How do you write YouTube scripts?


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How to Write a Youtube Script- 12 YouTube Script Writing Tips

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What Is One Tip For Writing A Good YouTube Script?

To help you write good YouTube scripts, we asked social media managers and marketing experts this question for their best ideas. From planning your script around the visuals to avoiding hyperboles, there are several things to bear in mind to help you write the best scripts for your YouTube content.

Here Are 12 YouTube Script Writing Tips:

  • Plan Your Script Around The Visuals
  • Address An Issue and Give It Context
  • Write in The Same Way You Normally Speak
  • Read Your Script Aloud While Revising
  • Include a Call-To-Action
  • Always Introduce Yourself
  • Make The Script Engaging
  • Keep it Conversational and Concise
  • Focus on The Points That Matter and Use Graphics
  • Get The Opening Moments Right
  • Add Markers for Voice Tone and Sound Effects
  • Avoid Hyperboles

Plan Your Script Around The Visuals

Plan your script around the visuals you want to use. For example, if you’re going to display a chart or record yourself fixing an object, you will speak differently than if you were sitting and speaking directly to the camera.

Visuals can be a powerful aid in keeping your YouTube script concise and understandable for your audience.

Bill Glaser, Outstanding Foods

Address An Issue and Give It Context

The best tip for writing a good YouTube script is addressing an issue and giving it context. You may have captured your target audience’s attention by demonstrating an issue. So, now it’s time to build an emotional connection.

Addressing a pain point and then providing a solution with a positive outcome shows your audience that the details you have to share are highly precious. And with a positive emotion established at the end of your YouTube video, the chance of reinforcing your brand-viewer relationship rises. Also, addressing a pain point isn’t complete without giving it context.

Caroline Lee, CocoSign

Write in The Same Way You Normally Speak

One tip for writing effective scripts for YouTube is to write how you talk. Some YouTubers tend to write scripts that include flowery language and utilize words that are outside of their regular vocabulary.

This is especially evident when using a personal account, since they have probably seen your unscripted content and how you regularly talk. Try to avoid unnatural word choices and instead try to get your ideas across clearly and simply. Your audience will appreciate your authentic voice!

Brandon Brown, GRIN

Read Your Script Aloud While Revising

A good YouTube script will sound casual, yet concise and informative. Most viewers will click away if they feel as though they are being lectured at or if your message seems too complex and confusing. The best strategy for writing a good YouTube script is to read it aloud multiple times during the revision process.

You want the script to sound natural and flow together – like you’re having a normal conversation with the viewer. If your script sounds too stunted or has too many long-winded sentences, try talking aloud to yourself and see what words sound good together. If you’re confused or even bored when hearing yourself talk, then your audience will be too!

Adam Shlomi, SoFlo Tutors

Include a Call-To-Action

Including a call-to-action is crucial for all YouTube scripts, regardless of how big your audience is. Making educational videos can be helpful to your viewers, but they will engage with your content much more if you inspire them to do something productive. Even if you are asking for something simple, such as liking, commenting, or subscribing to your channel, a call-to-action is key.

Jorge Vivar, Mode

Always Introduce Yourself

Even if your channel has been around for a while, the beauty of YouTube is that you aren’t making content for only your existing subscribers. Your video always has the potential to reach out to a wider audience. Therefore, don’t forget to introduce yourself at the start of your script.

The introduction is targeted at new viewers or people who have just found your channel. This simple addition to your script humanizes the content creator and may help to establish trust.

Eric Ang, One Search Pro

Make The Script Engaging

To write a good YouTube script, you must keep in mind, first and foremost, the engageability of the script. You need to ask yourself whether your script will engage the audience, not necessarily engage them in the sense that they would reach out to you, but engage them in the sense that they would be invested in the topic of the video.

Whether you are spreading awareness about a social issue or promoting your brand, product, or service, make sure that your script is interesting and dynamic enough to engage your audience. It’s a video after all, so being dynamic and unique is expected.

Marco Genaro Palma, Genaro Palma

Keep it Conversational and Concise

YouTube viewers love authenticity, so the last thing you want is to come across as artificial and contrived. Even if the subject matter is dense, write in a natural style that will be easy for viewers to engage with– think TED talk speaker, not a news anchor.

A good YouTube script is structured like a smooth ride, not lingering on one topic too long or abruptly bouncing around topics.

Like building a storybook out of chapters, make your script easily digestible with clear points and a logical flow to captivate viewers and keep them coming back for more.

Soumya Mohan, Poised

Focus on The Points That Matter and Use Graphics

Keep the language simple, fun, and informative. People have short attention spans, so focus your script on the points that matter most to your audience, and lean on graphics to fill in concepts visually when you can.

For instance, if your YouTube video is about a beauty regimen, allow the video to show what you don’t have to tell, like the obvious steps of using a facial cleanser or applying mascara, so your script can highlight your expertise. Conversational scripts help the viewer stay engaged and can easily be translated into other languages, so keeping it natural and brief can help your script go the distance.

Marilyn Zubak, Snif

Get The Opening Moments Right

The opening moment is the most important to get right. The first seconds of your video should clearly state the compelling thesis of the entire work. Hooking your audience right away will limit the likelihood your viewer will lose patience and click out immediately.

Given the seemingly unlimited breadth of content, viewers are pickier than ever and will keep searching for something else if not pulled in off the bat. Reel them in right away and don’t give anyone an excuse to not keep watching, no matter their attention span.

Oliver Zak, Mad Rabbit

Add Markers for Voice Tone and Sound Effects

The primary goal of writing a YouTube script is to leave an impression. You can accomplish this by beginning your video with a humorous story. Use an unemotional tone while telling the story and stare blankly at the camera. It is also critical to include markers for changes in tone and expression.

While changes in voice tone can add depth to your script, combining this with sound effects and music is the best way to bring your video content to life. This will help your viewers feel something, and they will automatically remember your video and follow your advice.

Charles Ngechu, EasyPaydayLoan

Avoid Hyperboles

Exaggeration is always a downside to any good film or video. The same concept applies when it comes to writing YouTube scripts. It is important to stay grounded in reality and unpack the plot step by step for the viewer.

The best advice is to ensure that your audience can follow from start to end.

Avoid the temptation to blow any scene, character, or information out of proportion with the view of getting attention. This move will only serve to make your followers depart.

Gisera Matanda, WeLoans

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