Who is the Best Push Notification Service Provider?


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Who is the Best Push Notification Service Provider?

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Who is the Best Push Notification Service Provider?

From AWS Pinpoint to Firebase Cloud Messaging, here are six answers to the question, "Who is the best push notification service provider?"

  • AWS Pinpoint
  • MoEngage
  • Pushwoosh
  • PushAssist
  • OneSignal
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging

AWS Pinpoint

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Pinpoint is a cloud-based push notification service provided by Amazon. It is scalable and flexible for businesses.

AWS Pinpoint provides a range of features to help businesses effectively reach and engage with their customers, including:

– Customer Segmentation. Pinpoint allows companies to segment their audience based on customer behavior, interests, and demographics, allowing them to send targeted and relevant messages to specific groups.

– Campaign Management. Pinpoint provides a simple and intuitive interface for businesses to create, manage, and optimize push notification campaigns.

– Multi-channel support. Pinpoint supports multiple communication channels, including push notifications, SMS messages, and emails, allowing businesses to reach customers through the most convenient channel.

Overall, it has a highly available infrastructure, making it possible to send millions of notifications in real time.

Peter BrylaPeter Bryla
Community Manager, ResumeLab


MoEngage offers a range of powerful features to ensure customers receive push notifications efficiently, under their site preferences and interests. It also provides customer segmentation capabilities to ensure notifying the most relevant customers. Customer experience precision delivery is guaranteed by MoEngage's reliable infrastructure and global presence for robust delivery of push notifications.

MoEngage's best-in-class interface makes managing and customizing customer engagements easy with its intuitive UI elements. Finally, its knowledgeable customer success team provides overall personalized support or any technical help required to use MoEngage's services to the maximum. All these features make MoEngage the ideal choice for those looking for an efficient, user-friendly, and reliable push notification service provider.

Jim CampbellJim Campbell
Owner, Camp Media


Pushwoosh is the fastest and most advanced push notification provider I know. You can reach out to your customers with personalized and engaging messages at every stage of the relationship.

The platform allows you to segment your base to approach each target group differently. What's also great is that cross-channel delivery makes it easier than ever to reach your customers via web notifications, mobile, in-app, or email.

By using Pushwoosh and its standout features, marketers gain the flexibility they need to create and deliver messaging campaigns.

Agata SzczepanekAgata Szczepanek
Community Manager, LiveCareer


Boost customer engagement by creating high-quality push notifications that your customers appreciate. PushAssist is an easy-to-use push notification platform for small businesses. The app has features that allow you to track your audience's behavior and provide them with relevant information. You can also segment notifications based on parameters like behavior, location, interest, and age.

It has multiple plan options to accommodate every level of business, with the basic plan being free. PushAssist is an excellent way to connect directly with your user base, driving more retention and high conversions.

Preston PowellPreston Powell
CEO, Webserv


With OneSignal, usage is cost-free. Similar to Google or Facebook, OneSignal is free to use because of the information your notifications give them; however, they won't send your users ads. Besides sending email notifications, you can send push notifications on mobile devices, websites, and apps.

If you want to use mobile apps to distribute push alerts for both the web and mobile devices, OneSignal is the best option. We deeply integrate our mobile apps with OneSignal when we create them for news agencies, online companies, and leading e-commerce brands. This gives the users complete freedom to send push notifications in how best suits their requirements.

Daniel ThompsonDaniel Thompson
Co-Founder, Salt Water Digital

Firebase Cloud Messaging

The best push notifications service provider is definitely Firebase Cloud Messaging, by Google. It supports push notifications to Android, iOS, and web browsers.

Some handy features include easy integration with Firebase Analytics and Firebase Dynamic Links, foreground and background app notification delivery, a user engagement dashboard to track notification performance, unlimited free push notifications, and an API that's easy to understand and implement.

The reliability and feature richness of FCM makes it an excellent option for all developers. Hope that helps!

Ralitsa DodovaRalitsa Dodova
Content Writer, BuzzLogic

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