What are the best blogging courses?


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Best Blogging Courses to Earn Money Online

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What are the best blogging courses?

Are blogging courses worth it? From Blogging 101: Build a Successful Blog in 2022 and Beyond to Vanderbilt Bootstrap Classes on Blogging, here are 13 answers to the best blogging courses online:

  • Blogging 101: Build a Successful Blog in 2022 and Beyond
  • Growth Machine
  • Blogging Masterclass Offered Through SkillShare
  • Create and Go by Alex and Lauren
  • Built to Blog by Ryan Robison
  • Superstar Blogging by Nomadic Matt
  • Intentional Blogging Offered on Clickfunnel.com
  • Writing a Compelling Blog Post by Starshine Roshell
  • Introduction to Blogging by IIM Skills
  • Project 24 by Income School
  • Shout University Course on Blogging
  • Blogging Masterclass Offered on Udemy
  • Vanderbilt Bootstrap Classes on Blogging

Blogging 101: Build a Successful Blog in 2022 and Beyond

At $190, Blogging 101: Build a Successful Blog in 2022 and Beyond is a great all inclusive course suited for beginners eager to get their feet wet. It’s only a couple of hours which makes it digestible and it covers all the basics of blogging such as getting started with wordpress, what plugins to use, how to take advantage of email marketing, and how to eventually monetize your blog. It’s got everything you need to get started.

Ubaldo Perez, Hush Anesthetic

Growth Machine

You can have courses that teach you about how to create great content for your blog but it will do little good if nobody sees it, and this is why Growth Machine is such an effective blogging course. Getting people to visit your blog is a mixture of SEO algorithms and impactful content that drives interests, however, many blog courses fail to touch on all factors. The Growth Machine course developers show you the methods they used to grow from nothing to 150,000 organic site visits a month in less than a year. Through strategies that touch on SEO, to how to identify trends, to setting up your analytics, Growth Machine is an all encompassing blogging course. If you want to cover the entire gamut of how to build your blog’s structure as well as its following, then Growth Machine is an excellent choice.

Cody Candee, Bounce

Blogging Masterclass Offered Through SkillShare

A blogging course is available online through the SkillShare learning management system called “Blogging Masterclass.” There are 82 classes in all, with a total running time of almost three hours. The course modules cover a variety of topics, such as naming and branding your blog, why you should use WordPress, content research tools, how to create catchy headlines, how to set up your blog for SEO, how to come up with content ideas, and how to get influencers to share your material. A class project for the course gives you the opportunity to select a niche, launch your WordPress blog, and post your first piece of content. Beginners will find The Blogging Masterclass to be an accessible online course on blogging. Brad Merrill, the lecturer, has a wealth of marketing and blogging experience. In 2010, he launched his own technology blog, which he quickly expanded into a sizable publication with more than 500,000 readers per month. He distills all the information he has learned concisely.

Raviraj Hegde, Donorbox

Create and Go by Alex and Lauren

Alex and Lauren are the creators of Create and Go, a blogging course that taught me how to convert traffic to sales through writing. From the very first couple of months, the training assists you in earning more than $1,000 every month. The best thing is that the training won’t make you a scientific expert, which will help you launch a successful blogging profession. The course contains practical advice from the WordPress team, who discovered many of its valuable lessons. You’ll learn why it’s crucial to produce material that people want to read rather than just information you think they’ll enjoy. That, I say, can induce a significant impact not only on your income but also on your readers. 

Brian Hong, Big Easy Roofing

Brian Hong blogger

Built to Blog by Ryan Robison

Without a doubt the best blogging course currently on the market has to be Built to Blog: Get Your First 10,000 readers and generate a six-figure blogging income by Ryan Robinson. With over 10 hours of video lectures, Ryan really takes you through each of the important steps from picking your niche, setting up your website, writing your firsts posts, and using SEO hacks to generate real organic traffic. It won’t be an overnight success, but if you put in the work and follow Ryan’s well sought out structure and are serious about starting a blog of your own it might just be the best decision you’ve made all year.

Patrick Robinson, Paskho

Superstar Blogging by Nomadic Matt

My personal favorite blogging course is Superstar Blogging by Nomadic Matt. Matt is an example of someone who lives the nomadic traveler’s dream, sustaining a lifestyle of adventure through writing from a laptop on the road. He has been championing this way of doing things since 2008 and is a great resource to have if you too are thinking about starting your blogging journey, At $249 for his course, it is an affordable entry price for anyone serious about giving blogging a try.

Michael Burghoffer, PicoSolutions

Intentional Blogging Offered on Clickfunnel.com

This blogging course is available on clickfunnel.com and its format is quite distinctive. Each day for 12 days, you’ll receive an email with a topic you may use that day. It begins with lessons on the proper way to start blogging and then covers topics like choosing your blog’s purpose and voice, optimizing your material for search results, guest posting, and structuring. It keeps the habit of writing alive and consistent for the12 days of the course. Thus, it imparts the practice of working on your blogs every day with its daily lessons. Daily writing also ensures that you think about your content in more detail. The course is available for $197 and requires you to be a member of the website.

Louis Russell, Kuhamia

Louis Russell blogging courses

Writing a Compelling Blog Post by Starshine Roshell

Starshine Roshell is an award-winning journalist. In addition to writing, Starshine is a professor of journalism, a syndicated columnist, and a travel writer. This 45-minute on-demand video course is available on LinkedIn Learning. The course material covers topics including maintaining concentration, consistency, blog post length, and calls to action. For students to truly benefit from this course, they also offer downloadable materials and class discussions. LinkedIn Learning provides lifetime access, a completion certificate, Continuing Education credits, and even a free trial if you’re a new student. Bloggers of all levels can learn from this course. Enroll in this great blogging course to start creating intriguing blog articles!

Kurt Uhlir, kurtuhlir

Introduction to Blogging by IIM Skills

The satisfying skills that are needed for blogging are found in the course procured by IIM Skills. The features provided are alluring. It is completely online so that the students save time on travel. Live time access is available which is an excellent choice and the burden of the deadline is removed. The best industry experts bestow their lectures. The excellent part of the company is that it provides a 100% money-back protocol. This blogging course teaches you the skills you need to be a successful blogger. These skills include writing, editing, and promoting your blog. It will also teach you how to use social media to promote your blog. Also how to monetize it. Inhouse internship programs along with the job facility are a major attraction. The future of the students who join this course is bright.

Lokesh Pant, Bargainairticket

Project 24 by Income School

Blogging, like any skill, requires practice and experimentation. You need to figure out your writing style and type of content. The internet is abundant with courses that offer guidance. The Project 24 course by Income School is best for beginners. The Project 24 course is a collection of courses ranging from blogging to affiliate marketing. The blogging topic has 15 courses in it. They cover areas such as selecting a niche, creating content for it, and how to make money from it. The course has vast material and is easy to follow. It is simple and straightforward. The lack of technical jargon also makes it the best choice for beginners. It acts as a guide into the world of online niche blogging.

Tali Ditye, DITYE LLC

what are some blogging courses online tali ditye

Shout University Course on Blogging

Being the MD of the company, I recommended this course to my employees on the SEO side of things and they seemed to love it. I went with Harsh Agrawal because he is a seasoned blogger and his course Shout University had great ratings. The goal of this course is to support young bloggers in starting their businesses. The course is the result of six effective courses that cover every aspect of blogging, marketing, and earning money online. The majority of blogging courses merely touch on the fundamentals of blogging. However, the Shout University course is made to help you not just learn the fundamentals but also make money from blogging.

Jay Soni, Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Blogging Masterclass Offered on Udemy

I did this course during my blogging journey and it helped me gain great insights. Brad Merrill offers a 3.5-hour masterclass course titled “Blogging Masterclass” on Udemy. This course covers tried-and-true methods for creating a profitable and effective blog. The 85 video lectures in the course cover everything from the most basic website setup to monetizing your blog and earning money from it. Since it is designed for beginners, you will benefit the most from it if you are someone who is absolutely unfamiliar with the idea of blogging and has no prior experience.

Hamza Usmani, BuyWeGovyOnline

Vanderbilt Bootstrap Classes on Blogging

Vanderbilt Bootstrap Classes are the best blogging coaching classes I’ve ever taken. They offer 6-12 week courses, and you can do them online. They have taught us so much more than simple blogging but the way to interchange blogging while building branding and a powerful online presence. 

Tammy Sons, TN Nursery

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