10 Reasons Why Professionals Get Out of Bed Every Morning


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What is one reason why you get up every morning to go to work?

To help business professionals get motivated to rise and shine, we asked business executives and leaders this question for their best insights. From being driven by their family to adding to their sense of purpose, there are several causes that may fuel your resolve to get up every morning to go to work. 

Here are 10 reasons that inspire these professionals to head to work daily: 

  • Family
  • Health
  • Impact
  • Gratitude
  • Give Help
  • Motivation
  • Potential
  • Autonomy
  • Responsibility
  • Purpose


One of the great things about flipping the odometer on a milestone birthday is that you reflect on what is most important. For years I’ve chased titles, power, and money. I’ve come to realize however, that the best titles are family-focused: dad, husband, brother, son. Power is fleeting if it doesn’t come from an internal spark. And while money is important, free time is the true yardstick of success. I’m still up as early and work as hard as ever, but the focus has shifted from what I can get to what I can give. The grand irony is, now I’m getting much more from my days.

Tim Toterhi, Plotline Leadership


I enjoy my work, so that definitely helps me get up in the morning. That being said, it’s important to be healthy not only emotionally, but mentally and physically as well. I make sure to get a good night’s rest, to eat well and to make sure I’m taking proper vitamins every day to help me feel energized. Taking care of all aspects of my health allows me to feel happy, sharp and motivated.

Mary Berry, Cosmos Vita


One reason I love being a part of the team at Markitors is that our work has a tangible impact on small businesses across the country. Seeing my work bring about new opportunities for small business owners and their employees is rewarding. From generating new leads for service clients to helping ecommerce clients boost sales, there’s no shortage of wins that keep me feeling thankful. All these wins give me a reason to get out of bed and off to work happily. 

Claire Routh, Markitors


I get up to go to work out of gratitude for the ability I have to lead my company. I realize that not everyone has the opportunity to serve as a company leader and to help with people’s confidence by improving their skin. So I try to make the most of every day and every moment and to remember how lucky I am.

Maegan Griffin, Skin Pharm

Give Help

It’s important in life to do something of service, whether it’s your job, community service, or helping family or friends. I feel inspired to lead a company that helps people with their fitness. Especially since so many people have not been as active during the pandemic, I am happy to help get people in shape and to make them feel more energized as a result.

Chris Caouette, Gorilla Bow


I get up and go to work every morning because I feel motivated to help people who are underrepresented in the market find a bed that\’s comfortable for them. Bigger figured people often have difficulty finding comfortable beds that are sturdy enough to hold their frame. I want to show them that they are worthy of a good night’s sleep.

Jeffery Brown, Big Fig Mattress


Knowing where you can build yourself and grow your enterprise is always motivating. Going to work knowing that each day is a new day to build an empire for yourself is so rewarding. Even if you have a boss in a corporate position, you are still able to make a name for yourself. Know the potential you have for yourself and build your work around that potential title.

Kiran Gollakota, Waltham Clinic


One of the major reasons I get up every morning to go to work is the autonomy my work gives me. At work, I get to explore my creativity and that of others. I get to experiment and find my own path. Moreover, I make decisions regarding the projects I undertake including the direction they should take, and the outcomes that are important to me. This autonomy gives me purpose, and enables me to love my job and love myself even when I’m working.

Gregory Rozdeba, Dundas Life


Responsibilities give meaning to my life. If I know that I am contributing something good to the world, I feel good about myself. To me, it means there is a purpose behind my existence. Other than that, I have people who are relying on me, both in the company I work with and in my personal life. By showing up and doing my best work, I can show up better in my personal life too.

Paw Vej, Financer.com


I attribute my sense of purpose to three elements: feeling connected to something bigger than myself, knowing that my work matters, and perhaps most importantly, understanding how my work affects other people—not just the company profits.

Heloise Blause, Home Kitchen Land

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