What do you get from working with a career coach?


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working with a career coach

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What is one takeaway that you have from working with a career coach?

From anchors and motivation to less formal engagement, here are the 11 answers to the question, “What are the most helpful takeaways that you have from working with a career coach?”

  • Anchors and Motivation
  • Confidence in My Executive Presence
  • Never Stop Learning
  • Set Clear and Specific Goals
  • Remove Mental Limitations
  • Motivate More Networking
  • Unexpected Feedback
  • Reduce Negative Perfectionism
  • Reveal More Honesty
  • Build a Personal Brand
  • Consistent, Meaningful Engagement

Anchors and Motivation

My big takeaway from working with a career coach was the idea of “anchors” and “motivation.” My coach helped me realize that I was holding on to other people’s goals for myself and that I needed to let those go in order to anchor myself in the things that motivate me.

Career anchors are the things you want in the future that will motivate you to get there. For me, those included travel, creative projects, and stability, and they helped me narrow down my job search to find the right roles. Once you’ve got your anchors, you also need to let go of other people’s expectations for you, so that you can focus on what you want. That way, you can stay motivated to achieve your goals.

Matthew Ramirez, CEO, Rephrasely

Confidence in My Executive Presence

Early in my senior leadership experience, I felt insecure and uncertain of whether or not I deserved to be there. I spent time working with an executive coach who helped me realize that my career experience and leadership ability had helped me earn my “seat at the table.”

A career coach helped me realize my own value which changed my confidence level as an executive.

Logan Mallory, Vice President of Marketing, Motivosity

Never Stop Learning

Working with a career coach has been an incredible experience. The best takeaway that I have gleaned from our sessions together is that you never stop learning; there’s always something new to learn, something relevant to tackle, and something professional to help lead you to success.

This one crucial concept was exactly what I needed to remind myself: the journey of life and career requires growth and reinvention if you want to remain productive and meaningful in your goals. Having this knowledge keeps me motivated within my path and invigorated when presented with challenges or difficulties.

Lorien Strydom, Executive Country Manager, Financer.com

Set Clear and Specific Goals

One takeaway that I have from working with my coach is the importance of setting clear and specific goals for my career. My career coach helped me to identify my strengths, values, and passions, and then encouraged me to set specific goals that aligned with those things.

By setting clear goals, I was able to focus my efforts and make progress toward my desired career path (corporate hosting).

I also learned the value of regularly reviewing and adjusting my goals as my career and personal circumstances changed.

Will Gill, Event Entertainer, DJ Will Gill

Working with a career coach has helped me to have a more structured and purposeful approach to my career development. A game changer, highly recommended! – Will Gill, Event Entertainer, DJ Will Gill

Remove Mental Limitations

I worked with a career coach for two years—a Sales Leadership Executive Coach—when my career pivoted into a sales role.One of my biggest takeaways was by learning the ins and outs of a trade, it removed the mental limitations I had placed on myself. The guidance of a true professional encouraged me to push the boundaries of what I was capable of.Beyond brainstorming and tactical learning, having a career coach allowed me to expand my horizons and relate better to others by gaining new perspectives on business. I highly recommend looking into coaching services!

Roman Villard, Founder, Full Send Finance

Motivate More Networking

You might have memories of high school when you hear the word “homework,” but that shouldn’t be the case. I made sure I gave them the proper time and attention because my career coach gave me projects to accomplish, from something as easy as contacting a local contact to creating a list of activities I hate, like, and love. I was able to reflect on myself and go deeper within myself by completing the weekly homework. Each week, when I finished the assigned reading, it prepared me for our next meeting by giving us a topic to discuss.

I looked at several potential career transitions while working with my career coach. I could focus on exactly what I did and did not want to do in my next career by speaking with experts in each sector. My time working with a career coach motivated me to set up meetings and make connections with other people.

Andrew Griffith, Owner, Garden Furniture.

Unexpected Feedback

You might get feedback from a career coach that you weren’t expecting. Workplace feedback, whether requested or not, is widespread. We all need to hone the skill of effectively receiving both positive and negative comments.

Be receptive to criticism and pay attention to what your career coach is telling you; if required, seek clarification. Working through issues and concerns should be the main emphasis of your time together; maintaining these discussions will be made easier by clarity.

I talked about selling with my career coach as we looked into other careers. I’ve always been drawn to more artistic sectors, but throughout our discussions, sales responsibilities kept coming up. I was able to see that I am not drawn to sales for a reason—and that’s great—thanks to input from my career coach.

Shad Elia, CEO, New England Home Buyers

Reduce Negative Perfectionism

The greatest takeaway I have from working with a career coach is that in the long run, the “all-or-nothing” approach leads nowhere good. I used to set impossible standards for myself. At work, I accepted nothing but perfection. I kept rejecting the fact that for human beings, perfection is unattainable.

When I wasn’t satisfied with the results of my work, I could spend long hours correcting everything dozens of times. The tasks I completed had to be absolutely flawless. Otherwise, I preferred not to deliver them at all. Also, this approach stopped me from taking on new projects. I was afraid of failing or not being good enough at them.Working overnight, and not getting enough sleep, I grew more and more frustrated. That was me when I started sessions with a career coach. Thanks to them, I understand now that such an attitude can cause problems at work. Negative perfectionism leads to professional burnout, motivation decrease, and lower self-esteem. It’s not worth it, trust me.

Agata Szczepanek, Community Manager, LiveCareer

Reveal More Honesty

I looked at a number of potential career transitions throughout my time working with my career coach. Along the way, I focused on exactly what I did and did not want to do in my next career by speaking with experts in each sector.

I took action thanks to the career coach I worked with; she provided me with the push I needed to set up meetings and network.

Working with a career coach requires being open and honest, and you won’t get very far otherwise. The more details your coach is aware of, the better. You might not be prepared to work with a career coach if you’re not ready to be entirely honest.

Seth Larson, Owner & CEO, 1st Key Homebuyers

Build a Personal Brand

I have had the pleasure of working with several career coaches all throughout my work life. I have learned a lot and indeed discovered my potential through the advice of my coaches. But perhaps one area I am really thankful for is all the help I’ve got in building my own personal brand.

A good career coach can help you with this process. Additionally, career coaches have helped me be intentional about the skills I want to learn and add to my portfolio. It’s not always about learning the hottest trend or skill out there. It’s also ensuring that your skills enhance your professional image and brand in the long run.

Jennie Miller, Co-Founder, MIDSS

Distinguishing yourself in a crowded job market is no easy task, and while personal brands take time to build, they are truly worth the time and effort once everything takes off. – Jennie Miller, Co-Founder, MIDSS

Consistent, Meaningful Engagement

My big takeaway from working with a career coach is that engaging, “human” methods are the most efficient. Frequent and quick insights and coaching increase engagement and productivity.

My experience was with an individual that analyzed my situation with empathy, relatability, and a more relaxed style, which helped me to open up more about my wants and needs.

I pull from these experiences to provide quick check-ins and employee reviews for consistent, and meaningful engagement, as opposed to standard, performance reviews, summaries, and self-assessments.

Dakota McDaniels, Chief Product Officer, Pluto

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