How can I get more clients for SEO?


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Attract More SEO Clients: 10 Customer Acquisition Strategies

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What Is One Of The Best Ways To Acquire SEO Clients?

To help you acquire SEO clients, we asked business leaders and digital marketing professionals this question for their best recommendations. From taking command of a single industry to including internal links on your site, here are several tips that may help you get SEO clients in the future.

Here Are 10 Recommendations For Getting SEO Clients:

  • Take Command of a Single Industry
  • Price Your Services Competitively
  • Prioritize Reputation Management
  • Go to Where Your Target Market Is
  • Share Real Case Studies On Linkedin
  • Hone in on One Platform
  • Gain Backlinks
  • Offer Potential SEO Clients a Free Consultation
  • Invite Guest Posts on Your Blog
  • Include Internal Links on Your Site

Take Command of a Single Industry

Get really good at one industry and focus on serving them. You can build and rank a consistent case study catalog that sets you apart from the “we do it all” SEOs that take on every type of client while only understanding a few industries.

Not every industry is the same, and being the go-to person/agency for the industry will allow you to learn all the weird nuances that help you deliver great results for your clients… and odds are you will get great referrals, as well as pre-qualified organic coming from your own results.

Max Juhasz, Cannabiz Marketing Solutions

Price Your Services Competitively

Make certain that your pricing is competitive. Remember, whatever the rate is, what you provide within that range is critical. Pricing must be consistent with client budget expectations as well as what is already available in your market.

Ensure that your competition research includes the possibilities accessible to your prospective customer in their local area, as well as in their specialist field of SEO (for example, real estate SEO, law firm SEO, etc.).

Equally crucial, your services must be lucrative in order for your firm to thrive. Although it may appear straightforward, I frequently see people in forums and networking groups wondering how to determine their rates and what they should charge.

Samantha Odo, Precondo

Prioritize Reputation Management

Reputation management strongly relates to controlling the conversation about your brand. Defining your brand and creating a transparent vision within your company and with the public, it builds trust. When proactively managing, there is less of a possibility of it pivoting when something negative is said about your reputation.

A great way to stay on top of your business reputation is to monitor brand mentions and user comments related to your brand. This helps you get an idea of what people are saying about your business. When implementing this, it’s smart to have a team that personally connects and responds to the talent that may be interested in joining your brand. This follows along with making sure your communication is consistent across all channels.

Chris Hunter, Koia

Go to Where Your Target Market Is

Go where your target market is online and let them know you’re there, waiting to help. This involves embracing social media and using it to showcase your work, build your reputation, and establish valuable customer relations. For example, targeted ads on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn can be an effective way to reach new clients.Also, you can proactively reach out to your audience through sites like Upwork or Fiverr. These platforms allow you to connect with businesses or individuals who may need your services. By creating a strong profile and submitting proposals for relevant projects, you can put yourself in front of potential clients and win new business. Just remember that both charge seller fees, so be sure to factor that into your pricing.Accordingly, you can start a blog on your website or advertise on Google. And once you position yourself as an expert in your field, potential clients will be more likely to approach you with their business needs.

Brandon Schroth, Reporter Outreach

Share Real Case Studies On Linkedin

Yes, you heard that right. If you share real case studies on LinkedIn and create conversion-type posts, then you will 100% get leads from SEO projects. The fundamental is clear, only building trust will help you to generate customers.LinkedIn is the #1 business platform. It’s where you can focus on increasing more connections and publishing content relevant to SEO and marketing. If you focus on real case studies about your expertise, then people will trust you and offer you projects no matter if your charges are higher than competitors. They actually need your services, but you have to prove first with showcasing. That’s the one and the best way ever.

Uday Tank, Rankwisely

Hone in on One Platform

Rather than spreading yourself thinly across multiple platforms, aim to master one platform where you see the most engagement from customers. From market research, you can determine where your demographic will be visiting most frequently and decide from there what kind of content to deliver based on what is most successful on that platform.

This will ensure that you reach your target audience where they are most likely to be already, and that content can be tailored to them there as well, taking the time and energy spent on posting the most rewarding, rather than overloading many websites with the non-targeted reach that won’t drive further engagement.

Chandler Rogers, Relay

Gain Backlinks

To obtain SEO clients, I think this is the ideal approach. The best way to boost your site’s search engine rankings is to acquire backlinks. SEO relies heavily on backlinks. These are backlinks to your site from other, reputable websites.

Having quality backlinks is an integral part of any successful search engine optimization strategy. Google will give your site more weight if it detects a connection to it from a reputable source. Because of their efforts, your website’s visibility will increase, allowing you to attract more potential customers.

Content creation is a great technique to gain backlinks. In my opinion, this is a fantastic strategy for attracting backlinks from respected sources. Invite them to read what you’ve written, and if they find it useful, they might share it on their own site. If they like what they see, they can add a link to your site. It will assist your website get a higher position in search engine results, which will bring in more targeted visitors.

Scott O’Brien, PPC Ad Lab

Offer Potential SEO Clients a Free Consultation

One of the best ways to get SEO clients is by offering them a free consultation. This gives you an opportunity to show them what your service can offer them and how it will benefit them. You can also create a free trial for your services and see how well your marketing strategy works before you commit.

Masha Mahdavi, SEM Dynamics

Invite Guest Posts on Your Blog

In my opinion, this is the most effective strategy for attracting SEO clients. As search engine optimizers, we are well aware of the benefits that guest posting may bring. Words like “visibility,” “connections,” and “personal branding” spring to mind. Because of these factors, guest blogging is an excellent strategy for attracting new customers to your business.

Use your imagination with this thought. If you focus on SEO for your local area, where are local companies reading information online? Get in there. Where do you think those CMOs are receiving their SEO data if you’re working on enterprise sites? Those readers may not know much about search engine optimization, therefore it’s important that your byline reaches them.

Robert Warner, Virtual Valley

Include Internal Links on Your Site

For search engine optimization, I find this to be the most effective method. To me, one of the most crucial aspects of search engine optimization is building links. You need both external links from other sites and internal links from within your own site to succeed.

By directing visitors to other parts of your own site, you can increase their time spent on your site. You can link to multiple pages through your content or on your main site pages. You can use this space to direct your visitors to relevant conversion-focused pages like your services page, price page, and others.

Including internal links on your site aids search engines in finding new content. This is a terrific technique to help Google find more of your related pages. A higher search engine rating is a direct result of keeping visitors on your website for longer through the use of internal links.

Joe Troyer, ReviewGrower

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