8 Benefits Of Smiling In an Interview

benefit of smiling

What is a benefit of smiling? There are so many reasons to smile, but we wanted to know what some of the benefits of smiling are, so we asked HR experts and business leaders this question for their thoughts. From self-confidence to creating a positive feedback loop, there are so many benefits of smiling. Here […]

How do I get started using Featured?

Featured in 2023: A Question and Answer Marketplace

What is your best tip for someone just getting started on using Featured? To help you get started on Featured, we asked business professionals and Featured users this question for their best tips. From being consistent to maximizing your profile, there are several tips that may help you get started on Featured. Here are eight […]

The 9 Bravest Things People Have Seen Other People Do

The 9 Bravest Things People Have Seen Other People Do

Each day, people make courageous decisions and brave actions that often go unnoticed. However, for the lucky few who are able to witness these actions, their lives and perspectives change for the better. Read about nine brave actions people have seen other people do and consider how you can step out of your comfort zone […]


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