Do Facebook Lead Ads Work?


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Do Facebook Lead Ads Work

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Do Facebook lead ads work? Elaborate on your experience.

To help you best generate leads with Facebook ads, we asked digital marketing professionals and social media managers this question for their best insights. There are several experiences shared that shed light on how to work your ads on Facebook to generate leads that you can cultivate for your marketing success.

Here are 13 insights these professionals shared from their experience with Facebook ads:

  • The Success Depends on Your Experience
  • Amazing Results With Leads Increased by 250%
  • Hire a Professional to Help Get Great Results
  • Get Better Results Using Lead Magnets
  • Generate More Leads in Conjunction With Other Marketing Efforts
  • Facebook Ads Generate Leads That You Need to Add Value to
  • Keep It Simple and it Will Work
  • Work With the Passive Leads it Generates
  • Facebook Lead Ads Are Good But You Need to Diversify
  • They Are Highly Effective
  • A Fantastic Way to Direct Leads to Your Landing Page or Website
  • The Leads Provide a Publicity Tool to Increase SEO Links
  • Generate Leads that Need Follow Up

The Success Depends on Your Experience

Facebook ads that are properly executed and run with logical placement will result in high quality leads. The success of your campaign will vary by the experience of your ads manager. It starts with their choosing the right type of ad to run for your goal, followed by using quality assets and captivating calls to action. If your ads manager doesn’t understand your products/services or target market chances are you’re going to have low lead count or a high percentage of unqualified leads.

Logan Rae, Argon Agency

Amazing Results With Leads Increased by 250%

I had been hearing a lot of good things about Facebook lead ads and how they could help me increase my leads, so I decided to give them a try. I created an ad and targeted it to people who were interested in my product, with a landing page for people to fill out their information. The results were amazing! My leads increased by 250%! I was blown away by how well these ads worked and how easy it was to get people to sign up for my product. If you’re looking to increase your leads, I highly recommend using Facebook lead ads.

Aviad Faruz, FARUZO New York

Hire a Professional to Help Get Great Results

Facebook lead ads definitely work and are one of the best tools any business has at their disposal to drive reasonable traffic. When I first started using facebook ads i’ll admit it was all a bit overwhelming. But as soon as I hired a professional to take over that side of the business, I was able to effectively delegate in a way that saved me time and drastically increased my profits month over month. My advice is to hire an expert in the field to jump start your success.

Ubaldo Perez, Hush Anesthetic

Get Better Results Using Lead Magnets

They do, but you have to ensure that you get your lead magnet correct. Personally, I’ve found that just running ads, even perhaps some with offers, work nowhere near as well as those where you’re providing a lead magnet such as a guide or an eBook which solves a specific problem for your target audience.

This works well because you’re proving your authority and capturing your target audiences’ emails as part of the campaign, rather than just trying to cash-in directly from the ad.

With their emails, you can now send out what you need to and create return and loyal customers, rather than just a potential singular sale because of a limited-time discount (where people may be less likely to be because they may not have that level of trust yet, which you can provide with a free resource).

James Taylor, Digital Tool Report

Generate More Leads in Conjunction With Other Marketing Efforts

For me, Facebook lead ads work best when they’re part of a larger campaign that includes other elements such as boosted posts, targeted ads, and organic engagement. The lead ads themselves usually don’t generate a ton of leads on their own, but they can be a valuable addition to your overall marketing efforts. One thing to keep in mind is that Facebook lead ads are best used to capture low-hanging fruit – people who are already interested in your product or service and just need a little nudge to take the next step. If your target audience is completely unaware of your brand, you’re probably not going to get a lot of leads from Facebook lead ads. All in all, I would say that Facebook lead ads can be a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal, but they’re not a magic bullet. Used in conjunction with other marketing efforts, they can help you generate more leads and grow your business.

Adil Advani, Stream Digitally

Facebook Ads Generate Leads That You Need to Add Value to

Facebook ads are evolving all the time both in practice and what the platform gives you in terms of return. We are a dental manufacturer that focuses on retainers. Many people are not well-educated on the difference between retainers and aligners so we get many comments asking if our products will straighten teeth.

Most of the leads that we receive from Facebook need either retainers or aligners but it’s a process to find the correct leads. This is where Facebook ads need to be educational or informative on top of being attractive.

We get much better value from our leads on Facebook when we combine information on our products to subtract the leads that are only interested in aligners (a product we don’t craft). Facebook can generate sales but you’ll get a better bang for your buck when you educate your audience too instead of confusing potential leads.

Seth Newman, SportingSmiles

Keep It Simple and it Will Work

Facebook lead ads work. In fact, they work very well. But you have to approach them with caution and be prepared for some trial and error. I’ve found that the best way to get started is to keep things simple. Don’t try to get too creative or come up with a gimmick—just focus on your audience and what’s important to them. The more you can simplify your ad for your potential lead and show that you understand their problems, the better. It’s okay to be funny or clever, but don’t go overboard or try too hard. It never worked for me. Therefore, I suggest keeping it simple and letting your audience know that you understand them better than anyone else is the key to success with Facebook lead ads.

Tiffany Homan, Texas Divorce Laws

Work With the Passive Leads it Generates

They do, but Facebook lead ads are not as effective as organic SEO. I can’t speak for every type of industry, but for me, it boiled down to passive versus active leads. These ads are put in front of someone passive, where someone who searches for a cash buyer in Google is proactively looking for someone to purchase their home

Tomas Satas, Windy City Homebuyer

Facebook Lead Ads Are Good But You Need to Diversify 

Facebook ads have definitely helped us in the past but in recent months we have noticed a considerable increase in our TikTok ads performance that is difficult to ignore. Of course, you want to diversify your marketing content across as many platforms as possible but the rate of success Tiktok has over the others is truly astounding and shows no signs of slowing down. My advice is to focus on whatever platform currently gives you the most exposure, and make sure that your funnels are set up in advance to send your new leads to your website or landing page.

Michael Burghoffer, PicoSolutions

They Are Highly Effective

Facebook lead ads have saved my organization on vital resources deployed on general ads. Instant forms on social media have attracted a huge chunk of the billion subscribers on FaceBook to my marketing page. Lead ads have also enabled my organization to cater to the customer’s specific needs based on the preference information they fill out on the page forms. My market penetration increased since the ad leads to appeal to the audience for whom they have been designed.

yongming Song, Imgkits

A Fantastic Way to Direct Leads to Your Landing Page or Website

Facebook Lead Ads are a fantastic way to direct leads to your landing page or website. They are successful because they are focused and tailor the advertisement to each specific lead. It has had incredible success in the B2B sector.

We have used Facebook Lead Ads to generate 800+ leads in the previous four months, 166+ presentations, and 24 closing. We’ve developed a straightforward formula that, when used in any B2B company’s advertising, effectively reaches our target audience and prompts them to seek presentations.

The mentor is absolutely necessary to help you use Facebook lead ads because else, you risk losing a lot of money and getting nowhere. Nobody is aware of how much of a money pit Facebook Ads can be if you use them improperly. The slightest details can occasionally make a big difference.

Kathryn Snapka, The Snapka Law Firm

The Leads Provide a Publicity Tool to Increase SEO Links

Our journey of Facebook leads is always adventure driven, with many agreeing or disagreeing with it. The initiation of this concept for the organization was a dilemma, but we are happy with the choice. The lead ads on social media have given us immense customer support and overwhelming response. The concept of creating our lead on Facebook helped us reach the masses by people subscribing to it and making it accessible. It has made our campaigns go viral, and billions of people are actively participating in them. The Facebook leads have been a  publicity tool and great support to increase our SEO links and help us generate revenue from it.

Agnes Zabawa, Insurancenavy

Generate Leads that Need Follow Up

Do Facebook leads ads work? Yes absolutely. If you’re in an industry that requires leads, like real estate, insurance or roofing, then you should absolutely try it. I generate 1,000 leads a month for my real estate team, all without a website. Facebook has made generating leads dead simple. You don’t need a website or technical knowledge. With proper targeting, a great offer to entice the prospects and a solid follow up plan, anybody can do it.

Yasser Khan, Yasser Khan Coaching

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