What’s the Weirdest College in the World?


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weirdest college in the world

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What’s the weirdest college in the world?

From the Clown Conservatory in San Francisco to the tiny student body of Deep Springs College, here are 10 answers to the question, “What are some of the weirdest colleges in the world?”

  • The Clown Conservatory
  • College of Magic
  • Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Services
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Lyon College
  • University of the Arctic
  • Carpigiani Gelato University
  • Hamburger University
  • Deep Springs College

The Clown Conservatory

The Clown Conservatory in San Francisco pretty much justifies its place as the weirdest college through its name alone. It exists as a performing arts school and a part of the Circus Center .

It is the oldest, and only accredited institution in the world dedicated to the art of clowning. The college offers a three-year program where students learn everything from costume design to physical comedy, as well as how to apply their skills in various theater performances.

They even get to work with animals like birds and dogs! It’s one of a kind, definitely weird, and highly entertaining!

Michael Fischer, Founder, Elite HRT

College of Magic

Magic doesn’t stop at Hogwarts. The College of Magic in South Africa teaches young people the art of entertainment and magical performance.

They teach you how to do stage illusions, close-up card tricks, clowning, ventriloquism, and the ability to mime. They say that those courses help people build confidence and develop valuable life and social skills that are important for both children and adults.

The name can be deceiving, as you can’t actually get a degree from The College of Magic; however, there is one person in the world who got a BA in Magic, and that’s Isaac Bonewits in 1970. He got it at UC Berkeley.

Nicole Ostrowska , Career Expert, Zety

oddest universities in the world

Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Services

The Gupton-Jones College is located in Decatur (Atlanta), Georgia, and hosts students interested in the art and science of funeral service.

They attend the normal general classes, including English, History, and Math, but then move on to courses like the principles of embalming, psychology of funeral service, restorative art, and mortuary law.

Students also get hands-on experience in funeral homes that the school partners with. They visit these funeral homes for internships and volunteer work.

Lydia Mwangi , Content Writer, Barbell Jobs

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

The weirdest college in the world is probably the School of the Art Institute of Chicago . It’s a very prestigious school, but it’s also known for being extremely unconventional.

For example, there are no grades and no majors; you can study whatever you want. And the faculty comprises working artists who are constantly creating fresh work, so they’re always teaching from their latest projects. It would be exciting to attend a school like that!

Kate Wojewoda-Celinska , Marketing Manager, Spacelift

University of California, Santa Cruz

With its diverse, eclectic student body, UC Santa Cruz is the perfect example of a college that celebrates weirdness and counter-culture at every turn. From its annual SlugFest celebration to the creation of “The Banana Slug Club,” UC Santa Cruz encourages their students to explore their individual passions and interests in an environment that nurtures them.

They are also famous for their annual “first rain” run across campus, known by students as “the naked run” where students commemorate the first rain of the school year by running in their birthday suits. It is no wonder that UC Santa Cruz is considered the weirdest college in the world.

Michael Burghoffer , CEO, PicoSolutions

Lyon College

As a student who attends Lyon College in Batesville, AR, you are likely to be awakened to the sound of bagpipes. Lyon College is nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks and has a strong Scottish Heritage program with its own registered navy blue and crimson tartan.

Currently, there are approximately 650 attendees. Students who fail to attend class are likely to receive a knock on the door from their professor checking on them. While it is a small college, with unique traditions, many of its students move on to Harvard or King’s College.

Caroline Duggan , Chief Brand Officer, Lumineux

University of the Arctic

The University of the Arctic is a collection of universities existing in the coldest parts of the world! Would you want to attend college in the Arctic? How about majoring in “reindeer husbandry?”

As the only school that boasts this program, The International University of Reindeer Husbandry is the go-to place for all knowledge you might need to exchange and develop information with other reindeer professionals. This is about as niche as it gets!

However, it is certainly a great resource for those who have a passion for freezing temperatures and all the environments that these parts of the world create.

Cayla Gao , Public Relations Manager, Depology

weirdest college in the world

Carpigiani Gelato University

Who wouldn’t like some world-famous Italian gelato? Well, students in Bologna, Italy’s Carpigiani Gelato University receive training to become “gelato masters.”

Students actually master the art of manufacturing gelato through its four-week intense training program with the goal of eventually opening up their own gelato stores.

The school’s “Become a Gelatiere” program, which was started in 2013, draws students from all over the world who want to learn how to make the best gelato and obtain their “Master Gelatiere” credentials.

Samuel Charmetant , Founder, Artmajeur

Hamburger University

Hamburger University in Oak Brook, Illinois, is a suitable candidate for the weirdest college in the world.

It was founded in 1961 by McDonald’s and provides educational services to its employees and franchisees worldwide. It has a full-time faculty, over 60 classrooms, and even awards bachelor’s and master’s degrees in “Hamburgerology,” the study of hamburgers.

Students can earn a diploma after completing the program, which focuses on topics such as the history of McDonald’s, restaurant management, and customer service. It is an incredible place for anyone interested in hamburgers, and a great example of a one-of-a-kind college.

Ryan Delk , CEO, Primer

Deep Springs College

The weirdest college in the world is Deep Springs College . At Deep Springs College, there are only 26 male students who spend at least 20 hours of work a week maintaining a ranch.

These young men also decide who is hired as faculty, who is admitted, and what they study. If the men complete the program, they will earn a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree.

Interestingly, many students become highly successful—owning businesses, gaining admission into prestigious schools, and finding lifelong success. The institution covers tuition, room, and board. For young men wanting a real ranching experience while also working toward a degree, you can’t beat Deep Springs College.

The success of the students who interact with this model calls into question how other universities are run and how they can improve their methods to benefit their students.

Alison Hamar , Education Consultant, Transizion Education Corporation

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