How do you get your YouTube video to rank higher?


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How Do You Rank Fast on YouTube?

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How can a video rank fast on YouTube? Give your best tip.

To help you raise your YouTube video’s rank, we asked social media professionals and business leaders this question for their best strategies. From optimizing your keywords and hashtags to partnering with an influencer, there are several tips and tricks at your disposal that will improve your video’s YouTube ranking.

Here are 13 strategies for how to quickly rank on YouTube:

  • Optimize Your Keywords & Hashtags
  • Install the Tubebuddy Extension
  • Ask Your Viewers to Like, Comment & Subscribe
  • Learn the 3 Key Factors that Impact Ranking
  • Attract Viewers with a Unique Thumbnail
  • Repeat Your Keywords in the Tags, Title & Description
  • Become a Lighting & Audio Master
  • Don’t Try to be Someone You’re Not
  • Share Your Video Across Different Platforms
  • Seek Out & Address an Overlooked Need
  • Consistently & Frequently Create Content
  • Keep an Eye Out for Trends
  • Partner With an Influencer

Optimize Your Keywords & Hashtags

First, you must know who you’re trying to reach and do some keyword research. There are many places to add keyword-centric descriptions in both your channel and the video that’s uploaded. YouTube’s algorithm suggests videos to viewers based on AI machine learning on what topics the viewer is interested in.

Your channel description and video defaults should have all the relevant keywords and hashtags. When you upload a video, YouTube will select the first three hashtags it finds in the video’s description to show above the title. Take advantage of the space given for video descriptions and hashtags.

The major keyword should also be in the title. Always encourage viewers to like, share, and comment on your video. YouTube takes all of that into consideration for its video suggestions.

Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Media Wiz

Install the Tubebuddy Extension

The way to rank a video fast on YouTube is to use TubeBuddy, a YouTube SEO extension. The tool tells you everything you need to know to rank. You type in a keyword you’d like to make a video about into the TubeBuddy search bar. Discover how many views you’d need to rank against other videos.

You also get a score out of 100. The higher it is, the easier your chances of ranking. You see how many monthly searches and how many videos exist on the topic.

Also, in my experience, you rank much faster this way than you would with textual content on Google.

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging

Ask Your Viewers to Like, Comment & Subscribe

Encourage your viewers to engage with your video. If you want your YouTube video to rank fast, invite your viewers to like, comment, or subscribe. Once they engage, YouTube will start sending them additional videos of yours. It also affects your SEO. Encouraging engagement is one easy way to increase your ranking on the video platform.

Melanie Edwards, Olipop

Learn the 3 Key Factors that Impact Ranking

There are three main factors that can affect how quickly a video ranks on YouTube. These factors are the:

  • 1. File Type: You can choose between two options when uploading your video to YouTube: mp4 or WebM. Both options are supported, but since the former is more universal and standardized it makes sense to go the safe route here (i.e. mp4).
  • 2. Bitrate: The higher the bitrate, the better your video will look and sound; however, it also means more data needs to be uploaded, which requires more time and server space. A high bitrate can also lead to slower load times for viewers who have poor internet speeds. Ideally, strive to find a balance between quality and load times.
  • 3. Title: It’s important to make sure your title is descriptive and engaging so people can understand what they’re going to get when they click on your video. The title is also something the algorithm takes into consideration, too.

Peter Bryla, ResumeLab

Attract Viewers with a Unique Thumbnail

Your YouTube videos can benefit or suffer from thumbnails. When individuals view the YouTube search results, thumbnails are the first thing that catches their eye. Your video will have a thumbnail that YouTube will generate automatically. Whether or not it’s flattering or a decent reflection of your brand is up for debate. Regain control by making the ideal thumbnail for your YouTube video, complete with enticing overlay text. 

A compelling thumbnail can result in a longer watch time, which can significantly impact YouTube ranking. Although it won’t immediately help you rank YouTube videos quickly, doing this will raise the likelihood that someone will click on your video among the search results.

Sanket Shah, InVideo

Repeat Your Keywords in the Tags, Title & Description 

A video can get a lot of views and rank fast on YouTube if it has a strong keyword in the title and a good description. Also, don’t forget to put strong keywords in the description and tags. You can use keywords in the description, tags, and title of your video even though they are repeated.

You will get a lot of views if they are repeated. You can optimize your video by adding audio, video, and text elements. This will certainly help you to rank quickly on YouTube. Also, if you have the budget you can rank your video in a very short time.

Saneem Ahearn, Colorescience

Become a Lighting & Audio Master

Master lighting and audio. Don’t cheapen your message by slacking on these details. If there are awkward shadows or intrusive background noises, your brand will come off sloppy and unprofessional. I’ve also seen brands put distracting background music in their videos that takes away from what would otherwise be quality content. It’s worthwhile to research quality lighting and microphones, and you can obtain these items for affordable prices on Amazon.

Stephanie Venn-Watson, fatty15

Don’t Try to be Someone You’re Not

Be consistently you! Videos that are genuine rank higher than those with people trying to be something they’re not. If you teach accounting tips, chances are people were searching for accounting tips and not a comedian. Don’t try to be funny if it’s not your thing.

If you’re an entertainer, then be entertaining. The point is, people searched to find you, so as long as you are providing content regularly in which you are being you, you’ll get to the top of the rank faster than pretending.

Jeff Goodwin, Orgain

Share Your Video Across Different Platforms

One best way to make your video gain more views and rank higher on YouTube is by sharing it across different platforms. By spreading your video on multiple channels, you not only increase the views but also spread the video amongst a wider audience giving your video more opportunities to be picked up by users and spread through shares.

Also, another point to consider is that sharing a video to different platforms helps gain viewership as it helps optimize your video’s SEO ranking. It’s seen as more important and boosts the reach and engagement of your video.

Jordan Fabel, ApprovedCourse

Seek Out & Address an Overlooked Need

Jokes about clickbait titles aside, there is a combination of items needed for a YouTube video to move up the ranks quickly and it doesn’t involve praying that the algorithm likes your content. The first step is to find a topic that is highly searched for on the internet but lacks content on YouTube. This could be a product that many people are interested in but no one has done a high-quality review on, or it could be about a social topic no one has discussed yet, etc.

The second step is to plan out the content. Whether this means creating a script, planning out what locations you need to film at, or the participants of the video – all these aspects need to be planned out before filming. This is the stage where you’ll figure out if something can’t be done and if adjustments need to be made.

The final step is to edit the video properly. If you can’t do it, you should search for editors who have a portfolio of videos you like. Don’t take too long on this step as someone could already be making your video.

Iohan Chan, Clark Staff

Consistently & Frequently Create Content

If you want your video to rank fast on YouTube, the best strategy is to make sure that it has a high level of engagement. The more people that are watching your video, the more likely they are to like it and share it with their friends – and the more likely it is that those friends will also watch and like your video.

You can increase your chances of getting views by increasing the number of videos you post per day, as well as adding new videos to your channel regularly. If you’re promoting a new product or service, consider creating a video about its benefits and features. This will help viewers see what they’re missing out on by not buying from you!

Masha Mahdavi, SEM Dynamics

Keep an Eye Out for Trends

Leverage trends. There’s nothing like attracting the hottest, sure-fire traffic from the latest trends in your industry. Even if your one video goes viral, you’re all set for a secured journey on YouTube. And you can do that easily by using a free tool, Google Trends.

Go there and search your main topic, industry, or niche you’re in. You’ll be able to see the trending topics, visitors’ insights, and search volume for each topic. Choose what’s right and make content. Make it your content strategy. Keep making videos on trendy topics – that’s how you stay relevant and grow fast as your industry moves on every day.

Joe Troyer, ReviewGrower

Partner With an Influencer

The services of an influencer can turn an already quality video into a certified hit on YouTube. Influencers are intriguing personalities and content creators with large followings, so they have the power to affect the actions of many, thus having a significant impact on the engagement of content. Affiliating with an influencer is something of a cheat code that will boost your engagement, and every other metric of YouTube success, by at least a small margin.

Datha Santomieri, Steadily

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