What are some professional goals to set for yourself?


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professional goals to set for yourself

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What are some professional goals examples?

From growing a personal brand to becoming an industry expert, here are answers to the question, “What professional goal do have you set for yourself?”

  • Become the Biggest Personalized Jewelry Company
  • I Want to Grow My Personal Brand Online
  • Surround Myself With Great People
  • Make An Impact
  • Publish a Book
  • To Be More Innovative
  • Educational Advancement
  • My Goal is to Become An Expert in My Field
  • Schedule Time to Read Books
  • Become a Leader in Outsourcing Companies
  • To Espouse a More Inclusive Approach
  • Branch Out into Media
  • Focus On the One Thing
  • Step Back and Delegate
  • Find Fulfillment at Work
  • Working a 4 Day Week
  • Your Career Goals Can Become Bigger Than You
  • My Professional Goals that i Have Set…
  • Becoming a Mentor

Become the Biggest Personalized Jewelry Company

I would like to become the biggest personalized jewelry company in the world by providing high-quality, one-of-a-kind pieces for customers all over the globe. My passions are making jewelry and providing the best possible experience for my customers. I will use the latest technology to create custom designs and offer an unparalleled level of customer service.

Aviad Faruz, CEO, FARUZO

I Want to Grow My Personal Brand Online

As a digital marketer, I’ve spent so much time developing my clients’ online brands over the last 20 years that I’ve neglected to work on my own. It’s the classic case of “the cobbler’s children have no shoes.” Over this past year, and moving into next year, I’ve been very intentional about growing my personal brand. Now, I engage in expert round-ups like this one. I write for Entrepreneur Magazine under my own name every month. I have several speaking engagements scheduled at different conferences. I’m thinking seriously of entering a remote MBA program. I’ve been much more active on social media, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter. I’m the president of my Toastmasters club where I practice public speaking. In short, I’m doing everything I can to make up for the last 20 years, to elevate my personal profile. This is a professional goal that has tremendous value for people at all stages of their careers.

Dennis Consorte, Digital Marketing & Leadership Consultant for Startups, Snackable Solutions

Surround Myself With Great People

Anyone who’s been in the job market long enough knows that people are the real currency when it comes to work. Having a good team of remarkable professionals around you is the biggest advantage that you can give yourself. It allows for continuous growth by being able to learn from their wisdom and experience, and by constantly being challenged and stimulated by their great minds. That’s why surrounding myself with exceptional individuals at work became one of my professional goals. The added perk is that collaborating with talented, like-minded people makes any job much more enjoyable!

Maja Kowalska, Community Manager, Zety

Make An Impact

Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize banking. As the one who heads growth for our brand, I seek to change people’s perception of what a simple savings account can do. We have a method in which people’s money can grow exponentially with zero risk. The Federal Reserve states that a whopping 40% of U.S. residents can’t come up with $400 in an emergency. Nearly one-half of the country is in too vulnerable of a position financially – and that needs to change. People aren’t incentivized enough to set aside their money because a regular savings account pays such meager interest. Our company pays a savings bonus five times the national savings account APY and it’s my job to sell that to people. My goal is to make an impact – a big impact. I have set out to show people – thousands of people, and perhaps millions – that saving money can lead to significant earnings.

Trevor Ford, Head of Growth, Yotta

Publish a Book

As a freelance writer, I spend most of my time writing great content for my global clients. I rarely have time to devote to my own blog and brand (don’t judge the painter’s house, right?). In 2023, I’m making a resolution to change this. I’ve outlined my first book about freelancing and hope to publish it next year. This is a huge step for me, as I strive to always practice what I preach to my coaching clients and writing clients. Having a book with my name on it and many of my thoughts, ideas, and practices in one place will help to reinforce my brand and image.

Alli Hill, Founder and Director, Fleurish Freelance

To Be More Innovative

I’m always looking to stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology and innovation. My goal is to bring high-quality, cutting-edge solutions to our customers to help them meet their business objectives. I want my teams to be focused on creating products that are reliable, secure, and efficient while meeting the needs of our customer base. Additionally, I strive to create an environment where creativity and collaboration can thrive so that we can continue pushing boundaries in the tech space and remain a leader in the industry.At the same time, I want our teams to feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment with their work—ultimately enabling us to build something great together as a unified team. With this in mind, I’m committed to providing the appropriate resources, mentorship, and support necessary to help each individual grow professionally and reach their goals.

Boris Jabes, CEO, Census

Educational Advancement

I plan on joining school to get my Master’s very soon. I have decided to not only advance my education but also change careers. Being a holder of a degree in public health, I can easily transition into counseling by mastering counseling psychology. I am currently looking at schools and good programs which I can join. But I plan on becoming a counselor, instead of a public health inspector.

Lydia Mwangi, Content Writer, Barbell Jobs

My Goal is to Become An Expert in My Field

One goal I have set for myself is to become an expert in my field. I want to be a well-respected leader in the industry and develop innovative solutions that make a difference. To do this, To do this, I am continuing to invest in my education by taking courses and attending conferences. I am also actively networking and seeking mentorship opportunities with experts in the field. Additionally, I am constantly challenging myself to find better ways of doing things and thinking outside the box. I believe that by investing in my development, I will be able to make a real impact on my field and help others succeed.

Erik Pham, CEO, Health Canal

Schedule Time to Read Books

There’s probably a book on any topic I can think of, so there’s no scarcity of information regarding possible job routes. I can gain lessons, trade secrets, and general advice by reading books by thought leaders in my area that I might not find otherwise. Decide how many books I’ll read each month, to begin with. After that, start by going to your neighborhood library, a bookstore, or an internet marketplace. Instead, I may try listening to audiobooks to make the most of the time I have while shopping or commuting to work.

Kurt Uhlir, Chief Marketing Officer, kurtuhlir

Become a Leader in Outsourcing Companies

Five Jars will become a large company, a leader among other outsourcing companies. We will continue making a significant impact by providing the best in class services. Our projects and products will continue helping millions of people worldwide. Five Jars continues helping the largest and the best brands worldwide succeed by building innovative digital experiences and capitalizing on business and impact.

Alex Schedrov, CEO, Five Jars

To Espouse a More Inclusive Approach

The professional ecosystem is undoubtedly changing for the better and becoming more progressive by the day. One individual goal I’ve set is to become more inclusive in my approach while recruiting and retaining talent. Whether it’s by making my culture more conducive to queer, BIPOC, disabled and neurodivergent people, engaging with clients who are on the fringes of society, or simply ensuring that our business values are more inclusive, I plan to widen my horizon and benefit from a more diverse workforce and clientele.

Larissa Pickens, Owner, Repeat Replay

Branch Out into Media

I would love to branch out and expand my business into media. Even though my business is a physical product, I feel that there is so much value in exposing the behind the scenes of creating and running a business. There are fascinating and useful tips that people can learn from taking a peak behind the curtain of an entrepreneur, and how they balance the business with the personal. I would love to be a catalyst for setting a healthy example of this. Beyond providing the world with a high integrity product, I have dreams of inspiring many more people who may be scared of living out their dream, or even taking the first step towards a big, scary goal. I would love to show how I have done that, because if I can do it, anyone can. Therefore, branching out into the media space as an entrepreneur is a big professional goal of mine.

Cayla Gao, Public Relations Manager, Depology

Focus On the One Thing

Both a blessing and a curse, my creativity offers plenty of ideas and energy to get after them. That said, I will be able to accomplish much more by focusing my efforts on pulling the most important lever. So in 2023, that is what I am going to do. My one thing is to 3x our revenues at SmashBrand. A lofty goal that begins this coming year but may not be attainable by year’s end. No matter the end date, I will gain momentum toward my ultimate goal by focusing on this one thing.

Jason Vaught, Director of Content, SmashBrand

Step Back and Delegate

Take the back seat. I think a goal that many entrepreneurs share is the goal to eventually take a step back and delegate more of the operations to others. Starting a business is a grueling process, so by the time owners can delegate, they do. A huge goal for any business owner is to delegate more operations to free up other important resources.

Bryan Jones, CEO, Truckbase

Find Fulfillment at Work

I can’t imagine getting to the end of my career and looking back in disappointment, wondering why I didn’t find work that fulfilled me. Therefore, one of my professional goals is to find joy and meaning — ultimately feel fulfilled — the majority of my career. While some might not believe that’s a long term and realistic goal, continuously investing in personal and professional development will help you stay in positions that deliver fulfillment. Being self-aware and knowing when you feel fulfilled vs. when you’re going to lose that meaning within your work will help keep you on track and meet that goal.

Kelli Anderson, Career Coach, Resume Seed

Working a 4 Day Week

It might not sound like much but I am working towards the goal of working a 4 day week. There are a lot of advantages to working a 4 day week – studies have shown that workers who have shorter weeks are more productive and take less time off work. They are also less likely to suffer from burnout.I’m doing it to give myself more flexibility and to hopefully be able to spend more time with my family, and pursue some other hobbies. I know others may have more ambitious goals – working even fewer days – but I like to start small. Maybe one day I can cut that back to a 3 day week!

Miguel Palma, Gardener, JardinTienda

Your Career Goals Can Become Bigger Than You

To become a master entrepreneur who understands the product or service provided to my community. The goal of my business is to be there for my community more than providing a service. It is to create something that benefits the people with new residential parks or even the ability to raise money for fully functional community centers. Professional goals should always be more significant than your personal goals.

Annie Ricci, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Prima

My Professional Goals that i Have Set…

My professional goal is to be a well rounded Social Media Coordinator and content creator. I plan to take courses to develop my skills in Canva, adobe photoshop, and be in tune with all social media platforms. This well help to execute and produce good content for my company and future endeavors.

Kristina Ramos, Reverse Recruiter, Find My Profession

Becoming a Mentor

I have set the professional goal of becoming a mentor. I want to help others achieve their goals and be a positive influence in their lives. Additionally, I hope to learn from those that I mentor, and continue to grow as a person and professional. I love what I do for a living and think others would really appreciate some of the advice and experience I have to share.

Alex Tinsman, Founder and CEO, How To Houseplant

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