How do I find a freelancer to hire?


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How Do I Find a Freelancer to Hire?

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How Do I Find a Freelancer to Hire?

From searching on Upwork, Catalant, or BTG to getting referrals from friends, here are seven answers to the question, “What are the best ways to find a freelancer to hire on a contract basis?”

  • Look on Upwork, Catalant, or BTG
  • Use Facebook Groups
  • Find Them on Fiverr, Vet Them on Linkedin
  • Review the Freelancer’s Previous Work
  • Try SuperPath Community
  • Post on College Job Boards
  • Ask for Referrals From Friends

Look on Upwork, Catalant, or BTG

Many players have been penetrating the freelancing marketplace sector, and they specialize in very niche activities.

However, Upwork remains a powerful leader in this segment. You can find extremely talented consultants for complex projects that last months but also more basic support for lower-value and shorter-term tasks. Their pool of freelancers is huge and the platform functionalities are useful.

Catalant and BTG position themselves on the higher end of the freelancing spectrum, with most large projects for experienced independent consultants.

François le Scornet, President, Sr. Consultant, Carbonexit Consulting

Balance passion-driven work and flexibility

Promoted by Fiverr

Freelancing is the best way to balance passion-driven work and flexibility – giving people the opportunity to have full autonomy over their career and how they want to work on a day-to-day basis. Whether you’re working at home or on-the-go, freelancers can choose the projects they want to pursue, then craft their work experience around it. As a freelancer, you have the freedom to travel the world, spend time with your family, and manage your own schedule.

As we continue to navigate a volatile economy plagued by layoffs and firings, independent work is a great vehicle for financial security. By not being tied down by a singular employer, you can take on more projects, be your own boss, and further develop your own service offerings with new skills – such as AI. With businesses relying on freelancers more than ever before, freelancers today can expand their horizons and work on projects of all shapes and sizes.

shai-lee spiegleman fiverrShai-Lee Spigelman
General Manager, Fiverr Pro

Use Facebook Groups

Having hired multiple freelancers on a contract basis in the past, I can vouch that one of the best ways to find freelancers is through Facebook groups. With just a few clicks, you can get connected with professionals in an array of fields ranging from web development and graphic design to copywriting and translation services.

It’s a great platform for reviewing portfolios, seeing how others rate them and getting additional feedback. By joining Facebook groups related to your intended service, you’re able to go through lots of talent and choose the one that will be best suited for your project, as well as budget.

Lorien Strydom, Executive Country Manager,

Find Them on Fiverr, Vet Them on LinkedIn

As a freelancer myself, I’m a huge advocate for Fiverr because of the marketplace approach. You can narrow your search for freelancers by category, read reviews before contacting them, and even handle all deliveries and payments through the app.[a]It’s a safe way to ensure you’re not handing over your hard-earned money to someone who isn’t a good fit or won’t deliver your project on time. That said, it’s also a good idea to vet freelancers you find on Fiverr. LinkedIn is a great way to do this—you can find the freelancer on LinkedIn, look at companies they’ve worked for/with in the past, see the content they’re posting, read recommendations, and get a feel for their level of professionalism and skills. Having multiple dimensions of a freelancer will make you feel more confident in hiring them and avoid wasting time on poor-fit candidates.

Alli Hill, Founder & Director, Fleurish Freelance

Alli Hill , Fleurish Freelance

Review the Freelancer’s Previous Work

When I’m looking for a freelancer, I want to see what they’ve done before. If they’re a writer and I want them to write an article for me, I want them to show me an example of their work—maybe one that’s similar in style or tone.

If they’re an artist and I want them to paint something for me, I want them to show me some of their best pieces and talk about how they came up with the ideas for them.It’s important that these examples be recent. If you’re asking someone to do something new, it’s not fair if they only have old examples of their work (or none). It’s also important that the pieces represent their best work—if they’re just showing you everything they’ve ever done, even if it’s all amazing, then it’s going to be hard for you as a client to discern whether this person will provide what you need at a high level.

Rengie Wisper, Marketing Manager, Check CPS

Try SuperPath Community

Many talented writers mingle there every day. I posted we were looking for a few freelance writers, set up a contact form, and asked 10 writers after reviewing countless applicants to create a paid content piece. We’re now working with two talented writers.

Deian Isac, Head of Agency Success, Service Provider Pro

Post on College Job Boards

Most colleges have IT, journalism, and marketing degree classes. We have found that many universities offer job boards for employers to post gigs on to offer students extra money and work, and some also offer credits on studies for niche jobs matching the degree they are working toward.

For example, we use Vanderbilt Universities’ Hire A Dore site. We have found some truly amazing content creators studying in the journalism field, and digital marketing managers studying for marketing degrees. Posting is always free also and welcomed if you can verify you’re a state-licensed business.

Tammy Sons, CEO, TN Nursery

Ask for Referrals From Friends

One foolproof way to track down an exceptional contract worker is by asking around in your existing networks—you could start by inquiring with vendors or colleagues. You can also look into online freelance marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr, which offer an extensive pool of experienced and verified professionals available for hire. Whatever route you choose, make sure you seek someone with a proven record of successful projects and that they fit your qualifications in terms of skill set and cost.[b]The right freelancer can help streamline team efforts and bring fresh insights, so take your time locking in the perfect match.

Mina Elias, Founder & CEO, Trivium

Mina Elias , Trivium

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