How do I get more subscribers on YouTube?


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Fast Hacks for Getting Subscribers on YouTube

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What is one fast hack for getting subscribers on YouTube?

To help you get more subscribers to your YouTube channel, we asked marketing professionals and experienced YouTubers this question for their best insights.

From creating YouTube Shorts to optimizing your YouTube account SEO, there are several hacks that may help you increase subscriber numbers on your YouTube channel.

Here Are 12 Hacks For Getting Subscribers On YouTube:

  • Create Youtube Shorts
  • Offer An Incentive
  • Turn Your YouTube Video Into a GIF
  • Draw in Subscribers With Attractive Thumbnails
  • Create a Force Subscribe Prompt
  • Drive Traffic To Your Page With Short Trailers
  • Repurpose and Link New Content Consistently
  • Upload and Rank Product Review Videos
  • Make Your Video Intros Compelling
  • Request Viewer Comments To Boost Subscribers
  • Collaborate With an Established Channel
  • Optimize Your YouTube Account SEO

Create Youtube Shorts

YouTube shorts can increase your engagement and reach on YouTube. YouTube shorts are 15-second clips that can give potential subscribers an overview of what’s in store for them if they subscribe to your channel.

If they like what they see, the subscribe button is right at their fingertips as they scroll to the next video on their playlist.

The rise of scrolling on social media has increased the need to get your point across as quickly as possible. If you cannot engage your audience in 15 seconds or less, you run the risk of losing a potential subscriber increase.

So, work on making shorter, engaging clips and redirect subscribers to your more in-depth videos.

Annette Harris, Harris Financial Coaching

Offer An Incentive

One fast hack for getting subscribers on YouTube is offering incentives. An example of that could be a giveaway. It doesn’t have to be a huge giveaway, it just needs to be one that makes enough of an impact that people will participate.

In exchange for a giveaway, you can ask subscribers to follow you on your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and comment on your feed. Doing so will make it more interactive and can potentially lead to getting more people to follow you on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Kate Lipman, Embrace Scar Therapy

Turn Your YouTube Video Into a GIF

Turn your YouTube video into a GIF. It’s easy to do with animated GIF makers and it’s an effective way to get more subscribers. GIFs are a great way to cross-promote your content.

You can integrate them into your blog, social media channels, emails, and more. They’re amusing, engaging, and leave viewers wanting more.

Isaiah Henry, Seabreeze Management

Draw in Subscribers With Attractive Thumbnails

Designing attractive thumbnails for the videos you post to YouTube is a subtle trick for gaining subscribers to your channel. Youtube is primarily a visual platform and most users watch videos that are presented to them on the Youtube homepage.

This means that the image which is attached to your video plays a key role in creating viewer interest. Creators are in constant competition with one another and have an extremely limited amount of time to capture the attention of users who land on the homepage.

Eye grabbing thumbnails will attract viewers who then can be converted to subscribers if they are interested in the content being posted to your channel.

Liza Kirsh, DYMAPAK

Create a Force Subscribe Prompt

You can do this by adding a bit of text to the end of your link. This bit of text will open up a text box prompting unsubscribed visitors to your site to subscribe even before they get into your channel.

By doing this, unsubscribed visitors won’t need to first watch a few videos and then find the subscribe button. They can simply accept the prompt. To force a subscription, simply add ?sub_confirmation=1 to the end of your youtube link.

Remember it’s also important to upload frequently, create interesting thumbnails, optimize your video descriptions, and brand your channel.

Baruch Labunski, Rank Secure

Drive Traffic To Your Page With Short Trailers

Without consistent viewers, a YouTube channel is essential, well, pointless. One of the easiest ways to diversify yourself from the pack is to find your “niche.” Try as you might, you can not appeal to everyone.

People need to know what they can expect from you in order to want to subscribe to your channel. Plan your content out in advance. If you want to be a “fashion blogger” it likely would not make sense for you to make a random video about cooking. A great way to bring people to your page is by creating a short trailer (under 60 seconds is best).

This trailer will drive traffic to your page and allow people to see it who have not yet subscribed. To up your chances of them subscribing, I find that it’s best to use a tagline at the beginning of the trailer and always use your best content.

George Pitchkhadze, Keyzar Jewelry

Repurpose and Link New Content Consistently

When posting for your platform, repurposing and consistently linking new content to your YouTube channel drives traffic to increase subscribers. Transcribing existing and new video audio that can be repurposed into a blog is one example that can help this process.

Another example is optimizing keywords in the title and subtitle or recycling smaller clips of older videos as well.

Referencing previously featured YouTube channel content by linking to new content in other formats can help to drive traffic and increase subscriptions.

Tommy Chang, Homelister

Upload and Rank Product Review Videos

One hack to gain subscribers fast is to upload videos reviewing products in your niche. The goal here is to rank on YouTube search for “(product) review” keywords.

From there, folks will find your product reviews organically, and assuming your content is solid, you’ll add consistent views and new subscribers from the #2 search engine in the world.

Zach Grove, Zach Grove

Make Your Video Intros Compelling

The best and fastest hack to get subscribers on YouTube is to create a video with a great intro. If your viewer clicks with your video intro, it’s pretty sure that they will watch it to the end. It’s about creativity as well as facts while making videos.

Thus, an intro with whole detail about the next things in the video and a little suspicion about it will create a curiosity in the viewer’s mind for sure.

Isaac Robertson, Total Shape

Request Viewer Comments To Boost Subscribers

Requesting viewers to drop comments on your videos is one quick hack for boosting your total number of subscribers. In order to make this easier for your audience, ensure that you are posting videos that inspire people to respond.

It is useless to ask for comments if you have a lackluster video. Much like open-ended questions, think about creating content that is going to motivate your audience to respond in the comment section.

Gerald Lombardo, The Word Counter

Collaborate With an Established Channel

Do a collaborative YouTube video with a channel that already has an established presence online. In order to add more subscribers you need to get the message out about your content, and doing a YouTube collaborative video with a popular channel is a great way of attracting an interested audience.

Reach out to one of your favorite channels in the same field as your YouTube channel and propose a few organized, well-thought ideas that you might collaborate on. Even if you end up doing most of the work on the video, it’s still worth it, since you have the most to gain.

Alex Wang, Ember Fund

Optimize Your YouTube Account SEO

I know, shocker coming from the CEO of an SEO company. But it’s true! The fastest hack to increasing your subscribers on YouTube is optimizing your account’s SEO. This takes 15 minutes of focused time and pays the greatest dividends in increasing your subscribers.

By making your account easier to search for and locate and driving it to the top of searches, will boost your subscribers in no time.

Of course, the quality of content is what makes viewers stay. But half the battle is getting them to know you exist, and that is best done with a fully optimized account!

Devin Schumacher, SERP

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