Which freelancing skills are in demand?


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which freelancing skills are in demand

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What freelancing skills are most in demand?

From SEO consulting to strategic curiosity, here are the 14 answers to the question, “What is one freelancing skill that is in high demand?”

  • SEO Consulting
  • Life Coaching
  • Graphic Design
  • Data Analytics
  • Web Development and Related Skills
  • Communication and Connection
  • Talented Photography
  • B2B Copywriting
  • Student Application Essay Revision
  • Ghostwriting
  • Reading Between the Lines
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Strategic Curiosity

SEO Consulting

Many brands aren’t in the place to make an enormous investment in search engine optimization. However, they know SEO is an essential part of the recipe for success in the modern business world.

There are many ways CEOs can carve time into their schedules to accomplish important SEO tasks—like keyword research and link-building. Today, many SEO consultants work freelance to share their expertise on strategies to get found online.

Michael Green , Co-Founder, Winona

Life Coaching

There is a growing demand for life coaches who can help people identify their goals and create action plans for achieving them. If you have experience in mentoring or counseling, consider freelancing as a life coach. You can use your skills to make a positive difference in people’s lives while earning a good income. There are many online platforms where you can find clients, so getting started is easy. And, as your business grows, you may even hire other coaches to help you meet the increasing demand.

Jimmy Minhas , Founder & CEO, GerdLi

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the visual representation of a brand, message, or purpose using memorable, effective, and aesthetically beautiful images. They quickly capture the attention of the consumers while developing thoughts, visuals, and layouts for companies to sell their products. Signage, logos, advertisements, labels, and exhibitions from either analog or digital technologies are common jobs.

Andrew Griffith , Owner, Garden Furniture.

Data Analytics

Nowadays, there are hundreds of data points businesses can use to grow their sales and profit margin. However, most business owners don’t have the time or required skills to do it consistently. Naturally, they turn to hire people with good data analytics skills.

Lots of small businesses are looking to hire freelance data analysts over full-time employees because they only need them for a small amount of time each week. This allows the freelancer to get multiple clients and boost their income.

The trend is only rising and will most likely continue to grow in that direction. The best thing is that one can learn data analytics skills in a few months and start earning a reasonable amount.

Khanh Tran , Growth Manager, Villa Finder

Web Development and Related Skills

The pandemic has pushed many businesses into the online world. Hence, this opened an enormous career opportunity for people who know how to develop websites, maintain them, and push traffic into them.

This is very useful as an excellent website can drastically increase a business’s online presence, ‌further increasing the chance of getting more views, clicks, and customer conversion. WIth that, anything related to web development is of high value nowadays.

Jeff Moore , CEO, Everyday Power

Communication and Connection

One of the essential skills that a freelancer cannot do without is communication. When customers come to you via email or phone, the first thing you should do is respond quickly. Because customers are people who bring you job opportunities. If you respond slowly, and indifferently, the opportunity may come to someone else.

Jennie Miller , Co-Founder, MIDSS

Talented Photography

Photographers that tell interesting stories with their evocative photos are in high demand. Advertisers and entrepreneurs in a myriad of niches are in search of talent that can help them capture moments that sell products.

Said moments are used across social platforms and marketing materials. Therefore, those that have a knack for taking pictures that tell stories and demand attention should have little problem finding freelance work!

Kenneth Lin , CEO, BOOP Bakery

B2B Copywriting

There is a high demand for B2B copywriting, especially in FinTech, Technology, and Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals sectors. Companies are looking for a mix of content marketing, PR, SEO, reports, and thought leadership pieces.

eBooks are also becoming more popular across all B2B sectors, particularly in the manufacturing and building products sectors. A good copywriter will be an expert researcher and be able to write engaging copy that tells a story, builds a brand, and persuades the reader to take action.

Ruth Taylor , Freelance Copywriter & Marketer, Ruth Taylor Marketing

Student Application Essay Revision

Many international students are interested in applying to schools in an English-speaking country, such as the US, Canada, Australia, or the UK. However, very few of them are actually good at writing in English. Thus, there is a market for proofreading and editing essays for schools.

The tricky thing is, there are a lot of people who think that because they’re native English speakers that they’re capable of helping international students improve their writing.

Unless you’re good at also reworking the structure and flow of an essay while keeping the tone and voice the same, this isn’t a job for you. Remember, Grammarly can fix major mistakes too, and it’s free.

Beverly Gearreald , Product & Operations Lead, Transizion


There’s always a demand for a talented writer and especially someone who can explain complex or “jargon-y” topics like a medical, science, or tech storyteller does.

Try to write about your domain of expertise, under your own byline, at least once a month—it’s a great way to establish your thought leadership and generate inbound leads. And, as in-house marketing budgets are always cut in a recession, there will be increased demand for freelance ghostwriters.

Just make sure if you are watering someone else’s garden this way that you charge more. Always remember your work, your byline and your brand are your greatest assets as a freelancer, so be sure to balance any ghostwriting with your own credited work.

Jennifer Riggins , Culture Tech Storyteller, The New Stack

Reading Between the Lines

Many freelancers are good at their operational tasks and can meet customer needs satisfactorily if they are well briefed. However, many struggle in sales. One lever for project success is the ability to better understand your client.

Think about when the client is successful, how success is measured, and how important the project must be to them. Try to find out how likely a follow-up project is by inspecting the organization behind your client. And above all, read between the lines.

All these factors cannot necessarily be answered honestly in client calls, but can rather be asked informally in marginal notes. This is done through proximity to the customer and background information. Ultimately, this helps you to sell your work in the best way.

Felix Willikonsky , Owner, Social & Comms Freelancer, Friends And Foxes Social Content

Social Media Marketing

Social media has an immense demand. And there are so many things you can do, from creating content for brands to planning content calendars or doing community management.

I believe the biggest reason is that a ton of brands realize the importance of being online because it is the marker we use to check out before we buy.

So my best advice is to find out what area of social media you excel in. Is it nurturing relationships online, creating content, or writing?

Amanda Melissa , Content Strategist

Emotional Intelligence

As a freelancer, I am mostly engaged in services that provide clients with insight and knowledge, very often in building relationships and understanding their own and others’ emotions.

Emotional intelligence is a skill that is high in demand, both in working with individuals or teams, especially nowadays when remote work is usual and connectivity is diminished.

Coaching sessions with clients provide a fresh perspective on matters, safe space, focus, and a lot of new questions from various corners in order to dig into their own wisdom and find new solutions to the challenges they are facing.

Whereas developing emotional intelligence helps them understand and manage emotions better, both within themselves and in others. Developing our emotional intelligence reflects all aspects of our lives and the roles we hold in them, making us better citizens of the world.

Zeljka Kosanski , HR Consultant & Leader, Bornfight

Strategic Curiosity

When I meet a potential client, I ask them about the assignment, but I also try to understand their broader business goals. That way, my work is better tailored to their needs and more impactful in the long run. I also make myself more valuable: knowledge of different markets is a significant reason to hire a freelancer!

Marlène Courtiol , Freelance Tech Recruiter, MCO Human Resources

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