How do I create amazing blog content?


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How to Create Great Blog Content: 12 Hacks

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What is your best “hack” for creating great blog content?

To help marketing teams create great blog content, we asked marketing managers and content writers this question for their best insights. From writing intros and conclusions last to utilizing Terkel’s free blog creation tool, there are several “hacks” that marketing teams should test out to create great content while saving time and money.

Here are 12 hacks to create great blog content:

  • Write the Intro & Conclusion Last
  • Use Google Keywords
  • Write Multiple Articles Simultaneously
  • Keep It Brief
  • Use Those Reviews to Spotlight Loyal Customers
  • Use Voice to Text
  • Update Or Expand Upon Existing Blog Posts
  • Using Effective Content Templates
  • Insert Timely Information and Check Engagement Metrics
  • Don’t Attract Readers, Go to Them
  • Write Something You Would Want to Read
  • Utilize Terkel’s Publisher Platform
How to Create Great Blog Content: 12 Hacks

Write the Intro & Conclusion Last

When I’m creating blog content, I often write all the stuff in the middle first and go back to the intro and conclusion at the end. This helps me to really figure out what I’m saying before I have any sort of intro, so that the intro can hook people into what I’m about to discuss. I want to grab their attention, but I also want it to make sense with the content and not just be a “here’s my three points I’m about to discuss” mentality we all learned in middle school. Then for the conclusion, I want to really give them an action item or something to think about, so deciding on what that is usually comes more naturally after having written the rest.

Jennifer Klemmetson, Klemmetson Communications

Use Google Keywords

The best hack for creating blog content is using the tool tool makes it quick and easy to search relevant keywords and find the related questions people are asking. Answering these questions will not only provide you with blog content, but is also helping with your SEO!

Audrey Hutnick, Smallwave Marketing

Write Multiple Articles Simultaneously

One of my simplest “hacks” for creating great blog content is to work on more than one article at once. When focusing on one piece at a time, I can get stuck and inadvertently sacrifice quality for the sake of productivity and finishing. However, switching between posts-in-progress gives me the liberty of variety and a fresh approach and can allow for more time for creativity and new ideas to emerge organically.

Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

Keep It Brief

Writing a shorter blog post works well. Many people have shorter attention spans these days due to social media. Writing blogs that are shorter yet informative can still be engaging. We use our blog to educate our customers about not only our products but also about health and wellness. The more you can help educate your customers about topics that interest them the better.

Shaun Price, MitoQ

Use Those Reviews to Spotlight Loyal Customers

Create content that’s not only for your audience but about them, too. Now more than ever, online reviews effectively build trust with potential customers. While it’s essential to share these reviews on your website and social media channels, writing blog articles and social posts that profile your super fans can drive even more engagement, resulting in even more reviews.

Customer case studies are an excellent way to showcase the benefits of your product by detailing the challenges customers face and how your product solves them. With images of loyal customers using your product, quotes about how they use it, and some clever captions, you’ll paint a complete picture of how your business works.

Shining a spotlight on brand advocates is always a nice thing to do as it shows them how much you value them and their business. And it also encourages them to share your content with their family, friends, and followers.

Shaunak Amin, SnackMagic

Use Voice to Text

Often times I get stuck trying to get the blog post started. I found that using a voice-to-text app on my phone gets me over that initial hump and I can get the majority of the content down in a raw form very quickly. It’s easier for me to just talk about something than to sit down and write it because the pressure of structuring it and writing it perfectly as I go isn’t there. It’s just a matter of organizing and editing after I’m done talking about all the thoughts I have.

Sometimes I find content or knowledge gaps that I need to research more before posting it. Using this voice-to-text method cut down my time to create content in half and I highly recommend it. The words will sound more natural and be more “you” which is exactly what blog readers want and find engaging.

Phil Bryson, Desert Pro Home Buyers

Update Or Expand Upon Existing Blog Posts

If you are struggling to come up with new content, look through your older posts to see what was successful and consider updating the post or using that old idea to expand upon and write an entirely new and improved article. Utilizing the ideas you used in that post is an efficient way in garnering engagement since it was successful in the past. This is particularly attractive for SEO purposes, as updating older posts actually improves site viewership. Most of the work has been done already, so take advantage of that!

Adrian Pereira, Eco Pea Co.

Using Effective Content Templates

Content templates are the best way to scale up your article production quickly and easily. They allow you to create uniform articles in regards to structure, format, and voice, quickly increase the volume of article development and ensure core elements are not overlooked or left out of an article. They are also a great and efficient method of assigning content production to a VA or an outsourced content writer.

The advantages of implementing content templates may vary depending on how one uses them, but they definitely save a significant amount of time so one can focus on more important parts of building a business.

Klara Dumancic, Investors Club

Insert Timely Information and Check Engagement Metrics

Even though writing content is a creative process, guidelines, like a voice and tone guide and/or a style guide, can help you consistently produce readable, high-quality articles. Start a calendar that includes all of your blog posts for the month, as well as outlines, strategies, your keyword plan, and new ideas. This will help keep you organized, which will allow you those much-needed moments to be inspired and innovative as you craft your story.Once you publish and distribute, pay attention to engagement metrics that can help you shape future story ideas and double down on what’s working. In a fast-changing world, it’s important to keep your content calendar timely and relevant. Before hitting publish, for example, consider checking to see if you can insert a timely news hook. When done correctly and tastefully, “newsjacking” is one way to insert yourself into the conversation.

Carter Reum, M13

Don’t Attract Readers, Go to Them

There’s no single rubric to creating quality content for your blog, which is why it’s so important to fully utilize marketing project management. I make sure to hire talented people and equip them with the information and resources to identify the interests of our target audience. The best way to engage a blog reader is to meet them on their turf; go to where their interests are and you’re sure to find solid topics to populate your blog and attract more like-minded consumers.

Jaymee Messler, The Gaming Society

Write Something You Would Want to Read

When you’re trying to plan your blog content, make sure you’re writing on things that you would enjoy as a reader. Most of the time, your audience is a reflection of yourself and your expertise, so catering your pieces of content to yourself is a great starting point for any blog strategy. It will also help you prevent burning out, as you will generally write posts that you genuinely enjoy.

Riley Adams, CPA, Young and the Invested

Utilize Terkel’s Publisher Platform

Terkel’s publisher platform is a great blog content creation “hack.” Creating blog posts is time-consuming and content managers usually have to hire a freelance writer or conduct outreach for insights on their industry-specific topic.Terkel created a new account option for publishers in 2022 – Terkel Publisher Accounts. Publishers can submit article questions, set desired article delivery dates, and receive full-length blogs featuring relevant expert insights to publish to their blogs.I would categorize Terkel’s Publisher feature as a “hack” because it not only spares marketing teams from creating content for their blogs, it also drives unique traffic through the included experts linking back to and sharing the publisher’s article.

Adrian James, Terkel

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