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How To Get Your Blog Noticed: 12 Blog Promotion Strategies

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What is one blog promotion strategy to get your blog noticed?

To help you with ways to get your blog noticed, we asked experienced bloggers and marketing professionals this question for their best ideas. From building internal links to answering questions that people are asking, there are several tips that may help you best promote your blog and get noticed.Here are 12 blog promotion strategies:

  • Build Internal Links
  • Be Interactive
  • Use Current Events as Fresh Inspiration for Blog Posts
  • Lay The Groundwork First
  • Prioritize SEO
  • Accept Guest Blog Posts
  • Share Your Blog On a Relevant Message Board
  • Write for An International Audience
  • Publish Work With Established Outlets
  • Promote Your Blog on Social Media Platforms
  • Use Listicles for Your Blog
  • Answer Questions That People Are Asking
Get Your Blog Noticed - 12 Blog Promotion Strategies

Build Internal Links

Interlinking blog posts helps to get our blog posts noticed and boost search engine traffic. Linking posts internally increases engagement by providing a logical path for the blog audience to follow. For technical topics particularly, linking back to earlier blog posts proves to be very effective in driving traffic. We create groups and categories using relevant content. For instance, if you operate a travel blog, you can create a group of travel blogs.

Linking related blog articles together allows readers to easily navigate the website and click through to other blogs, which gets us extra visibility. In addition, we use SEO-friendly anchor text by including words that are relevant to our topic in anchor text for search engines to understand our site and rank it better.

This adds up to a good user experience by enhancing website accessibility and helps to grow traffic for our blogs.

Antreas Koutis, Financer

Be Interactive

Blogs don’t have to be a one way street and making them more interactive through a comment section can be a great way to get yours noticed. Your readers have questions, opinions, and ideas, but if there is no outlet for them, they will go to other places where they can find their voice. Allowing for comments, being interactive with your audience, answering their questions, and even addressing their concerns, will increase interest and make your blog the hot spot to be. In addition, being interactive with other blogs, and driving traffic to their posts, can implement a reciprocal relationship in which you both benefit. By making your blog interactive rather than keeping it static, you can form a relationship with your readers while getting your blog noticed.

Anthony Puopolo, Rex MD

Use Current Events as Fresh Inspiration for Blog Posts

Write blog posts according to trending stories in the news! Take advantage of headlines that overlap in your sector and use them as inspiration to keep blog post ideas engaging by constantly refreshing content. Rather than a hard sell, this will make your blog a go-to spot for interesting reads, making click-throughs feel more organic. Customers can learn to like you as a voice rather than just a seller, deepening your relationship with customers as a trustworthy source for interesting reads. When your product also delivers, this creates an audience of repeat customers who are more likely to share your stories and your company wide.

Karim Hachem, La Blanca

Lay The Groundwork First

Our favorite content marketing tips have to include the creation of the right buyer personas. When creating buyer personas, you must start by understanding who’s your audience and what are their needs. It can happen after analyzing the data coming from Google Data Studio to find out the demographics of your users. After gathering the data, you can use it to make sure that your content’s tone and topics match your audience’s needs.

Brenton Thomas, Twibi Digital Marketing Agency

Prioritize SEO

Write your content with SEO in mind. This is a great and rather simple way to get your blog ranking a bit higher on search engines and therefore, increasing traffic. Consider using Ahrefs to research keywords related to your content, and then revise your blog posts accordingly.

You’d be surprised how simple it can be to switch out what you may think is common phrase for a more searchable phrase, and then suddenly rank much higher on search engines. This is one of the best ways to get more eyes on your blog and will only get better and more effective as your website grows and as you learn more and more about the magic of SEO.


Accept Guest Blog Posts

Your blog isn’t about you — it’s about what it offers to others. A step in the right direction is to allow others to contribute to it. It gives them a platform to share insights that your audience cares about. As the blog owner, you can pick and choose who can post and what topics are covered. But the people who you allow to post on your blog will help you grow it faster than you can do it alone. They’ll backlink to the content they write for you and share it with their audience. That’s 100% free traffic and brand awareness! The more people you publish, the faster your blog will grow. It’s a win/win — and it’s highly underutilized.

Alli Hill, FreelanceSpeak

Share Your Blog On a Relevant Message Board

Sharing your blog on the appropriate message board can be a fantastic way to gain more exposure to your work. No matter what your interests are, there is always a message board full of users who would be interested in the same topic. Joining a message board and sharing your posts there can also be an ideal way to get feedback. Once you know how to improve your writing, you can tackle new projects with a fresh perspective and enthusiasm.

Gerald Lombardo, The Word Counter

Write for An International Audience

While many small businesses are local, the internet is not. There are now more than 2 billion active internet users globally, which presents a huge opportunity for businesses that are catering to a global audience. When writing your blog posts, keep this in mind and try to appeal to as many people from as many different cultures as possible. This can be done by using simple, easy-to-understand language and avoiding slang or jargon. It also helps to be aware of any cultural sensitivities that might exist in certain countries or regions.

Todd Saunders, BIG Safety

Publish Your Work With Established Outlets

Writers can gain publicity for their blog by publishing a piece with an established media outlet. There are countless blogs which makes the space extremely competitive. Blogs stand out because they are the work of popular and talented writers. Bloggers can gain notoriety and legitimacy by publishing a piece with an established media outlet on a topic that is relevant to the content they usually write about. Traditional media outlets like print and esteemed online publications can validate a talented writer by showcasing their work. The publication’s readership could then follow the writer’s work online by visiting their blog. Having a piece published with an established media outlet will put a writer’s work in front of a larger audience and potentially attract readers to their blog.

Katy Carrigan, Goody

Promote Your Blog on Social Media Platforms

One of the best ways to get your blog noticed is by using social media. By promoting your blog on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, you can reach a wider audience and attract new readers. Additionally, social media can help you build relationships with other bloggers and create a community of followers who are interested in your content. Building a network of followers will not only help you promote your blog, but it can also lead to new opportunities, such as guest blogging or collaboration. To prepare your blog for social media, start by creating social media accounts for each platform you want to use. Then, create shareable content that includes images, infographics, and engaging descriptions. Finally, post your content regularly and interact with other users to build a following. With almost everyone using social media these days, this is a surefire way to get your blog in front of more eyes.

Nathan Richardson, Bariatric Journal

Use Listicles for Your Blog

If you’re looking for a way to get your blog noticed, try publishing listicles on your website. People love reading lists since they are easy to read and digest. If you can target a list to your niche audience, they’ll be more likely to read and share your blog post. We also craft several blog posts using this strategy. You can use lists to offer tips and tricks from hobbies like gardening to more serious topics like saving money. For example, a blog titled “10 Ways to Make Money” will likely get more attention than a generic title. Numbers make your title stand out and give readers a clear idea of what they can expect to find in your post. Use keyword-rich titles in your listicles to improve your chances of showing up in search engine results. For instance, if you’re writing a post about vegan recipes, instead of using the term “vegan recipes” in your title, you can go with “Top 5 Vegan Recipes for Busy Weeknights.” Doing so will urge more readers to click through to read it.

Kevin Joubin, Branded Surveys

Answer Questions That People Are Asking

The primary purpose of a blog should always be to address the audience’s concerns. It may take a while before you get noticed with this approach, but it pays off in the long run. We, at Narrato (, always make sure to find out what people are asking related to the topic we plan to write on. We run a Google search for the topic and look at the ‘People also ask’ section to get ideas on what to answer in our blog post. Apart from this, we generate our own SEO content briefs on Narrato that also give us topic and question suggestions for our search term along with other SEO parameters like keywords, competitor links, etc.

We pick and include the most relevant questions from both sources to ensure that the reader finds what they’re looking for. This not only helps our content be found in search but also helps with engagement and audience retention on our blog.

Neelam Goswami, Narrato

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