What is the most important thing to grow a business?


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12 Important Things to Grow a Business

What is the single most important thing that grew your business? To help you grow your businesses, we asked CEOs and experienced entrepreneurs this question for their best insights. From community involvement to a positive and realistic mindset, there are several important things that businesses have focused on that have helped improve operations and overall business success.

Here are 12 important things to a growing business:

  • Community Involvement
  • Consistency
  • Carefully Crafted Content Strategy
  • Focus On Clients
  • Measure and Track KPIs
  • Use Instagram for Brand Visibility
  • Find the Right People to Work With
  • Online Reviews For Inbound Marketing
  • Courage to Do the Right Thing
  • Leverage Inbound Traffic Through Search Results
  • Do Things that Don’t Scale
  • A Positive and Realistic Mindset

Community Involvement

Get involved with organizations that support your values and passions. Your community is there to help you but also needs your involvement and time. Community involvement is fulfilling and has helped me to grow my brand and get myself and my business out there. This is a hands-on approach to make a difference and simultaneously grow your business.

Alison Stine, Stine Wealth Management


There were many things that helped me grow my business, but steadfast consistency in action was definitely a magic factor here. Your goals don’t matter if you are not consistent enough to achieve them. Because what is the point of having great and future-oriented objectives when you abandon them after one failure. You have to learn how to stay consistent and when failure happens, learn from it and try to achieve your goals differently.

Tytus Golas, Tidio

Carefully Crafted Content Strategy

Using a carefully crafted content strategy can help grow your business significantly. Content strategy is the way in which you plan to create and distribute content to your target audience. Businesses use content strategy in order to reach their target audience in the most effective ways and provide the best content possible. By carefully planning what content to create and where to post it, businesses are more likely to engage with their target audience. When creating your content strategy, start with a little competitive research. What kind(s) of content do you see your competitors making and where are they sharing it? Can you cover the same or similar topics and offer your own unique perspectives to make your content stand out from theirs? Don’t be afraid to cover the same topic in multiple pieces of content across different platforms and tailor each one to the platform’s audience. You want to make sure you are staying on brand but also being valuable and relevant at all times.

Rachel Roff, Urban Skin Rx

Focus On Clients

Going above and beyond to make sure my clients felt understood, heard, and their coaching needs were met. Solopreneurs have to divide their time wearing multiple hats. The most important hat I wear is the one I have one when working directly with my clients. This reaped greater returns on how happy my clients were with the service they received, what they said about my brand in the marketplace, and how likely they are to refer other people to me. It’s one of the most effective marketing strategies to have in place.

Leang Chung, Pelora Stack

Measure and Track KPIs

It’s an old cliche but you get more of what you pay attention to. When our new CFO started a year ago, she built a key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard for the company that included 10 key scorecard data points such as revenue, net profit margin as well as other items such as training days completed and our progress towards becoming a HubSpot Diamond Partner. Guess what? Revenue and profts went way up, lots more people did lots more training and we became a HubSpot Diamond Partner in January. Pick meaningful realistic goals, set measurable progress indicators and then track them weekly or monthly.

Matthew Stibbe, Articulate Marketing

Use Instagram for Brand Visibility

Using Instagram as a pillar of our strategy helps us increase brand visibility while giving customers a way to discover new products. As the app has evolved over time, Instagram Shop will be an effective method to offer exclusive promotions and launches, taking full advantage of the potential reach that social media platforms have to grow our business. The combination of the user experience with eCommerce will forever change the way consumers discover brands and the way they shop, heavily relying on the algorithm to reach as many people as possible. This digital powerhouse will turn into the QVC of social media with no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

Sara Adam Slywka, Nestig

Find the Right People to Work With

The single most important thing that grew my business was finding the right people to work with. I strongly believe in discovering human potential and helping it grow. None of my employees had previous studies or experience in the job that they’re doing at my company. However, I saw they have the mindset and capability to learn, and I heavily invested in their growth. To this day, everyone is allowed to spend up to a day from their working week on learning. This means I pay my employees to study. I also continuously provide them with access to online courses, webinars, and events.

Georgi Todorov, ThriveMyWay

Online Reviews for Inbound Marketing

Online reviews have been my secret weapon of success as a freelancer. They’re instant social proof, plus they help clients feel like they’re taking less of a risk by hiring someone other clients have already vetted and approved. They also work around the clock, speaking to prospective clients at scale about my quality of work. Clients can learn about others’ experiences with me and feel confident in partnering with me — even if they have yet to speak with me directly!

Alli Hill, Fleurish Freelance

Courage to Do the Right Thing

Moral courage and a need to ‘Speak Truth’ are pretty much absent in our society today, but not every one. I’m forever the optimist. There are still many courageous hearts and souls left in this world willing to risk their social standing and reputation to do the right thing.You can’t keep someone around out of loyalty; your loyalty is to the mission, not to any particular person pursuing that mission. It doesn’t matter how vital someone may have been historically, it is only your judgment of how important they are going forward that counts. This is a business, not a family.

Darin Tuttle, Tuttle Ventures LLC

Leverage Inbound Traffic Through Search Results

Lots of businesses get started with search engine marketing and PPC ads as soon as their product is launched. We started publishing content from our very early days targetting niche keywords. These blog posts are now ranking well for our long-tail search keywords and it’s bringing us good leads to the business organically.

Anirudh Murali, Economize, Inc.

Do Things that Don’t Scale

To grow your business in the early stages, you have to perform time-consuming, high effort tasks that don’t scale. Sending a cold email? Research the contact thoroughly before sending a personalized message. Creating a customer’s profile page? Write the content and curate the media yourself to make sure it’s perfect. Selling to clients? Go door-to-door and give out branded gifts.

These are all things that are unsustainable in the long run but will kick-start your growth and create loyal followers. Working with customers on individual basis will also give you a better insight into their problems and needs, helping you to perfect your business as you learn more about them.

Josh Smith, Roll To

A Positive and Realistic Mindset

If you want to grow your business, you need a positive, yet realistic mindset. Have a vision for the future that’s grand, then take small, achievable steps to move in that direction. A healthy mindset is goal-driven, where you set yourself up for success with small wins that ladder up to big victories. Use this in all areas of your life and not only will your business thrive, but you’ll feel better and live a happier, healthier life.

Dennis Consorte, Snackable Solutions

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