What are the best types of content marketing?


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12 Types of Content Marketing That Are Effective

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What Is One Type Of Content Marketing That You’ve Found To Be Effective?

To help you create the best content for marketing, we asked experienced content creators and marketing professionals this question for their best insights. From content that involves your customers to infographics to email marketing, there are several types of content marketing that are noted to be most effective.

Here Are 12 Types Of Content Marketing That Are Effective:

  • Content That Involves Your Customers
  • One That Creates The Right Buyer Personas from The Start
  • Short-Form Video Content
  • Blog Posts
  • Infographics
  • Content That Carries Social Proof by Your Customers
  • Guest Postings On Niche Sites
  • Podcasts
  • Bottom of The Funnel Content Marketing
  • Instagram Collaborations
  • Checklists
  • Email Marketing

Content That Involves Your Customers

One tip is to include your customers in your content. This can be a whole story about them and the collaboration you have with them, this can be just a quote. The point is that they will help you to spread your content since the story is to a large extent about them.

This will increase the reach of content drastically. Next to that, it is a nice bridge to also involve other customers that may be spontaneous and will come to you and ask you if you can do something similar together. Which in this case fills your content calendar in a very efficient way

Bjorn Verbrugghe, Unigift

One That Creates The Right Buyer Personas from The Start

Our favorite content marketing tips have to include the creation of the right buyer personas. When creating buyer personas, you must start by understanding who’s your audience and what are their needs. It can happen after analyzing the data coming from Google Data Studio to find out the demographics of your users.

After gathering the data, you can use it to make sure that your content’s tone and topics match your audience’s needs.

Brenton Thomas, Twibi Digital Marketing Agency

Short-Form Video Content

There are many different effective types of content marketing, and combinations of several types that, when used together, can be really quite powerful. However, there is no ‘one size fits all option. When it comes to choosing what type of content marketing to use for your strategy, making a decision will partly depend on your goals and objectives, and partly on testing and tweaking your content strategy.

Personally, one type of content marketing I have found particularly effective is video. Thanks to platforms such as TikTok, along with Instagram reels and YouTube shorts, video content has peaked in recent years.

People love to consume short-form video content, but not only any video content. Creating and posting videos is simply not enough. When creating videos, you need to ensure that your content grabs attention, builds trust, deepens relationships, and encourages engagement and social shares.

Nicholas Robb, Design Hero

Blog Posts

Blog posts are an effective type of content marketing because they are brief, easy to digest, and can be easily shared. They also lend themselves to being easily repurposed into other formats, such as SlideShares, infographics, and videos.

Additionally, blog posts provide an opportunity for companies to build thought leadership by sharing their insights and expertise on a given topic. It’s also worth noting that blog posts can improve organic search engine optimization (SEO) efforts by providing keyword-rich content.

Nathan Richardson, Bariatric Journal


Infographics are a unique and exciting way to communicate data and information. Effective infographics can take complex data and turn it into smaller, manageable pieces. To do this, businesses must design their materials with the user in mind. As such, it’s important to use short sentences and clear, concise language. Jargon or technical terms can easily overwhelm and frustrate users. Accordingly, strong visuals like images, graphics, and charts, help brands communicate their message better.

And the right combination of colors, fonts, and layout can make content more visually appealing and engaging. As a result, people are more likely to take the time to understand the presented information.

Finally, infographics are backed with data and statistics, which helps brands build trust with their audience and further legitimize their message. In most cases, the viewers may share the content across various social media platforms, helping to increase brand exposure.

Kevin Joubin, Branded Surveys

Content That Carries Social Proof by Your Customers

Nothing beats having someone else talk about your business. With over 95% of consumers saying hearing a testimonial helps them make a purchasing decision – you are leaving revenue on the table by not having social proof of your current happy customers.

The best type of content marketing to close high ticket sales is to have your best 5 customers rave about you on video and put it into a 60-90 second video. Put this on the front of your website and in the signature of all your emails. Have them talk about ROI, their results, and how they feel working with you.

With over 83% of marketers saying video gives them a powerful ROI, it is a no-brainer to put social proof of your happy customers on your website.

Trevor Rappleye, CorporateFilming.com & FranchiseFilming.com

Guest Postings On Niche Sites

Guest Posting can be a very effective content marketing strategy, and it even increases brand awareness. However, to achieve the best results, you’ll want to ensure that you post on sites that your target audience will also find beneficial. Otherwise, you may find that you’re getting plenty of exposure, but necessarily from the right people.

Mark Sider, Greater Than


I feel podcasts are an effective content marketing strategy. It is conversational marketing and aids in creating leads with the target audience by closely connecting with them. Streaming high-standard content about our service adds brand awareness and increases reliability. It is one of the best methods with less effort and investment to build a long-term relationship with a valuable audience hassle-free.

Huzaifa Ahsan, FindPeopleFirst

Bottom of The Funnel Content Marketing

We’ve found that BOFU content marketing brings in the best results for companies. That’s because BOFU content is often less competitive; it targets people who are ready to buy, and therefore more likely to convert into customers; it’s more advanced/technical, which better positions you as an expert; and it can also help the sales team move customers down the funnel.

Araminta Robertson, Mint Studios

Instagram Collaborations

Instagram collaborations with athletes or celebrities, bloggers, and other personalities have brought us success. Having others of note show their support for your product builds credibility. It is of high interest. Customers like to see others enjoying something they do too, especially those who’ve made a name for themselves. Instagram collaborations make them more likely to buy your product.

Amy Keller, Climate Candy


When it comes to content, sometimes less is more. Checklists are super helpful for people who want a quick and easy way to get their questions answered or find the answers they need, instead of reading through a long, boring article! Just include a short checklist in your content with all the steps you’ve outlined for your reader. Then highlight it in the title so that it stands out from the rest of your content.

Checklists are great for making sure you cover all of the bases — and they help your readers find what they need quickly and easily!

Shreya Nambiar, CookieYes Ltd.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a great way to market to your audience! You can build your email list from people that have shown interest in your brand and signed up to your newsletter/mailing list. It lets you build trust with your audience by offering them tips and advice by email directly into their inbox. Since they’ve already shown interest in your brand, and since you’ve built a sense of trust with them, they’ll also be the most receptive group for any promotions you’re running or new product/service releases you have. Improving your email marketing skills is a must for every business owner looking to expand their digital marketing reach.

Sam Robinson, Web Spider

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