What are some good content marketing goals and KPIs?


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What Are Some Good Content Marketing Goals and KPIs?

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What Are Some Good Content Marketing Goals and KPIs?

From driving top-of-funnel interest to calculating team health, here are seven answers to the questions, “What are the best content marketing goals you have set for yourself, and how will you measure them?”

  • Drive Top-of-Funnel Interest in Our Product
  • Write More for Guest Blogging
  • Clear Funnel Documentation to Increase Conversion
  • Leverage the Power of New AI Tools
  • Repurpose and Distribute Content Effectively
  • Better Understand What Motivates Our Audience
  • Measure Team Health

Drive Top-of-Funnel Interest in Our Product

As Head of Content at an early-stage startup, which does the legal work for communities investing in startups, my goal is to create resources and educational content which gets our target audience inspired about investing in startups using our groundbreaking community venture capital model. There are several ways I’m measuring the results of the content we’re putting out: the feedback we’re getting from our followers, our organic traffic growth, how much the content gets shared on LinkedIn and Twitter, and whether we’re getting any new partnership opportunities through this content.

Ivelina Dineva, Head of Content, PIN (Power in Numbers)

Write More for Guest Blogging

One content marketing goal I have set for myself in 2023 is to write and submit guest blog posts regularly. I had a couple of guest blog posts that were published in 2022, but those were opportunities that came to me, rather than opportunities I actively looked for and applied for.

My measurement of success is to get one guest blog post published every month. I will also look for more opportunities to have guest experts write posts for my blog to free up my time to write guest blog posts for other websites without neglecting my own publishing schedule.[a]

Alison Ver Halen, CEO, AV Writing Services, LLC

Alison Ver Halen

Clear Funnel Documentation to Increase Conversion

I am working on creating clear funnel documentation that our content team and larger marketing team can reference. The goal is to provide a resource that helps team members progress the user journey and increase conversion across different channels.

For the first version of the documentation, I’ll be asking for feedback on how helpful it is for the team and what could be improved.

Micala Ricketts, Content Marketing Manager, Lucid Software

Leverage the Power of New AI Tools

Chat GPT is the talk of the town! While I don’t believe AI writing tools can remotely replace human writers, I see the potential to make our lives as content marketers easier.

AI tools can generate organized outlines, create SWOT analyses, help with iterations for A/B copy testing and headline options, and provide inspiration by collecting concepts from across the entire internet. None of these should be used as-is but seen as a springboard for our efforts. So my goal is to test the tools available and see how to best put them to use.

It will generate the measurement from month to month with hopefully more output, or at least the same amount of output that has more creative thought in it because the groundwork had some help from AI.

Annette Gallagher, Founder, Red Tornado Communication

Repurpose and Distribute Content Effectively

In 2023, one of our goals is to focus more on effective content repurposing and distribution. Creating content takes time and money. So, we tap our existing blog posts, webinars, customer stories, and other forms of content, and reshape and share them in multiple ways.[b]

This way, we can create content faster and publish more frequently, target a wider audience who may learn and enjoy different media, and make sure the content we put out applies to where they’re posted.

To measure success, we’re looking at how this contributes to website traffic, leads generated if used in paid campaigns, and organic engagements on various distribution channels.

Paulene Lim, Marketing Manager, Deci

Paulene Lim , Deci

Better Understand What Motivates Our Audience

My primary goal for 2023 is to do more research on what’s motivating our web visitors and then use this knowledge to deliver value sooner.

My hypothesis is that knowing their problems, motivations, and “jobs to be done” means we can give them answers and solutions faster, increasing the likelihood they’ll come back or convert to users a lot sooner.

Keyword research will help—but it will only go so far. I’ll need to speak to our target audience directly, through interviews, and then synthesize the findings to find common themes.

Caitlin Burns, Content lead, Dovetail

Measure Team Health

It’s tempting to focus singularly on revenue during uncertain times. As a marketing leader, however, my concern goes inward when the outside world is tumultuous. I’m measuring my team’s work health, tracking metrics like velocity and completion rate, to ensure we’re being as efficient as possible. This isn’t about productivity; it’s about agility.[c]

Kevin Doherty, Sr. Manager, Content Marketing, Alma

Kevin Doherty , Alma

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