, and special discounts to top customer tiers has increased repeat purchase rates on average. The beauty of loyalty programs is their versatility, though—the underlying psychology of making customers feel valued through perks in exchange for loyalty applies universally. From credit card point rewards driving usage to hotel status lifting accommodation spend and airline mileage boosting partner brand affinity, the rewards for continued engagement compound.

The data visibility loyalty programs provide into purchase habits and pricing thresholds also enables finely tuned personalization that takes relationships to the next level. While digital businesses may find loyalty programs simpler to administrate, brick-and-mortar stores can absolutely adapt the model as well to drive meaningful retention. The potential feels boundless.

Lyn CollantoLyn Collanto
Marketing Specialist, KBA web

Use Personalized Email Marketing

One effective way to improve customer engagement in online businesses is through personalized email marketing. By leveraging data about customer behavior, preferences, and history, you can craft tailored messages that resonate with your audience. This approach goes beyond just addressing the recipient by their name; it’s about sending relevant content at the right time based on their interaction with your brand.

Personalized email marketing can significantly boost open rates, click-through rates, and conversions, leading to increased customer engagement. And yes, this approach can be adapted to other types of businesses, too. Regardless of the industry, understanding your customer and providing value through personalized touchpoints is a universal principle for enhancing engagement.

Remember, the key is to use the data responsibly and ensure you’re respecting your customer’s privacy while personalizing your communication.

Alka GuptaAlka Gupta
Content Marketing Lead, Smartlead.ai

Incorporate Gamification Elements

In one word: gamification. Gamification proves highly effective in boosting customer engagement, applicable to both online and brick-and-mortar businesses. In the online sphere, elements like progress bars and rewards systems within apps incentivize user participation. For example, a fitness app can offer badges for workout milestones. Alternatively, in a brick-and-mortar bookstore, customers could earn points not just by purchasing books but also by participating in book clubs or attending author events, redeemable for exclusive access to in-store experiences.

Karim Bel HadjKarim Bel Hadj
Founder, Njord Star

Apply the 80/20 Content Rule

In social media marketing, the 80/20 rule stresses that only 20% of your content should be promotional, while the other 80% should provide genuine value to your audience in the form of education or entertainment. Because people are more likely to share and interact with content they find valuable, the 80/20 rule is one way online businesses can effectively improve customer engagement.

To find out what kind of content is valuable to your audience, analyze your competitors and recent data to see what’s sparking conversation in your industry. Then, you can offer insightful commentary and capitalize on trending challenges, memes, or hashtags. Other types of businesses can adapt this approach to position themselves as valuable resources and improve engagement. For example, brick-and-mortar stores can try highlighting community initiatives, hosting events, and providing educational materials or experiences related to their business.

Nicole GabrailNicole Gabrail
Marketing Coordinator, Achievable

Create an Online Community Group

An effective strategy to enhance customer engagement in online businesses involves creating an online community group. Platforms like Facebook Groups, WhatsApp, or others serve as spaces where members can freely express opinions and collaborate. This approach fosters a sense of belonging, encourages discussions, and provides valuable insights. The concept of an online community group is adaptable to various businesses, promoting interaction, building relationships, and ensuring customers feel connected to the brand. It’s a versatile approach that strengthens customer engagement across diverse industries.

James EdgeJames Edge
CEO, Dooey

Prioritize Personalized Communication

One effective way to enhance customer engagement in online businesses is by prioritizing personalized communication. Build your interactions based on customer preferences, behavior, and past interactions. This approach builds a sense of connection and shows customers that you understand their needs. Additionally, celebrating customers’ traditional holidays showcases cultural awareness, creating inclusivity and a friendly atmosphere.

Khrystyna PolotninakoKhrystyna Polotninako
Head of Growth, Generative AI Expert, Elai

Reverse-Engineer Customer Problems

I’ve found that one of the most effective ways to improve customer engagement in my online businesses has been to reverse-engineer people’s problems and commonly asked questions. My business, service, or product is the answer to their problem, so what I want to do is use language that humanizes and personalizes what they are going through. I’ve found with my clients as well that this is highly effective. You go from building a business on what you think sells and works to using empathy and engaging with the very problems your customers actually face. They want to engage in the solution.

Matthew SanjariMatthew Sanjari
Founder and Business Coach, PRIME Consulting

Foster a Brand-Centric Online Community

Here’s the scoop: Creating a dedicated online community around your brand can work wonders. This involves establishing forums, discussion groups, or social media spaces where customers can not only connect with your brand but also interact with each other. It goes beyond transactional relationships; it’s about fostering a sense of belonging.

The key is to curate content that sparks conversations. Pose questions, share behind-the-scenes glimpses, and encourage customers to share their experiences. This not only humanizes your brand but also transforms the customer-business relationship into a community-driven experience.

Now, can this approach be adaptable to other types of businesses? Absolutely. The concept of community-building transcends industries. Whether you’re in e-commerce, healthcare, or tech services, creating a space for your audience to engage and share experiences is universally applicable.

Let’s break it down with an example. If you’re in the healthcare sector, you can establish online forums where patients share their wellness journeys, exchange tips, and support each other. This not only enhances customer engagement but also contributes to a positive brand perception.

Similarly, in the tech world, creating a community where users can discuss software tips, troubleshoot issues, and share success stories can significantly enhance customer engagement. It becomes a hub for knowledge exchange, with your brand at the center.

The adaptability lies in the core human desire for connection and shared experiences. People want to feel a part of something larger than themselves, and this approach taps into that fundamental need. Whether you’re selling products, offering services, or providing solutions, building a community around your brand creates a powerful bond that goes beyond transactions.

Alex AdekolaAlex Adekola
CEO, Founder, Remove My Mugshot

Showcase Video Customer Testimonials

Share social proof through customer testimonials. A HubSpot survey showed that 53% of customers favor video content, proving video testimonials align with the audience’s content format preference. Thus, it has a better chance of enhancing your customer engagement. At Torokhity Weightlifting, we share video testimonials from participants in our seminars. We show their satisfaction working with us, which is evidence for our target audience and guarantees our program’s effectiveness. Within the first five months of using video testimonials, the average time visitors spent on our website grew by 45%, and our conversion rates spiked by 24%. Video testimonials connect with customers on a personal level. They humanize the online experience and demonstrate the impact of your product or service in a relatable way. Since video testimonials have universal appeal, all businesses, irrespective of industry, can use them to provide a narrative that engages their customers.

Oleksiy TorokhtiyOleksiy Torokhtiy
Founder, Torokhtiy Weightlifting

Celebrate Customer Milestones

Everyone loves to reach milestones, no matter what it’s for. I think many businesses can benefit from implementing progress-tracking features that allow customers to monitor their achievements or milestones within your platform. Acknowledging and celebrating these milestones can create a sense of accomplishment and loyalty.

In addition, milestones act as motivators, encouraging customers to stay engaged with a product or service. The prospect of reaching a milestone can keep customers invested in their journey, leading to increased usage and interaction. Progress tracking also has the ability to educate customers about the features and capabilities of a product or service. As customers progress, they may discover new functionalities or aspects of the offering, increasing their understanding and usage.

Ray WangRay Wang
Principal, RW Digital

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