How do I become more empathetic with my partner?


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How To Be More Empathetic in a Relationship

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How can someone be more empathetic in a relationship?

To help you be more empathetic in your relationships, we asked entrepreneurs and thought leaders this question for their best insights. From understanding triggers to responding with sincerity, there are several ideas that may help you convey more empathy in your relationships.

Here are eight ways to be more empathetic in relationships:

  • Understand Triggers
  • Give Them Space To Be Themselves
  • Put Yourself in Their Shoes
  • Check in With Them Regularly
  • Give Them Undivided Attention
  • Make Your Communication Free of Assumptions
  • Relate Your Personal Experiences To The Other Person’s
  • Respond With Sincerity
empathetic in relationship

Understand Triggers

Knowing and understanding triggers is a huge part of being empathetic within a relationship. Learn about your relationship and get to know how your person reacts to certain things and conversations. When there is understanding, there is room for more empathy.

Shaun Price, MitoQ

Give Them Space To Be Themselves

Show the other person the same grace you would like to have. One of the most challenging parts of any relationship is dealing with differences. If you can find a way to be more objective and remove your own bias, you can see things from their perspective. Give them the space to be themselves and have their own experience. It is essential to know that their experience is entirely different from yours; it can allow more empathy and understanding.

Sumeer Kaur, Lashkaraa

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Empathy requires walking in someone else’s shoes. Attempting to see the world from the other person’s perspective is the core of a sustainable relationship. This is also the core of empathy. Without empathy, it is all too easy to overlook the needs of the other person. Putting oneself in the shoes of another forces them to see from a different perspective and consider the challenges being faced by the other person as their own. This is especially the case when one person in the relationship is inflicting something on the other person involved. What does that feel like? That is the question which someone should be asking if they want to be more empathetic in a relationship.

Liza Kirsh, DYMAPAK

Check in With Them Regularly

Make it a priority to check in with the other person in a relationship on a regular basis. Inquiring about their days, recent adventures/notable events, work life, and personal life when appropriate, help build trust and positive patterns of communication. Don’t hesitate to open up yourself as well, this lends itself to even more trust, and the more trustworthy you are the more fruitful your conversations will be; communication is perhaps the most important aspect of any successful relationship. Consistent check-ins over time will help build a relationship fueled with genuine interactions, understanding, and empathy.

Datha Santomieri, Steadily

Give Them Undivided Attention

When someone close to me, either my wife, my friend or a family member, opens up about a problem or concern that I have not personally encountered myself, that’s when I struggle to be empathetic. But over time, I have learned that the best way to overcome this struggle is not by thinking up a revolutionary solution to their problems. It’s by being there and listening to everything they have to unload. Giving that person your undivided attention lets that person know that though what they are going through is tough, they can count on you for someone to lean on.

Alex Shute, FaithGiant

Make Your Communication Free of Assumptions

The best tip to be more empathetic in a relationship is to communicate as much as possible. By communication, I mean you must convey what you think about them and their situations. Don’t try to put yourself in their shoes because your way of handling a situation would be way different than theirs. Don’t assume that their issues are negligible. Try to talk to your partner and understand their needs for a certain time and fulfill them. This is the best way to be empathetic towards your partner.

Isaac Robertson, Total Shape

Relate Your Personal Experiences To The Other Person’s

Whether it’s a personal or professional relationship, it’s always a good practice to recall, in the midst of disagreements, times when you found yourself in a similar situation to the other person. While it’s easy to see your side of any argument, it takes a little extra effort to personally understand the other side, which is the cornerstone of empathy. By relating your personal experience to the other person, you’ll be able to undertake a more healthy and productive form of conflict management, allowing you both to move forward more easily.

Alex Wang, Ember Fund

Respond With Sincerity

Responding to others’ thoughts with sincerity is a crucial aspect of empathy in a relationship. Doing this shows the other person that you’re fully engaged with them and take your conversations seriously. Listen to their feedback and craft an appropriate response based on your understanding of their sentiments, situations, and perspectives. They will appreciate the attention to detail and effort shown to engage with them. All relationships need healthy communication to thrive. By responding to the other person sincerely, you are showing levels of empathy that are invaluable to relationships.

Ray Leon, Pet Insurance Review

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