Which tools do you use for link building?


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12 SEO Link Building Software Solutions To Boost Traffic

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What are some tools to use for link building?

To help you boost traffic to your content with SEO link-building software, we asked SEO specialists and marketing professionals this question for their best picks. From Pitchbox to MailShake to BuzzStream, there are several software tools that are recommended as the best for link-building to help boost traffic to your brand.

Here Are 12 SEO Link-building Software Solutions To Boost Traffic:

  • Pitchbox
  • Megritools
  • Respona
  • Terkel
  • MailShake
  • Justreachout
  • Mox
  • LinkSourcery
  • Jasper.ai
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • BuzzStream


While it is not new software, Pitchbox is a tried and true option for even beginners to use. Pitchbox makes reaching out to bloggers easy and seamless, creating a doorway into the lucrative business of link building via blogs. This program will share your success rates and response rates so you know how you are performing across all submissions.

It is also known for its aid in helping you to find new opportunities and maximizing your options for submissions. If you are unsure if the program is right for your company, utilize their free demo to try it out for yourself.

Guna Kakulapati, CureSkin


If you are a small business or startup entrepreneur with little capital to donate to your marketing efforts, then Megritools is an invaluable option for SEO link building. This free tool provides companies with website SEO analysis, a backlink checker, keyword suggestions, IP and domain authority checkers, plagiarism tools, page speed monitoring, on-page optimization, and more. Megritools is perfect for business leaders wanting to begin mastering the art of SEO or looking for an affordable option to improve their site’s online visibility.

Leo Livshetz, Unhide


My favorite SEO link-building software is Respona. I love the variety of features it offers, like the ability to automate my outreach to potential partners and the ability to add multiple team members and assign tasks. I also love that you can set up a campaign in minutes and then just sit back and monitor everything from your dashboard.

It's one of the most user-friendly tools out there.

Shaun Connell, Connell Media


As a virtual event emcee whose business is derived 100% from online marketing, SEO is crucial. Having fresh and optimized content is a pillar to my success. Link building is, even more so, a pillar to my success. This is why Terkel is the best of both worlds.

With every submission, I get stronger as a writer. With every submission, there is a chance for a backlink, which makes my site stronger.

Every submission is an SEO scrimmage. Whether I win or lose, I learn something about my play and become better.

If other pages aren’t talking about me (aka pointing to my site), then I don’t rank. If I’m not practicing, then I don’t become a better writer. LoFi Hip Hop, a glass of Anejo, and Terkel submitting is what I call a good night. Terkel is my go-to SEO link-building program.

Will Gill, DJ Will Gill


My all-time favorite SEO link-building tool is MailShake, which is compatible with many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, including the one we use. This outreach platform allows us to send customized emails in large volumes and helps us quickly get in touch with our leads during our campaigns.

Moreover, MailShake makes our link-prospecting process more convenient as it offers pre-written email responses. That means we don't have to start from scratch because we are given a valuable and easy-to-use guide, saving us time and reducing our bounce rate.

Adam Garcia, The Stock Dork


JustReachOut is a link-building tool to improve your outreach and communication with link prospects. I love using it due to its outreach interface that I use to connect with site owners for a variety of linking opportunities.

It also has tons of templates to help you craft engaging messages quickly and a basic pitch writing help where editors review your messages and provide quality feedback. Generally, JustReachOut is an effective tool for backlink outreach.

Huzaifa Ahsan, FindPeopleFirst


A similar program to the commonly-known Ahrefs is Mox, an SEO link-building software that allows you to see the sites that are linking to your competitors. Getting such a comprehensive look at how your competitors are performing and where they are finding success can be a helpful tool to learn from.

Based on the information Mox provides, you can learn from and adapt your SEO strategies from top to bottom, looking at what kind of content is often successful and what sites seem to publish the kind of content that you wish to be mentioned.

Mox also has a Pro edition that comes with an extension for Chrome that gives you access to site metrics even more easily.

Chandler Rogers, Relay


I used HARO religiously to build backlinks for my affiliate websites. However, it was very time-consuming. Introducing LinkSourcery. These guys mined two to three years of data using HARO to compile it into software, making business owners' lives much easier. Filters they have are DR of the source, if the link will be a do-follow or not, how likely the chances are you'll get published, and date, to name but a few.

Donna Gleize, Junior Infants


Jasper.ai is the perfect SEO tool for copywriting, to make your content an ideal score for backlinks. It uses artificial intelligence to manipulate and rewrite drafts, helps write SEO-built articles from scratch, and gives us an advantage by using technology.

By incorporating AI into their system, it gives us SEO specialists the ability to make time and effort worthwhile. We don’t need to bend our necks trying to find the best keyword or write multiple copy drafts - Jasper.ai can help us build copies with the best results.

Chris Walker, Superstar SEO


Semrush's link-building tool scans the internet and makes a customized list of folks that you can reach out to from within the app. It organizes all existing links into toxic, potentially toxic, and normal with reasons so you know which ones to disavow. Its direct integration with GSC makes it easy to retrieve disavow lists in one click from within the app.

Rahul Radhakrishnan, Fyle HQ


Ahrefs - They make it so simple to get the bigger picture on where competitors earn their links, to find unlinked mentions of your own brand for outreach, and their Chrome extension makes it easy to get a snapshot of whether or not a site is worth reaching out to.

Their content explorer tool is also a great resource to research potential sites that might accept guest blogs or are interested in a potential content collaboration - it's also a powerful platform to find sites that could link - or reference - the data we collect from the small business surveys we conduct.

Monica Thysell, OnPay


My favorite SEO link-building software is BuzzStream because it is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to increase your rankings by building quality backlinks. It allows you to easily identify the best keywords for your website and then gives you the power to build a high-quality backlink profile that will help you rank higher in search results.

With BuzzStream, you can also see how many links are pointing back to your website, which is useful for determining whether or not your site is getting enough traffic from other websites. BuzzStream also allows you to create automated campaigns that send out emails or tweets when certain conditions are met.

This can be used effectively by marketers looking for ways to boost their business without spending too much time creating content themselves.

Kshitij Nigam, Cheef Botanicals

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