How do you write a new hire press release?


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8 Things To Include in a New Employee Press Release

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What is one thing to include in a new employee press release?

To help you know what to include in a new employee press release, we asked CEOs and business leaders this question for their best ideas. From hometown and college attended to quotes from the new hire and their colleagues, there are several things you may need to include in a new employee press release to make it complete and informative. Here are eight things to include in a new employee press release:

  • Hometown and College
  • LinkedIn Handle
  • Photo
  • Breakdown of The Recruitment Process
  • Vision for The Future
  • Position and Role
  • Professional Background of The New Hire
  • Quotes From The New Hire and Their Colleagues

Hometown and College

Every press release about a new employee should include background information, particularly where the person is from and where they attended college. Oftentimes, people who get the announcement and have some sort of connection with the new employee’s past will reach out to the new hire and say something like, “You grew up in South Jersey? My roommate at NYU grew up there and we used to head down to Trenton all the time on weekends … yadda, yadda, yadda.” Basically, you’re offering a conversation starter with the new hire. People instinctively like to see where they have something in common with people. It’s a helpful way for the employee to make inroads with people.

Trevor Ford, Yotta

LinkedIn Handle

Definitely include the LinkedIn handle of the new employee. This helps them build their network both internally and externally, which is especially helpful when a new employee is just starting out. It also provides a way for people to learn more about the employee if they choose to, rather than including their entire work history in the press release where the important points might be too buried to ever be read.

Jenna Vasquez, Best Company


Including a headshot or nice-looking photo with your new employee press release is a great personal touch that adds warmth to your welcome. As simple as it sounds, it’s often an afterthought, so whether a quick and crisp snapshot in their new role or a professional headshot, taking an extra moment for a visual introduction shows how much you value new team members.

Marilyn Zubak, Snif

Breakdown of The Recruitment Process

One thing to include in a new employee press release would be the recruitment process that led you to become part of their team. It should also have the skills and qualifications of each person in your team, including yourself. There should be an appeal to the reader, asking them to make an unbiased decision about whether or not they’d like to work with your company.


Vision for The Future

Too many new employee press releases read like bios. Take the opportunity to also include a vision for the future with the new employee being onboard. What new strategies or goals will your brand now go after? What trends are you spotting or will you ride? What sort of transformation is coming?

Mariela Azcuy, Carve Communications

Position and Role

When announcing a new hire, the most important part that people would look for is the position and job brief. What is the role of this person? Who will he manage or report to? What will he work on exactly? These questions should all be answered in a new employee press release. A brief mention of his previous experience will also help people trust him and cooperate.

Noura Yousef, Casita

Professional Background of The New Hire

Given that new hire-press releases are written for C-suite executives, it is crucial that the memo covers the new hire’s professional background including their past responsibilities and accomplishments. But, don’t stop there; connect their background to their present and show why he/she is the most capable individual for the position and where he/she is expected to lead the company

Ben Lamarche, Lock Search Group

Quotes From The New Hire and Their Colleagues

Quotes add some authenticity to what could otherwise be a clinical announcement. Interview the new employee about the position and include quotes from the interview in the press release. During interviews, prompt the new hire to dive into their work history and their enthusiasm for the position. You should also include quotes from department heads that depict their excitement for the new employee to join their team. Quotes that detail the role that the new hire will play are also useful, because they give important information in bite sized chunks.

Karl Hughes, Draft.Dev

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