How Do You Find a Business Coach?


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How Do You Find a Business Coach?

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How Do You Find a Business Coach?

Finding the right business coach can be a game-changer for your professional growth and success. To help you navigate this process, we’ve gathered advice from nine industry experts on how to find the perfect coach for your needs. From leveraging your personal network to attending industry events, these tips will guide you in your search for a business coach that aligns with your objectives and aspirations.

  • Use Career Coach Institutes
  • Connect Through Online Networking
  • Leverage Your Personal Network
  • Define Objectives and Vet Coaches
  • Seek Coaching from Admired Leaders
  • Join Trade Associations for Coaching
  • Research Online and Check Reviews
  • Turn to Family for Coaching
  • Attend Industry Events for Coaches

Use Career Coach Institutes

Feeling stuck in my career for a while, I knew I needed some guidance to help me figure out my next steps. I did some research and came across the Career Coach Institute (CCI), which seemed like the perfect place to look for a coach. I reached out to the organization and explained my situation.

They were very helpful and provided me with a list of coaches affiliated with the CCI and working in my city. I reached out to a few coaches on the list and found one who seemed like the perfect fit for me. We had an initial consultation call, and I knew right away that I wanted to work with her.

Thanks to her guidance and support, I could land a job that I truly like, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so glad I reached out to the CCI for recommendations—their expertise really made a difference in my career journey.

Natalia BrzezinskaNatalia Brzezinska
Marketing and Outreach Manager, ePassportPhoto

Connect Through Online Networking

I connected with my business coach for four years now through an online networking event. What started as a simple question in a forum led to further elaboration on how I could scale my startup, which was going through its initial growth phase. After several interactions, I pitched to my mentor to be my business coach, to which they gladly agreed, and since then, I’ve grown my company to a $5M yearly revenue venture.

Liam LiuLiam Liu
Co-founder and CMO, ParcelPanel

Leverage Your Personal Network

Some people might not have to look far to find a business coach if they’re lucky. Often, entrepreneurship runs in the family and you might have a built-in business coach throughout your life.

I have some other business professionals in my life who have been able to assist me along the way and be a major help through pivotal moments in my career. Even if it isn’t directly in your family, you might have a business coach already in your life that you can lean on as needed. Maybe it’s an uncle, a family friend, a professor, a former boss, or someone you just met along the way.

You never know who could become a business coach for you in your life and you should always be on the lookout for the potential of finding a coach as you meet new people.

Petru Caramalac, Founder and CEO, Best Fit Movers

Define Objectives and Vet Coaches

Finding the right coach can be a challenge, but there are several steps that businesses can take to identify a coach that aligns with their needs and goals. First, businesses should define their objectives and the specific areas in which they seek improvement.

Next, they can research and vet potential coaches, looking for a track record of success and compatibility with their culture and values. Finally, they should meet with potential coaches to assess their coaching style and determine if there is a good fit. By following these steps, businesses can find a coach who can help them unlock their full potential and achieve their goals.

James ScottJames Scott
Founder, Embassy Row Project

Seek Coaching from Admired Leaders

While you could look for a business coach through a coaching agency, you may find a better match by asking a business leader you look up to for coaching.

Some coaches you may encounter don’t have any experience in your field. So, while they may provide excellent general advice, you’ll find that they lack the insight that could benefit your situation the most.

Of course, not every successful business leader in your field can coach others. So finding a coach within the group of leaders you admire is not always possible. But it’s worth looking into that option because finding someone with real-life experience who can help you on your career journey is like hitting the jackpot.

Michelle RobbinsMichelle Robbins
Licensed Insurance Agent,

Join Trade Associations for Coaching

Join trade associations to find a business coach familiar with your industry’s specific needs and challenges. Many trade associations offer coaching services and have a list of recommended coaches with decade-long expertise in your field. Through this, you can also connect with entrepreneurs with wonderful suggestions on who to partner with based on their previous experiences.

Trade associations offer networking events and workshops to help you grow your company and find the support you need. Take part in these activities and engage with other members. This makes it easier to find a competent and trusted coach who can help you realize your business objectives.

Riva Jeane May CaburogRiva Jeane May Caburog
PR and Media Coordinator, Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers

Research Online and Check Reviews

Typically, if you Google “business coach” within your area, you’ll get a lengthy list of coaching candidates. But to get the one best for you is not as simple as selecting the first one on the list.

Check out their profiles, looking for one that has expertise in your field and ideally case studies and reviews. Don’t be afraid to reach out to companies included in their case studies and also reviewers for more detailed feedback on the coach.

Ronald OsborneRonald Osborne
Founder, Ronald Osborne Business Consultancy

Turn to Family for Coaching

Have you considered turning to family members who might help? Entrepreneurship runs in the family and chances are there’s someone in your family who has been through the process you’re embarking on. This could be a potential business coach without even having to pay for anything. Plus, you’ll receive real advice from someone who knows you and has an investment in you as a person.

Talk to that aunt/uncle, mother/father, or even a cousin who you know who has done it already. They can become a valuable contact for you when you need advice on things or even a shoulder to lean on. They might provide opportunities, introduce you to people, and give you an opportunity to gain experience.

Stan CaramalacStan Caramalac
CEO and Founder, Move Central

Attend Industry Events for Coaches

One effective way to find a business coach is by attending industry events, such as conferences, seminars, and workshops. These gatherings provide an excellent opportunity to meet experienced professionals and discover potential coaches with expertise in your niche.

Engage in conversations, ask for recommendations, and pay attention to panel discussions and keynote speakers. When you identify someone who aligns with your goals and shows a deep understanding of your field, approach them for an initial conversation to explore the possibility of a coaching relationship. This method ensures you find a coach who not only has the required knowledge and skills but also shares your vision and values.

Basana SahaBasana Saha
Founder, KidsCareIdeas

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