What’s it like working in a call center?


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What's it like working in a call center?

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What’s it like working in a call center?

From being chaotic to having to meet different expectations, here are six answers to the question, “What’s it like working in a call center?”

  • It’s a Journey Through Chaos and Automation
  • They Can Be Challenging and Rewarding
  • There Are Many Hectic Days
  • It Provides a Lot of Learning Opportunities
  • They Require Excellent Time Management
  • They All Have Different Expectations

It’s a Journey Through Chaos and Automation

When you walk into the room, there’s a lot of chaos—it’s almost like walking into an ant’s nest. I thought this impression would change with time, but honestly, working in a call center was the worst job of my life.

You call people who are not interested 90% of the time and they treat you like you’re a computer-generated voice. The other 10% get annoyed while talking with you because the “10-minute survey” already takes 15 minutes, so they want to hang up.

After a week of working, it becomes more manageable, and you can work automatically while watching a movie or reading a book—and it’s not an exaggeration. Like many of my contacts, I always thought this meant that I was, in fact, becoming a computer.

Natalia Brzezinska, Marketing and Outreach Manager, PhotoAiD

They Can Be Challenging and Rewarding

The fast-paced and high-pressure environment requires excellent communication skills and the ability to handle difficult customers.

You may deal with a high volume of calls and long hours, but the satisfaction of resolving customer issues can make it worth it.

The company culture and management will affect your overall experience, so it is important to choose a call center that aligns with your values.

The role also offers opportunities for professional growth and advancement within the company.

However, it can be monotonous, ‌so a strong work ethic and positive attitude are necessary to succeed. In conclusion, working in a call center can be a unique experience that tests your skills, but also provides opportunities for growth and satisfaction.

Samantha Odo, Real Estate Expert and COO, Precondo

There Are Many Hectic Days

Call centers can be hard places to work. They’re known for their less-than-stellar work policies, high turnover rates, and general lack of polish.

A majority of these things are true. One call center may handle business for several companies, so you won’t find too much variance in the level of quality just because you work under a different name.

You can expect long days, quotas, and high-performance demands. Once you add in potentially disgruntled customers, it becomes quickly apparent why call center work is not a job that many people want to stay at long-term.

They should almost always treat call center work as a transitional job opportunity. It can help you get by when times are tough, but it is not the place you want your career to end.

Max Ade, CEO, Pickleheads

It Provides a Lot of Learning Opportunities

I started my career working in a call center. Working in a call center can be a great experience. You get to interact with a wide range of people from all walks of life and help them with their various needs.

The environment is often fast-paced and exciting. You also get to hone your communication and problem-solving skills.

It’s rewarding to help someone, and you can build meaningful relationships with customers. On the downside, it can be stressful and you might deal with difficult customers. Overall, though, it can be a very rewarding job if you are up to the challenge.

Ben Bašić, CEO, RouterIPNet

They Require Excellent Time Management

Working in a call center during college was a great learning experience. I learned all about managing time by having to juggle taking customer calls while keeping up with college assignments and studies.

It can be challenging, ‌but it really helped me develop organizational skills that I now use in my daily life.

It also helped me become more confident on the phone and in dealing with people, as it provides you lots of opportunities to practice talking to customers about their concerns and allocating resources to address them.

Taimur Khan, Operations Manager, Liverpool First Aid Course

They All Have Different Expectations

Management structures call centers tightly and agents must meet certain metrics. I spent time in two high-volume call centers, but the differences between the two were night and day, primarily because of the size of the center itself and the supervisors plus their managers.

At the first, it was more formal, and agents had to take a certain number of calls in a shift, solve concerns in a defined period, and cross- and upsell services.

The second was more relaxed in that we still had to answer calls and handle customer needs within certain parameters, but the product/service didn’t involve as many angry callers.

To be successful as a contact center agent, be sure you can sit in one place for a few hours at a time. Be prepared to notify the leads if you need a bathroom break and to only take breaks at scheduled intervals. Make sure you have the constitution to deal with customers who could have a terrible day.

Heather Asiyanbi, Owner, Pens and Proof

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