Who is the weirdest person in the world?


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Who is the weirdest person in the world?

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Who is the weirdest person in the world?

From Elon Musk to yourself, here are 5 answers to the question, “Who is the weirdest person in the world?”

  • Elon Musk
  • Sarodj Bertin and Johnathan P Swift
  • Michel Lotito (known as Monsieur Mangetout)
  • Tarrare, the French Spy
  • It May Be You!

Elon Musk

As of today, one of the weirdest individuals in the world is also one of the most famous ones – Elon Musk. Everyone has heard about Mr. Musk, and his famous purchase of Twitter certainly makes him the weirdest. The whole situation around the popular social media platform is a hot topic, and everyone seems to be weirded out by what is happening and what might happen in the future, both near and far.

Natalia Brzezinska, Marketing and Outreach Manager, PhotoAiD

Sarodj Bertin and Johnathan P Swift

The weirdest person in the world is a matter of opinion, as everyone’s definition of “weird” may differ. However, there are some people who stand out among the rest for their unique behavior. Some of the weirdest people in the world include:

  1. The “Human Paperclip” – Sarodj Bertin, a model and social media personality, who gained notoriety for her habit of wearing clothes made entirely out of paperclips.
  1. The Inventor of “Gothic Pasta” – Johnathan P. Swift, a self-proclaimed “gothic chef” who has gone viral for his creations of macabre dishes such as tentacles made out of pasta.

Aviad Faruz, CEO, FARUZO

Michel Lotito (known as Monsieur Mangetout)

The weirdest person I’ve ever heard of is Michel Lotito (known as Monsieur Mangetout). He was a Frenchman who became famous for deliberately consuming indigestible objects. Since the age of nine, he regularly ate metal, glass, and rubber. Lotito’s odd meals resulted from a disorder called pica – eating or craving things that are not food. He turned his unusual appetite into a career as an entertainer.

During the shows, the audience could see him consuming different bizarre objects – bikes, TV sets, airplane fragments, and many more. By October 1997, Monsieur Mangetout had eaten nearly 9 tons of metal. He said that hard-boiled eggs and bananas made him sick. Michel Lotito died of natural causes in 2007 at age 57.

Agata Szczepanek, Community Manager, LiveCareer

Tarrare, the French Spy

Tarrare, the French spy who consumed everything in one sitting, gets my pick. He was a fascinating individual who appeared unremarkable at first. He was a Frenchman with an average build who was born in 1772. He might have fit in with the crowd without his unusually wide lips.

Tarrare was known for his insatiable appetite. He was rumored to be able to consume all the flesh in his body in a single day. The only side effect of his “diet” was a slight tummy bloat following meals, which would subside once nature took its course. His wide mouth and thin lips only partially hid his huge, heavily discolored teeth. When his jaw was completely extended, it is reported that his mouth measured about four inches from tooth to tooth.

David reid, Sales Director, VEM-Tooling Co. Ltd.

It May Be You!

The weirdest person in the world is the one who doesn’t think there is something weird about them. We all have something quirky, odd, and different about ourselves. But if everyone “had it all together,” what good would that be?

We have to be okay with the weirdness of one another which ultimately enhances the world. Maybe you have a weird habit. If it’s safe and not hurting yourself or those around you, have at it. If it helps you become the best version of yourself, have at it. And I understand that there’s a fine line between what one deems as “safe” or the opposite. But I say be weird.

Be bold in your weirdness. Whether you eat something funny, listen to an off type of music, love to watch a specific type of movie, or like to dance in tomato paste. It’s nobody’s business how you operate in your weird genius. Just make sure you let nothing and no one depletes the authenticity of you!

Ebony M. Walker, Owner and Senior Writer, Walk UpWrite

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